Overzealous celebrations unwelcome

Some are saying this past Fourth of July holiday weekend’s fireworks-filled celebrations may have gone too far.
Alex Doty
Jul 9, 2014


“I just feel that the fireworks are a bit out of control — they go on for three days,” local resident Sue Swiatek said. “Due to the new laws, they are bigger and louder than ever.”

Swiatek feels bad for parents of young children who try to get their kids to sleep. She said she thought changing time limits for residential fireworks would be a good idea.

“Maybe have a reasonable time curfew for them to be over — possibly 11 p.m.,” she said.

Michigan law states local governments can restrict fireworks use to days before, during and after 10 specified national holidays. There are also time constraints for their use: 8 a.m. to 1 a.m., and 8 a.m. to midnight in more populated counties.

Many local communities follow the regulations allowed by the state, with Grand Haven even allowing consumer fireworks to be launched on the second Saturday of the Coast Guard Festival.

Local resident Natalie Treat thought more can be done to make the situation better for everyone.

“I am all for celebrating and having a great holiday,” she said. “However, I have small children — and even if they sleep through the noise, I can't. I need every bit of sleep I can get.”

Treat said she prefers fireworks stop at 11 p.m. instead of midnight or 1 a.m.

“I miss the days when personal fireworks were small and safe, when everyone had to go to the big fireworks show to see real fireworks,” she said. “Now, people setting off their own huge displays sort of takes away from the camaraderie and community of the big shows. That's the part I love — tons of people coming together to celebrate our great nation, freedom and the people who protect it.”

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Even some members of Grand Haven City Council say things have become a bit excessive.

“The (city’s) fireworks show was one of the best — it was really, really good,” Councilman Bob Monetza said. “The fireworks elsewhere around town I can do without. When it goes on the next day and the next day and the next day, it is a bit much.”

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Us too, we live in town and heard fireworks all weekend, it is a holiday, i was aware of that, what i heard coming from the beach area and down the lakeshore, there were illegal fireworks set off, not small one,s, sounded like m80,s or larger probably brought in to Michigan from other states, the fact they didn't know Michigan had rules on what was legal, but we made thru all right in peace, looking forward to Coast Guard Fest, lol


Sounds like you were not a happy camper!

Coast Guard... Yup my dad made sure to plan an out of town vacation that week! God Bless America and Thanks to all the Vets for protecting our freedom.

deuce liti

"God Bless America"

Do you believe this country has God's blessing? The U.S. is a violent country that goes overseas to murder it's enemies.

Jesus, who was a reflection of God, told his followers to love their enemies not kill them.

Now why would you think God blesses this country?


God Bless America not God Blesses America or God has Blessed America. God has blessed many nations, to me it's more of a form of prayer or hopeful request. You can say the phrase many ways, depending on your personal beliefs or feelings it could mean different things. I do know God has blessed me in many ways. God loves me and I love him. Peace.


It wasn't bad this year. People like to celebrate, and fireworks are one way of doing that. People usually make plans for the 4th, so that is why we need more than one day of being able to use fireworks. This year we knew we were going to see the show in Grand Haven on the 4th, so we planned our family get together for the 3rd. Our neighbors all came over, and we all had a good time. Instead of getting upset about them, join them and have fun!


Did your next door neighbors have a good time? Did the dogs in the neighborhood have a good time?


As usual, it is the few who destroys this freedom for others but at the same time. Logically does it really make sense to fire off fireworks in the City or the Village, when houses are so close together. Mostly when they ban the burning of leaves in the City, but they will allow fireworks, the smell of gunpowder was overwhelming, and so was the noise. The same argument can be made, and maybe even more, regarding the danger of fireworks in the Village or the City. Obey the laws and we will have no issues, but then again, were human....God Help Us.


I celebrate the fourth of July by flying the flag in honor of my WWII veteran father. How absurd is it to honor veterans, some who have died in a violent manner, by replicating gunfire in our backyards??? The fireworks law that the Michigan legislature passed last year legalizes hooliganism. This crazy behavior has turned me and my next-door neighbor into adversaries. I don't feel comfortable sitting in my house with hundreds of dollars of fireworks blasting away literally 40 feet from my dining room window. Repeal the law! I don't recognize anyones 'freedom' to shoot off fireworks that keep working people up late, pets on the edge of panic and leaves cardboard clutter in my backyard and on my roof. Wake up you politicians and quit passing laws that take away from the quality of life we all strive for. It's ridiculous!


You don't have to go out of state to get fireworks. The "loud" ones were sold in meijer parking lot all week. M1000, morters, bottle rockets, you name it. People need to get over it. Yes they are loud and annoying but so have been the thunderstorms we have had.

Not to mention the added 6% fire safety tax that comes with buying them that goes to fund firefighters training and gear. So if people want to drop hundred and thousands on fireworks for a few days during the 4th of July and some other holidays let em. Invest in ear plugs.


I posted this on the poll on fireworks. But I think it should be here too.

TUE, 07/08/2014 - 8:21PM
In defense of fireworks I present my show..

Not everyone can attend a public event. Some special needs simply do not allow for it.
3rd practice and safety checks
4th show
5th leftovers for the most special kids.

Example: My son has Autism. He can not handle the public setting. So, my block and myself started a show for him while his father fought in Afghanistan. Now, three years later his father is back in his life and our show goes on, growing yearly. Most of my neighbors attend with few exceptions. The one vet who has PTSD has taken up seat and joins us. Being a part of it helps and gives him more of a since of community. The amount of special needs children attending grows yearly. I will respect the law should they change it but hope they don't. There summer stories are not filled with the things they couldn't do. But the bad ass thing they did. Now that's quality of life that needed it. I will tell them they and we are hooligans! They will love it!


When you compare fireworks to thunderstorms you are insulting to God in your fuzzy logic. Your solution to those who have 'overzealous' neighbors when it comes to fireworks is to 'invest in ear plugs'. . Earplugs for the dogs too? The 6% sales tax issue just says to me "money talks". Yes it does, just as loud as @#!$*!! fireworks! Why don't people who "need" fireworks load recordings of loud, percussive and sudden explosions on your iPods and listen to them with your, ahem, ear buds.


Well I for one had a blast on the 4th...it is a family holiday that has been celebrated for many years...fried chicken, hamburgs & hot dogs on the grill, watermelon, & apple pie...& of course firework displays & sparklers for the kiddies!One more attempt for the nay sayers to take another part of our freedom away....after all that is what the soldiers fought for so let's celebrate it! Some people really need to quit being such sticks in the mud! By the way...Pennoyer Ave. rocks it way better than downtown ever has!Best display I've ever seen...Grand Haven could take some lessons from neighbors on Pennoyer!


Yes celebrations run on and people have a good time. While you are all squashing fun and good times you should ban smiling while walking the boardwalk. I was down there last week with my son and someone smiled at me and I was offended. Please ban smiling.

With that in mind, there was someone else that said "Hello" to me and I found that to be very hurtfull. I think greeting people you don't know should be a life sentence.

I was also quite offended when someone complimented my bicycle. I'd like to see compliments become illegal as well. I found myself very uncomfortable when that happened.

If we are going to get absolutely stupid with ordinances and laws that are ruining celebrations for people, then please let my stupid & sarcastic message strike a nerve too.

You all sit around and complain about people getting along and having a good time why? because you have forgotten how to have a good time? or is it you have forgotten to 'live and let live'? or is it you have nothing better to do than to get your thrills from the power trip of passing new laws to limit the fun and entertainment other people can have?

Please - more government control, more idiotic rules, more ordinances telling us what we can and can't do and where and when we can't do things. I was thinking about flushing the toilet today, but I was afraid there was a law against it. I guess I'll just scoop it up and drop it on city hall's steps with the rest of the crap that comes out of there.

Rant done - have a nice day!


God is fuzzy logic......


lol at Vanx' ignorance. July 4th has nothing to do with vets or wars. Did you learn anything in public school? Look up Declaration of Independence and school yourself (please). You're on a computer smh.

I love the all fireworks, and am glad there are so many days to shoot them off! The neighbors were still going at 1 am and it was great imho.

A couple of days of celebrating our Country's Independence, and the power seekers crawl out from under their rocks! That is the kind of submission we signed off on in 1776!


lol at Vanx' ignorance?? July 4th has nothing to do with vets or wars??
Ahh, another product of our Public School System . . .
big deal, I think you need to do the research . . . .
Pop Quiz for you:
How many battles were fought before the signing of the Declaration of Independence?
How many years after the signing did battles continue?
PS Before the internet there were these things called books (besides "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through The Looking-Glass") with historical facts in them. Try one or more of these:
Page Smith's 2 volume "A New Age Begins", Fleming's "Liberty!: The American Revolution" or 2 time Pullitzer winner McCullough's "1776".
Those are just a few sitting eight feet from me on shelves in my library. The problem isn't what they teach in Public Schools, it's what they don't teach.


Ole spreading more ignorance. So Vanx is right? It's a day to honor vets? lmao Maybe Revolutionary War vets, but I bet he never met any personally, nor have you. What you stated is the history leading up to July 4th, 1776. The DOI states our freedom from England tyrannical rule & taxation. That is what Independence day is about, not anything to do with honoring any 'vets', period. We have 2 days set aside for that...Memorial Day & Veteran's Day. We need another? Talk about a rabbit hole...


Sorry for the delayed response bd. As you state (unnecessarily) there are no Revolutionary War vets living today the fact is they fought to secure our freedom and independence. That does not nor should it not say that as a grateful nation we don't recognize those vets who are around today for they have fought and are still fighting to maintain our freedom and security.
By your logic as we set one day a year aside to honor mothers and another for fathers, we don't need to show respect to them any other day. Rabbit hole ? ? ? you make me think of another hole . . .

Barry Soetoro

How many moms out there frowned upon us playing with fireworks and warned us "somebody's gonna lose an eye"? Well, momma was right...



I suggest we chill out - the over zealousness could take the form it did in Chicago this weekend - over exuberant Lutherans and Presbyterians, no doubt.


Oh I can't go to bed without making one more remark about those of you complaining over a bit of noise on the birthday of our nation. If you don't like it - leave. This is a nation based on personal freedom - you are free to leave it at any time.

You should be disgusted to even call yourself an American. Oh I know I'm not going to get any awards for political correctness. Guess what? I don't care!

This nation of ours was founded on personal freedom. There were many soldiers that died in the revolution to give you the nation you currently live in. Fireworks and celebrations that go with it are part of the package.

Cry and moan, complain until you are blue in the face about a bit of noise for a few days. When it comes down to it the choice is simple - it's a free country - love it or leave it. Either way there are a lot of great Americans still serving and dying for us each day. The Fourth of July is just one day that we remember them and honor them in celebration.

There is of course an alternative to all of that. You could simply look into a very well known technology that a lot of people use when the noise is just a bit too loud - Earplugs. I know, that would be too simple of a solution. Or would your whiney, complaint driven self then be overwhelmed with issues revolving around ear pain and infections?

As you can see I'm simply tired of that 1% of you who think the entire world needs to revolve around you and your issues. There is nothing the rest of the world can do to make you happy. You are miserable and you want the world around you to be miserable with you.

Did you know there are places you can live where you won't hear the noise? There are places that have padded rooms, and the walls are white. They'll take good care of you there and give you plenty of happy pills so the noises you hear will simply be the voices in your head. At least then the rest of us won't have to put up with your pushy little self trying to ruin the fun and good times for the rest of us.

EoR - Have an outstanding night!


Welcome to the forum! I believe you're going to save me a lot of writing....

deuce liti



I can hear them all now.. "AND STAY OFF MY LAWN TOO!!"

Say no to new taxes

Hey, if you want to blow off your own finger, lose one of your eye's or burn down your own house, be my guest. It's when your careless actions effect others that make me mad. My elderly neighbors and their dogs don't need to see or hear your "show" at 1:30 in the morning, nor do they need their house and property covered with your ariel debris. If you need noise to celebrate this great country of ours, stop on by. I'll be happy to fire my 12 gauge shotgun six inches from your ear. Would one box of shells be enough to help you celebrate?

Tri-cities realist

Better get 2 boxes just to be safe


Good thing mine ends at midnight. So I am guessing I am not the neighbor. But even if it is: Sounds like you need to get out there and talk to this neighbor. You know face to face. Civilized.

Tri-cities realist

What, people still talk to neighbors these days? I thought they just came here to biotch about them.


There is a noise ordinance that prohibits these types of noises after 11:00 PM. I love the guy who talked about personal freedom. 'live and let live' that only works when people are considerate of others. Which seems to be a thing of the past. An Imograth stated where the problem lies. "Oh I know I'm not going to get any awards for political correctness. Guess what? I don't care!" There you have it he calls it "personal freedom"
He wants to be able to do what ever he wants. Regardless of how it might effect others. He isn't able to even comprehend that, that is not what personal freedom is about. And then he degrades are arm forces by saying this. "There were many soldiers that died in the revolution to give you the nation you currently live in. Fireworks and celebrations that go with it are part of the package". Oh really, so our soldiers have given their lives so that some can have the freedom to celebrate and shoot of fireworks with no consideration for others. He also states " it's a free country" Get a clue my friend. Living in a free country and having personal freedom. Doesn't mean that everyone can do what ever they want, when ever they want, how ever they want.
If fact, you yourself are part of the problem. It's because of your outlook and beliefs that we our losing our personal freedoms. People aren't against Fireworks their against people who think what they wants comes first. Instead of thinking of others first.


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