Golf tips: Club fitting a big factor to a successful round

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 11:41 AM

Club fitting can be thought of as a combination of four factors: Shaft flex, shaft length, lie angle and loft.

The shaft flex is the indication of how much swing force is necessary to make the shaft perform properly. If the shaft is too stiff, the player will have difficulty flexing it during the swing. This may result in reduced distance and shots going to the right. If the shaft is too flexible, the player may have difficulty controlling the club head. This may result in either sliced or hooked shots.

Shaft length is measured from the top of the grip straight down the shaft to the sole of the club head. The length affects distance, accuracy and swing plane. Thus, shaft length is both a matter of personal fit and individual performance preference.

The lie angle of a club is the angle formed by the sole of the club and the shaft. This angle affects the position of the club head at address and at impact. Proper lie will cause the center of the club head to strike the ground rather than the heel or toe.

The loft of a golf club is the angle formed by the face of the club and the shaft. The loft effects the trajectory the golf ball will travel after impact and the distance the ball will carry. In irons and fairway woods the loft is usually a matter of club design. In the driver, however the loft must fit the golfer's swing.

Make sure you consult a PGA Professional for advice and recommendations when looking for the proper club and fitting.

Submitted by Kirk Sherman, Director of Golf, Grand Haven Golf Club

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