Snyder signs laws ensuring right to breastfeed

Michigan now has a law ensuring that women have the right to breastfeed their babies in public.
AP Wire
Jun 25, 2014


Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday signed the Breastfeeding Antidiscrimination Act. Lawmakers introduced the legislation after getting some past reports of women being asked to leave stores, restaurants and government agencies for nursing in public.

Snyder also has signed bills specifying that a mother breastfeeding in a public place is not guilty of indecent exposure or obscene conduct.

The Kent County Public Health Department said laws similar to Michigan's have been enacted in 45 states.

Snyder said breastfeeding is a "natural act with many proven benefits." He said supporting new mothers helps ensure good infant health, reduces infant mortality rates and prevents obesity.



This should never have been a issue.


Dear Barry S. - Thank you on behalf of all nursing mothers for your efforts in getting this important legislation passed. Your interest in insuring the rights of women is most appreciated. Sincerely, Lanivan.


I'm a fan!


Honestly - I was tempted to sign it "rukidding" or maybe, "Vlad", but then figured you don't need any more encouragement, and we reallllly don't need Vlad to go off on yet another discussion of moochers (babies) taking from the Government (mothers) bosom....


I personally think it should be up to the business to decide, especially where you might be in close proximity to someone who is breastfeeding, like a restaurant, the same way I wouldn't want to be sitting next to someone who was bleeding or had other bodily fluids that con contain viruses coming out of them and into someone's mouth that could potentially spit them up/out. I don't understand why you'd want to do that in public (ever heard of a breast pump?!), but that's just my opinion. I'd rather go somewhere private to nurse my baby... I don't understand the "obsession" with public breastfeeding and people posting nursing pictures on FB and twitter, every day there's a new story about it. That being said, I do think that most breastfeeding women do it discreetly under a breastfeeding top/blanket but to each their own.


It is breastmilk!!!! Do you drink cow milk? Bodily fluid, omg so scary!! More women need to nurse in public so we can all get over it. The breast was made for feeding babies. In the victorian era ANKLES were considered provocative. It is time to get over the sexualization of the breast and use them for what they were intended for.

GH resident

People really need to be educated on Breastfeeding! The Unites States is the only country that has issues with nudity!! It is a breast!! When a mother is nursing, you can't see anything. Now if she is hanging her bare breast out in public, ok, but generally that is not the case. Quit being so close minded and prudish!!


It's all about common sense and decency. I can't believe with all the pressing issues Michiganders are facing were signing boob legislation, HOW MORONIC.


Perfect opportunity to make this a violation of City Ordinance in GH so city can grab more cash.


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