Getting to know … Lindsey Johnson

Tribune Staff • Jul 21, 2015 at 2:36 PM

1.     Favorite color: Orange. I started liking it in high school. I did my goalie jersey off of that, I wanted a bright color.

2.     Favorite class: I like P.E. I know that’s not really a class. If I had to choose an actual class, it would be English because it’s just kind of fun. And the teachers at WMC are awesome and make it enjoyable.

3.     Favorite athlete: Hope Solo. I watch Youtube videos of her.

4.     Favorite sports team: Lions. My family has watched them my whole life. Even if they’re not good, I’ve always watched them.

5.     Can’t live without it accessory/device: I’m not really sure. At my house, we have a rule that you’re not supposed to be on your phone a ton because it makes you unsocial.

6.      Go-to social media: Instagram

7.     Favorite movie: Secretariat. I watch it with my sisters Katie and Grace. We’re all close, and we just watch movies together.

8.     Favorite book: The Divergent Series, The Fault in Our Stars and the Hunger Games Series

9.     Favorite TV series: Ax Men. I watch it with my family on Sunday nights.

10. Favorite Food: Ice cream, especially Country Dairy’s Hoof Prints.

11. Favorite pizza place: Spanky’s in Fremont. Their breadsticks are the world’s best, they’re so good.

12. Favorite superhero: Superman

13. Favorite teacher: Mr. (Josh) Glerum (P.E.) and Ms. (Jen) VanHekken (English). They’re really easy to go to talk to about stuff.

14. Best advice you’ve ever received: Never give up. Sometimes I’ll get down or something, and it’s kind of like encouragement. Never give up. If it’s during a a game — if someone scored on me — I’ll have a defender come back and be like, “Just forget it.” That’s it, never give up. Being a goalie you have to forget stuff. … That’s probably my best advice just forget it.

15. Dream job: Probably an insurance agent. My parents (Dan and Marcy Johnson) are both insurance agents. I didn’t really like it at first, but then I started to learn more about it and I thought it was neat.

16. Five words that describe you best: Funny, caring, encouraging, hyper and trust-worthy.

17. Favorite hobbies: Showing steer and riding horses.

18. Coolest place you’ve visited: Clearwater Beach this past spring break. That was a lot of fun.

19. Most outstanding athletic achievement: Going to state semifinals my freshmen year. That was awesome. I had a really fun team that year, and the defense was awesome.

It still is. We’ve had a strong defense ever since I’ve been here. I was a little worried this year, but we still have a strong one, and our offense has especially come together. Alyssa Benedict coming over really helped and (Jessica Kinnucan) has gotten a lot better. She’s doing really well — just the whole team is doing awesome, and we’re starting to come together more.

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