Getting to know ... Jared Van Oordt

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 2:33 PM

1. Favorite class: Outdoor education. It’s awesome to get to try new things. I picked up surfing from it, and we go rock climbing at GVSU. It’s just a fun class. We went snow boarding too in the winter.

2. Favorite superhero: Wolverine.

3. Favorite athlete: Kevin Backstrom, he’s a snowboarder from Sweden. I like his style, he’s a great boarder.

4. Favorite sports team: Gotta go Red Wings. Red Wings or Lions, but probably the Wings.

5. Favorite teacher: Mr. (Derek) Warner. He’s my outdoor (education) teacher. I’ve just learned so much from him, and he’s been my role model for four years now. 

6. Can’t live without accessory/device: My phone. It’s my communication; it gets me to my friends. It gets me out, and gets my social life going so I’m able to pursue other things that I really like.

7. Favorite phone app: Boom Beach. You build a little village on an island and attack other people.

8. Favorite movie: Sharknado.

9. Favorite TV show: Key and Peele.

10. Best advice you’ve ever received: Why not? Why not me? Why can’t I be the best at something? Why can’t I pursue this? There’s no answer for that. It leads you to give it your all.

11. Five words that describe you best: Active, fun, social, outgoing and open.

12. Favorite pizza place: Jets.

13. Favorite food: Sushi.

14. Favorite book: Bringing down the House. It’s about card counters in (Las) Vegas.

15. Most outstanding athletic achievement: The unsung hero award I won last year. That was a nice one because I wasn’t all-conference, but the (award) made me feel up there. I’m not super big in the stat book, but I just feel like I can contribute to the team. I know I’m doing so. It just felt good.

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