Putting putting together

Nich Wolak • Jul 21, 2015 at 3:00 PM

I thought I had putted before, but apparently I hadn’t.

Troy told me that our previous short-game session had been chipping, and then he handed me a putter.

My ineptitude for the game of golf was exposed once again.

He then told me that the key to putting was getting the confidence of a routine.

This I got, it was like shooting a free throw in basketball.

Line the line in the putter with the line in the ball, with the hole — a little to the left since it’s going to have a tendency to pull right. Adjust as necessary. Start with my feet together, spread them equidistance a part. Look at the hole, look at the ball. Look at the hole, look at the ball — hit.

My first one was my signature move — too hard.

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