Super-yacht visits Muskegon

Around Muskegon, people are talking about "Freedom," but not because it's almost the Fourth of July.
Jun 27, 2014


Freedom is the name of a super-yacht currently anchored on Muskegon Lake.

The 230-foot luxury yacht pulled in Thursday and is anchored in the middle of the lake, near the Muskegon Yacht Club and Muskegon Lake channel.

Freedom is larger than the Lake Express ferry, which is 192 feet long. It's believed to be traveling north from Chicago; earlier this week the ship was anchored off Saugatuck.

Muskegon resident Laura Kies said it's impressive even from shore.

"I have never seen one that high," she said. "I was in Florida and did see Judge Judy's and her yacht is called the 'Splendid Lady,' but it is long and not that high. This is neat with the helicopter pad and everything on it."

The company that owns the ship says Freedom is available for charter.

It's not clear who is on board now, but some locals wonder if Oprah is taking a tour of West Michigan.



The interior on this boat is closely styled after some of the classic ocean liners (Olympic, Lusitania, Titanic). Costs nearly $750,000 per week to charter. Still an odd sight on the great lakes seeing as how she is normally on the other side of the world.

My personal favorite is Mitch Mate III up in Frankfort. Ive taken a trip on that boat and it was quite fun. Sadly the owner recently passed away (he has been a personal friend of the family over in Mid-Michigan) and his family is auctioning off most of his possessions including his immaculate antique car collection and most likely the boat as well.


Rick Snyder,s


This has to be one of the dumbest comments ever posted on this site. How does Snyder or our tax dollars have anything to do with this yacht? Have you no idea how capitalism works? Rich people have nice toys.


Well, thank you !!!


If I had that yacht for one week I'd be Jazzing the heck out of all the ladies in town.

Barry Soetoro

Roll with Barry S. and you won't need this yacht. Besides, Lanivan will be by shortly to chastise the owner for the horrible carbon footprint this thing leaves in it's wake (unless it belongs to Al Gore).


I could not care less about the finances of the owner of this yacht. Live and Let Live, I say. At least the yacht wasn't bought to make wholesale purchases of politicians, subvert democracy, and manipulate the American populace, strictly for their self-interest.

The fact that I have in my possession five watercraft (including a windsurfer and none that operate only on motors) that totals in four figures in value doesn't really enter into my opinion. As for the carbon footprint thing, although I know you live on rarified air, even you need it to be clean. And please don't tease JimmyJazz like that - not everybody possesses the winning combination of smarts, charm, humor, and t-shirts that you do to attract the ladies.

Barry Soetoro

You left out "body"...


Until I get the straight scoop from the kayaking hussies, or we have the Beer Summit, I guess I will have to take your word for it.

I officially amend my list of your assets to include "body".


Alright Barry, lets do this!

deuce liti

I cant believe some super douche b's excessive wealth is news. No wonder you people are all doomed. DOOMED I tells ya!


Don't worry, tomorrow everybody will be back to complaining about cyclists as 2000 cyclists take over the streets of Grand Haven/Spring Lake in support of skin cancer research.

deuce liti

This just in: local slack-jawed troglodytes mouths agape over boat. Also, discovery of the color brown leaves them scratching their heads.

Do you realize the article is just buffoons saying the boat is big? Really?


I see wealth envy is alive and well...

deuce liti

Yeah that must be it.


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