Happy, happy, happy

Northwest Ottawa County residents have a lot to smile about, according to a national magazine called Live Happy.
Marie Havenga
Jun 24, 2014


The Dallas-based magazine has ranked the Grand Haven/Holland metropolitan area third in the nation in an article, “America’s Most Satisfied Cities,” in its July/August issue.

Fort Collins, Colo., landed the top spot. San Luis Obispo/Paso Robles, Calif., was second.

Gabriella DeLuca, spokeswoman for the print and web publication, said the ranking was based on a recent Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index study. Gallup surveyed thousands of Americans in 2012 and 2013 regarding physical and emotional health, job satisfaction, and access to basic needs for a comprehensive well-being index.

Last month, Yahoo Homes designated Grand Haven/Holland as the healthiest city in the nation out of 189 metropolitan statistical areas, based on the same Gallup survey.

According to Gallup-Healthways, Ottawa County ranked 44th lowest in obesity (23.4 percent), 17th lowest in blood pressure issues (23.9 percent) and 37th lowest in poverty rate (11.3 percent).

The satisfaction ranking was based heavily on residents feeling a sense of community, according to the magazine. Community plays “a significant role in creating life satisfaction — a key factor in living a happy life,” DeLuca said.

Smaller towns apparently breed more satisfaction, as no major metropolitan areas made the list.

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I'm happy to hear you say that!


Figures the publication is from Texas - terrible Republican State.

Clearly they didn't interview many of the Commenters to the Grand Haven Tribune who, at the slightest inclination, assert that our area and community is racist, too white, too Christian, too conservative, non-diverse, anti-gay, anti-lesbian, anti-bisexual, anti-transgendered, anti-nosepicker, with a history of bullying in the schools, killing Bambi's by the score, anti-dog, and too insular. And note that the Tribune actually used the catchword of the southern Christian hicks for its clever headline.

How the heck can people be happy in such an unwelcoming community?

Back to the Wall

This story makes me sad.

Grand Haven Happy

Vlad, if you don't like the area why don't you make the rest of us HAPPY and move away? So comical that you have nothing good to say about our area and the publication/rating services one after the other for years now say you are so wrong. But of course, you think you are smarter than all the others. BYE BYE and don't let the door hit you on the way out!


Clearly you failed sarcasm 101 and should sign up for another class; pay attention this time. I certainly don't need to stick up for Vlad, Lord knows he can do that for himself, but your comment is ridiculous. Oh, and just because you don't agree with Vlad, which you have made clear that you don't, he is a very learned individual, and yes, he is probably smarter than a great many of us. I don't always agree with Lani either, politically speaking, but she is mentally on a plane that you won't reach either. Take two steps back, one step to the left, yup, that's your place.

Harry Kovaire



rukidding - You are the cat's meow! Expect a Fedex delivery of a pint of Glenfiddich at your door in 3...2...1.


Pick'n and stumm'n and singing a song, waiting for great scotch, she said it wouldn't be long.
The song now is over, the glass is still dry, so I will just pick another sad tune and cry.


Just checked with the carrier -
On the way over it got "spilt"!

Reluctantly had to go to Plan B,
In the mail to you is a kilt.


And I would wear it; no peeking!

Grand Haven Happy


I personally took Vlad's posted comments as giving the few misled uneducated dolts who voice their negative mantra's in wayward comments in the Tribune to diss the local area very often. Most of the posted comments to articles in the Tribune or other newspapers are made by negative thinking people who are seeking an audience because they are or choose to be in the tiny minority and think they can get attention with their disparaging comments. The vast majority of the local community and the rest of the rating and responsible publications polls and reports comparing one against the others see right thru these self-professed misfits of unhappiness and life.

Vlad's comment writings do NOT display intelligence but rather a lack of knowledge, understanding, and common sense. There are several others who post negatively on about any good things and/or accomplishments of our local area in nearly all their written comments and it shows their immaturity and disconnect with reality. There are reasons one or a few localities, educations systems, family friendly, healthier, and better living conditions standout as the best in polls, ratings, and reports over and over by so many various indepentent recognized sources. In a democracy, the majority rules and if the minority seeks to better themselves, they need be part of the team pulling the wagon or remain the unhappy minority.

Read into it what you may!






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