Anniversary Announcement Form

One photo of the couple may be submitted for 25 years or more anniversary. Two pictures, one of the couple on their wedding day and another current photo, may be submitted for wedding anniversaries of 50 years or more.

Photos that are clear and a standard forward-facing picture of just the couple (no other people or pets) will be acceptable for publication. If you would like the photo returned, it must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. Pictures that do not come with a self-addressed stamped envelope will not be returned and will remain at the Tribune office, 101 N. Third St., for pickup no longer than one week after the announcement is published.

Announcements and photos should be submitted two weeks before the event.

The Tribune is not responsible for lost or missing photos. The Tribune has the right to reject photos that are not deemed acceptable.

For more information on what is a standard announcement photo, go to or call (616) 842-8790.

Announcements containing misspellings or factual errors made by the submitters will not be reprinted.

Please sign your name below to indicate you have read and understand the above conditions for publication.

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