Grand Landing work to begin soon

Progress is being made in regards to several issues involved with the Grand Landing development.
Alex Doty
Jun 24, 2014


“I was told (recently) by the developer that they should be in the ground by July 1,” Grand Haven City Manager Pat McGinnis said.

McGinnis said Redstar Shores LLC has all of its needed city approvals in order for it to pursue picking up development of the site.

A planned development amendment to the north end site was approved by City Council in April, and the city’s Planning Commission made approvals for the site plan several weeks back. This paves the way for up to 168 apartments, three restaurants and a 125-room hotel to be built on the property, north of Adams Street.

As the developer looks to get shovels in the ground, work has also been done by the city to deal with wetland issues related to the Grand Landing site.

City Council approved a consent agreement to correct permit deficiencies at Grand Landing and Harbor Island. The city has hired Lakeshore Environmental to construct the required wetland, and the company has prepared and submitted plans for review by the state’s Department of Environmental Quality.

“The original developer had planned to do a lot of infill of wetland areas,” McGinnis said. “The agreement was that they’d use Harbor Island as a mitigation site.”

With the original developers having lost the property to the bank before finishing the development, the mitigation site was never built.

“When Redstar bought the site, there was an agreement where the city accepted responsibility of building the wetland,” McGinnis said. “We always intended to make sure it was built.”

The planned 1.2-acre mitigation site will be located along the Grand River on Harbor Island, near the soccer fields and railroad tracks.

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I still think that this is insane considering the poor traffic flows of the existing construction and its low occupancy level. What a mess.


168 apartments, 125-room hotel AND 4 restaurants???? I agree with mlouis and I don't drive to Culver's or Jimmy John's during lunchtime due to the chaotic traffic patterns and the claustrophobic parking.


Brilliant move, GH. /sarcasm.

oh come on

This area would have made a nicer park! Too bad the city doesn't listen to their residences.What a joke this is turning out to be.


A hotel/casino/convention center would have been better. Like churches and banks, this community has more than enough parks and bike paths (which cyclist refused to use).

oh come on

Just saying, if I had to choose between a park or what is there now, I vote for a park.
Remember when there were plans for an outdoor theater and a walking path to connect to the downtown? This whole thing was to be the gateway entrance to the downtown shopping district, to draw people in.
That is, if I remember correctly.


I'm sorry, I simply cannot envision any of this. The past 2 or 3 times I've tried to go to Jimmy Johns I cannot even find a place to park! The parking situation and traffic flow of Grand Landing is HORRIBLE, and when you exit to turn back onto Jackson, it already gets backed up... how are they going to handle all the potential traffic from more restaurants, an apartment complex and hotel?! Not to mention if more residents and businesses ever move into the existing Grand Landing building? I'm sorry, I just cannot see this area being able to support another hotel... I honestly don't know if this area can support 4 more restaurants which I'm assuming will be chains (look at the places that have moved/went out of businesses in semi-recent years... Damon's, Quiznos, that Red Tomato place... ) best of luck to the new businesses but I REALLY hope they have a plan for all of the traffic that is going to be added to the current mess.

I would have much preferred maybe an extended bike/walk path or maybe ONE thing... sorry to sound like negative nancy but I do not see their new plans being successful unless they get some super amazing businesses there.


Remind me again why we need a housing project in Grand Haven? Where are these people going to work? How long before they are all subsidized by the State or Feds? Will the City provide the additional police services to manage it? Will the developer advertise in South Chicago?


Have fun with that 100 year flood plain zone, I had a foot of water in my yard and the streets back in 1986 and flood insurance was high then


Restaurants? What kind?
Taco bell, McDonalds are restaurants. So is Outback and Chilis.
So are the going to build more fast food, fine dining, or something in the middle?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Maggi C

Has anyone noticed that the existing building looks like a prison? The shaker shingles look like gray cinder blocks. The railings look like bars on windows. No wonder not many people want to live there. I also agree about the traffic. That has obviously not considered.

Beach Gal

Each of the previous comments is correct. The whole thing is a mess.


ya, and they have Applebee's across the street, what more could you ask for ?, Golden Coral maybe ?

Barry Soetoro

Mmmmm Golden Corral. I always bring my water bottle and top it off at the Chocolate Fountain or whatever they call it.

Miss Jane

Please, please no more chain restaurants with terrible and unhealthy food. Sad that this is the new "gateway" to our wonderful town.


Is this all a part of that big diversity plan? Get GH more integrated. Turn this all into section 8 housing and we can have some senseless murders in the street too. Just think get your daily dose of crack or meth in HD parking lot. Sometimes development for the sake of develoment is not good planning. This is a wonderfull site and should be used to its full potential. We can do better than this.

Say no to new taxes

It'll be renamed the "Grand Disaster" five years after those apartments are completed and occupied by former Muskegon Heights residents.

oh come on

Lol "Grand Disaster". Maybe the Trib could put on a contest to rename this project. Winner could get a free year of rent in a condo, storefront or apartment unit (their choice).

Michael Johnson

While the politically motivated and racially paranoid comments about "housing projects" are patently ridiculous, I agree that this is a horrible idea. What we have enough of in this town are crappy restaurants, coffee shops, and empty condo/apartment complexes, not parks or family recreation areas...because, by definition, you can never have too many of those. And no extended walkway equals no foot traffic from elsewhere in the community. Poor planning, poorer execution, poorest attention to community needs.


On a normal day, no matter the season, Grand Landing has a horrible traffic problem. The one successful long term business is Culvers and they will see a decline as the traffic gets worse. It is absolutely insane to think that without some major infastructure changes this size of a developement can be successful. I suppose a year from now they will be asking to sell bonds so the surrounding neighborhood can be purchased and turned into an entrance/exit ramp to 31. What an eyesore of a disaster they have turned this into.


Planning commission turned it down overwhelmingly many times for traffic problems. council ignored amended and approved. Betcha bulk of traffic will exit down fifth to Jackson at a new control light after street is widened with turn lanes. throwing current residents under the bus. say bye to quality of life. hello to more burned coal,more tailpipe pollution, and more noise pollution from 336 more horns honking every time they lock their cars. At the meeting said they would address the traffic issues when project was completed.real forward thinkers. Would advise ya to vote. But look what it got us last time.


I feel bad for all of the people who live on the street where the circle turnabout empties onto... I went to Culvers this week and the traffic was so bad I HAD to use the circle turnabout and go down that street (the street off of Jackson - I'm drawing a blank - was backed up not quite all the way to Sweet Temptations but pretty far), and their quiet little street is about to change. They're going to have to add a light somewhere on Jackson. . . otherwise it will be backed up all the way. And this wasn't even at dinner time, this was mid afternoon. They haven't done their research... MOST of the Grand Landing building is empty and you can't even park with the few businesses that are there. Not to mention that I assume another business will come in next to Biggby Coffee. In my opinion, putting Biggby there in the middle of the original parking lot was stupid. Maybe it's just me but I STILL cannot picture ALL the stuff they want to jam in to the rest of the land.


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