DEYOUNG: Catching bass on White Lake

Matt DeYoung • Jul 21, 2015 at 2:58 PM

Earlier this week, I was set to cross Lake St. Clair off my bucket list — until fierce thunder storms and historic flooding ravaged the east side of the state and turned the normally-clear St. Clair into chocolate milk.

We were forced to compromise, so instead, my cousin and I headed to White Lake, which lacks the nationwide notoriety of St. Clair, but still offers plenty of big bass — or so we’ve heard.

My only experiences on White Lake prior to Wednesday were a few tip-up fishing trips in the heart of winter, and a few hours spent on the lake with Bassmaster Elite fishing professional Hank Cherry during last year’s All-Star tournament.

Still, we had very little idea of how to attack the lake. Fortunately, we had plenty time, plenty of baits to try, and plenty of ambition.

And in the end, we caught plenty of bass.

It wasn’t easy.

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