Haven fans don't know how good they have it

Matt DeYoung • Jul 21, 2015 at 12:21 PM

It almost wasn’t fair, all the Grand Haven fans who turned out and had the times of their lives at Saturday’s Class A state championship game.

Not fair to Grosse Pointe South, which saw its following of fans outnumbered 3-to-1 by Buccaneers’ supporters.

Not fair to the Blue Devils’ fans, who had their feeble attempt at cheers drowned out by the mass of Grand Haven faithful.

Not fair to the Blue Devils’ players, who had to play in front of a hostile crowd despite the state finals being played on a neutral court.

But even more than that, not fair to me, who had to sit courtside and act professional and pretend not to care who wins while the fans jumped and clapped and shouted and danced and cheered.

Not fair because I can remember a time not all that long ago — probably a year or two before most of the current Buccaneers’ fans were born — when I was the one wearing shorts and a T-shirt and a navy blue bandana to basketball games, surrounded by my friends, with not a worry in the world other than what was happening after the game.

Not fair because they’re experiencing the most exciting, fun, care-free time of their lives — and they don’t realize it.

Not fair because they’ll likely be the last Buccaneers’ fans for years to have the privilege of cheering on their team at the Breslin Center, on the biggest stage, on a game televised live on TV, with a state championship on the line.

Not fair because they’re getting to do this for the second straight year, when most fans don’t get to do it even once.

Not fair because just about every adult out there would happily give up half their 401K to have the chance to step back in time and relive a few days of their high school experience.

Not fair because they got to do the Harlem Shake, and not get suspended for it.

Not fair because, from where I was sitting, they looked like they were having way too much fun.

It’s just not fair.

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