Test run

Matt DeYoung • Jul 21, 2015 at 2:59 PM

First-year Buccaneers’ varsity football coach Jason Duram and his staff got a better idea of what they’ll bring to the table this fall with Saturday’s Blue and Gold scrimmage.

One battle that’s raged on through camp is for the starting quarterback spot, and on Saturday, both prospective QBs looked good at times.

Senior Luke Larkin, who started at times last year, guided one team, while junior Levi Overway led the other. Larkin probably had the better day throwing the ball, while Overway showed off some tremendous running ability, breaking free for a long touchdown on a play that looked as if he would be stopped near the line of scrimmage.

“Luke and Levi are battling it out,” Duram said. “Obviously, today gave us some fil, gave us some live looks, but I have a feeling it won’t be until the end of our next scrimmage before we make a decision.

“You saw it today, Levi is a very skilled runner. He has that capability where he can break a tackle and make a guy miss. That’s his strength. I also think he’s a very good roll-out quarterback. Luke is probably a little bit better in the pocket, but he definitely has improved his speed and athleticism. He definitely throws a good deep ball, Levi throws the better short ball.

“In some way they’re similar, but in other ways they’re polar opposites.”

Duram said he’ll review the tape for a better look at how the quarterbacks performed on Saturday. As the Buccaneers’ defensive coordinator, he was paying special attention to the guys trying to stop the quarterbacks, and he liked what he saw from several of his athletes.

“Both of our safeties, Aaron Cummings and Schaefer Thelen, were impressive with their filling and their hitting ability,” Duram said. “Overall, I left today feeling pretty good about what we’re doing defensively.”

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