Enrollment has healthy start

More Michigan residents are receiving health care coverage with the assistance of a state program.
Krystle Wagner
Jul 5, 2014


Since the Healthy Michigan Plan was launched in April, more than 300,000 residents throughout the state — including about 3,460 Ottawa County residents — have enrolled.

The program is in response to the federal Affordable Care Act requiring states to either expand Medicaid or offer another program that provides coverage.

Over time, state officials estimate more than 477,000 residents will receive coverage through the program.

Angela Minicuci, spokeswoman for the Michigan Department of Community Health, said they anticipated reaching about 320,000 residents in the program’s first year.

“Healthy Michigan is making people in Ottawa County and across the state healthier, and impacting the health of residents is important as Michigan’s comeback continues,” said Bob Wheaton, spokesman for the state Department of Human Services.

Minicuci said residents enrolling in the program previously didn’t have many other health insurance options. She said the residents impacted are low-income, hardworking individuals who have minimum-wage jobs and haven’t had enough money to pay for health insurance.

The plan is available for Michigan residents ages 19-64 who have an income at or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level ($16,000 for a single person, $33,000 for a family of four), don’t qualify for or aren’t enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid programs, and aren’t pregnant when they apply.

Through the health care program, services such as hospitalizations, maternity care, laboratory services, prescription drugs, and mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment services are covered with co-pays that range from $1 to $50, depending on the service.

The Healthy Michigan Plan requires participants with an annual income between 100 percent and 133 percent of the federal poverty level to contribute at least 2 percent of their income for cost-sharing purposes.

Residents can apply by phone at 855-789-5610, online at www.michigan.gov/mibridges, or in person at a local Michigan Department of Human Services office. The closest office to the Grand Haven area is located at 12185 James St., Suite 200, in Holland Township.



All is lost if Republicans gain both House and Senate. Look at the poor southern Red States and see what America will be like.


Funny way to determine which states are poor (ignoring state debt) unless one is so politically biased and liberal that debt doesn't factor into the equation, be it personal debt (e.g. someone else will be forced to pay for your mortgage/student loan/etc.) national debt (has more than doubled under Obama) or state debt.

Ranking of states with the highest debt:

#1. Massachusetts

#2. Hawaii

#3. Rhode Island

#4. Connecticut

#5. New Jersey

#6. New York

#11. Illinois

Meanwhile, those "poor" Southern states

#41. Mississippi

#44. Alabama

#47. Georgia

#48. Arkansas http://taxfoundation.org/blog/mo...

And note, all of the states listed above with the most debt just happen to have Democrat-controlled legislatures. (2010)

Tri-cities realist

Apparently the Healthy Michigan Plan discriminates against pregnant women. I fully expect Lanny to show outrage at this obvious "war on women" tactic, and explain how this came to be.


Pregnant Women

Healthy Kids for Pregnant Women

Medicaid is available to an eligible woman while she is pregnant, including the month her pregnancy ends and during the two calendar months following the month her pregnancy ends, regardless of the reason (for example: live birth, miscarriage). There is an income limit for this program. The comprehensive health care package of Medicaid benefits is available. Contact the local MDHS office in your county to apply for this program or apply on-line .


I will run the risk of being attacked for commenting during nice weather, but will reply to Vlad:

Federal Spending per State to Revenue Ratio - 2013:

Mass - $0.74
Hawaii - $1.46
RI - $0.75
Conn - $1.03

Miss - $2.08
Ala - $2.46
Georgia - $0.69
Ark - $0.62

The bottom twenty states that received more Federal monies than what they paid in taxes are all currently Republican-controlled legislatures.


Also, the three of the four states with the least amount of state debt but receive some of most Federal dollars are also denying health care to 740,000 citizens through refusing to adopt Medicare expansion programs.

Since Mississippi and Alabama happen to be two states that are pushing "personhood" laws, laws in which the incorporated entity for-profit Hobby Lobby has sincerely held religious feelings, I thought - just for giggles - I'd look up the store locator, expecting Hobby Lobby to support their human clientele in these BFF states, but I found the following:

Miss - 4 stores
Ala - 8 stores

Two evil democrat states that support women's choice:

New York - 12 stores
Illinois - 16 stores

So much for incorporated, for-profit entities and their sincerely held religious feelings. Looks like the emphasis should be on the "for-profit" part.

Barry Soetoro

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language.


Not only did he chastise us for posting on a nice day, I read where he complains we are being sarcastic. What next? I thought our posts on public breast feeding were prescient and in-depth. I note he didn't bother to respond - weather was too nice or he has no other thoughts beyond biotching? I suppose we'll never know.

Kayaking? No. Too windy, too mosquitoey, and it appears it tends to exacerbate an old injury. Total Bummer.

Barry Soetoro

It appears LTA is back (at least briefly) and is in top form.

Too bad about the injury. I guess I'll be scouring craigslist for a gently used, used kayak at a good price - just be sure to clean out the empty beer cans.


What an unfortunate way to end a Great Holiday Weekend. Golf and Family Barbecue on the Fourth, work outside, soccer, read online Trib and respond to comment slandering Republicans, then great dinner with old friends at Arboreal on 5th, see Lanny inky secretions in response to my comment today.

I noted states with highest debt are democrat-controlled while southern states have least debt in response to "poor southern states"

Rather than controvert that, Lanny brings up completely irrelevant statistics regarding share of revenue returned to states. 
Of course, her response has nothing to do with the fact that democrat's high spending runs their states into debt fully aware of the revenue sharing facts of their relationship with the federal government.

However, I choose to view Lanny's comment as a repudiation of some of her former errors regarding liberal governing policies. Since she apparently now believes in fiscal responsibility and avoidance of debt, if she is willing to equalize the amount of money states send to Washington and receive back, that's fine with me, although (1) it will clearly illustrate that the feds take state money, siphon off a huge amount to sustain its own bureaucracies, and return the remainder; (2) it will result in the end of the democrat philosophy of subsidizing the poorest of our citizens more than others, since the poorest individuals, especially minorities, live in rural Southern states like the Mississippi Delta (that's why their share is so large); http://blackdemographics.com/sta... Mississippi; and (3) equalizing revenue sharing will finally end the alleged democrat philosophy of everyone paying their fair share, since Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Yawk will receive back an equal ratio of money they sent to the feds as Mississippi so the the Boston Brahmins, the aristocrats of Newport, and the liberal upper crust of the Upper East Side and The Hamptons can be treated just like the black sharecroppers in the Delta. Of course, it would be easier just to enact the Fair Tax or Flat Tax in lieu of the income tax so everyone can truly pay their fair share.

Now that we have reached bi-partisan agreement on equalizing federal revenue sharing among the states, in honor of consensus, Happy Fourth of July!



On a less bi-partisan note, notwithstanding your comment I expect that you understand that true deeply held beliefs do not change when one crosses a state or national border, and it shouldn't surprise anyone that wealthier people in urban areas will demand access to an arts and crafts store than those in rural areas (no stores in Alaska). Once again, comparative statistics that are totally irrelevant.


Imagine, if you will, the range of emotions your comment elicits. Covering nearly the entire spectrum, it begins with delight at your great holiday weekend, nodding with approval the balanced activity and moderate, almost centrist, agenda (with a quick sense of relief at your restaurant choice yesterday, glad I dodged a bullet when it wasn't Dockers/live band). Then dismay that my post that took all of 3-4 minutes to write destroyed the bon amie of your last few days. Add to this my consternation that you have again twisted and obfuscated the nature of my post, coupled with goose bumps from your three wonderful videos and Bob's your uncle.

Many, if not most, Republican-led states are seriously in debt, and make up some of the top debt-ridden states, such as FL, PA, OH, NJ, TX, and CA (Republican until 2011). Despite draconian spending cuts, Kansas and Wisconsin are performing abysmally.

Another interesting dynamic that is taking shape is that it is found that those states that increased the minimum wage in the last year have decreasing percentages of unemployment.

Re: Hobby Lobby, just like I said. A for-profit corporation exists for profits. Profits drives the business plan, not religious feelings. When are sincerely held religious feelings sincere, and when are they primarily the basis for a marketing plan?


I have listening to other,s talk about the Obama care plan, some have applied but still can not afford the insurance, then there are the one,s that are bullheaded and refuse all together in hoping the plan would be terminated, those are the people that will be coming coming forward to sign up, because the fee,s for not having insurance goes up every year, plus hoping in few years the plan will only get better with some of the kinks ironed out.


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