Charter changes

If you're one of the 17,000-plus local Charter cable TV customers and want to continue to receive television programming, you had better tune in.
Marie Havenga
Jul 19, 2014


Charter Communications is switching to all-digital programming in the Grand Haven area on Tuesday. If you don't take action, your television screens will turn to blue or play only static beginning sometime in the middle of the night.

In order to continue receiving signals, you must use a Charter-provided set-top box, which will be free of charge for the first year. After that, the cost is an additional $6.99 per month.

And don't think you can get away with just one. You'll need a separate box for each television in the house that you wish to receive programming on, and you'll pay the $6.99 monthly fee for each one.

Think your pricey high-definition Smart TV will insulate you from the changes? No chance. No matter how new or how fancy your set, you'll need the box for cable programming.

Charter Regional Communications Director Bill Morand said plan prices will remain the same, but the service will now come with more than 200 high-definition digital channels. Two years ago, Charter featured about 60 channels, bumping them up to 100 last year.

The Grand Haven-area market is the 22nd of 28 all-digital rollouts taking place in a 53-week period, according to Morand.

“The old way of plugging a cable into the back of a TV and receiving an analog signal will no longer work,” he explained “You will need a box.”

Consumers who want to opt out of cable also have the option of purchasing an antenna to receive broadcast television free of charge. But because most broadcast stations are located in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, reception may be limited.

The antenna option also requires use of a digital pass-through box for older non-HDTV sets, according to Morand.

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There are a LOT of people who will not be able to afford to continue using Charter cable with the increased cost due to having to pay for these cable boxes. In most cases you will have a year to determine where to go from here. I think a lot of people will opt to go back to an outdoor antenna like we had back in the 50's, 60's and 70's. True, you will be limited to what is provided over the air by the local stations, but once you get past the 4100 TO $200 for a good antenna, there will be no additional cost. In addition, the local stations transmit more than one channel nowdays, such as WXMI's channel 17.2 which is "ANTENNA TV" and provides a lot of the old time programs and a movie channel on 17.3. If enough people drop the more and more expensive cable TV, maybe companies like Charter may take a second look at their pricing.


Antenna TV !!!!



We cut the cord, pay $8/month, and haven't looked back.


Same here. Dish Network was $65 a month we didn't watch 90% of the channels. We bought a rooftop antenna that only cost as much as a month of satellite service and now only use that along with Netflix. For the little TV we watch, this suits us just fine,


I totally agree with the antenna, but beware there has been talk to outlaw the rooftop antenna, keep an eye and ear open for that. We must not permit it, it is a very small step for our independence, what is left of it. Thanks.


Sounds like the new math. Read just a few days ago, most people watch the same seventeen channels no matter how many are available. Time to double down on something productive. And get to bed earlier.

Barry Soetoro



Will cancel on this forum as well. Seems if your beliefs don't match the censor's ideology. No cursing or personal attacks etc. Then your comments go missing. And if someone agrees with you there's suffers the same fate. Your being forced to live a lie posting on here.

Barry Soetoro

I am the resident authority on Trib Overmoderation. Therefore my opinion on the subject is tantamount to fact.

Tri-cities realist

I was just about to hit the inappropriate button just for fun, but figured I'm better off flying below the radar.

Barry Soetoro

Or comment under the handle "Lanivan".


You're comments here brought this tune to mind.

Barry Soetoro

"These young girls won't leave me be..."

Yeah, that about sums it up.

Cheryl Welch

Keeneye, You keep saying your comments are deleted or moderated. They have not been. So either you aren't hitting the "Save" button after some of your comments, or you just want to rip on the Tribune's moderators. Play nice and you won't have a problem.


I hate Charter. Time to cancel.


There must be some type of encryption decoder that can be attached to the cable where it enters your house,Instead of getting one for each TV......Or am I stupid?


I'll bet of those 200 channels, at least 125 of them will be shopping, religious, or spanish-speaking channels. In other words, channels you will NEVER watch, don't want, and don't need.

Time for the cable and satellite companies to go to an a la carte system, where you order the channels you want, and pay for only those. Don't tell me they don't have the technology to do that...they just want the income for charging the shopping channels to broadcast, and from the consumer for not watching them.


I made up My mind !!!


Making my call Monday !!!


We have been very pleased with antenna and Charter internet. Got rid of phone and television.


I am with Gordo, cutting my cord, i could use that $200.00 a month for something i want !!!!


I must add my two cents, this is not anything more then a way for Charter to control people that have more then one television set connected to cable. It will also add hundred of thousands of dollars monthly to the cable company bottom dollar, and will increase the rates for all Charter customers in one year, if not sooner.
I hope that the government does not outlaw television antennas, do not laugh, because there was a bill or legislation already to do exactly that. It would not permit an outdoor antenna for television, and now guess what special interest may be behind it.
Please people, lets keep our shrinking independence with our outdoors television antennas, it is a very small thing to ask for, is it not. Believe it or not, the signal you will get from having your own television antenna is better then the signal you get from cable, or even with a satellite. Good luck, anyway. But Charter cable prices are becoming ridiculously high for free television, because there still is advertisements. God Bless the Constitution.


Yea, i imagine that could happen, the cable company convincing the city or county or Michigan to ban rooftop TV antenna,s,


What over-the-air channels come in clearly in Grand Haven? What size/height antenna is needed? I live in the Forest Park subdivision and have assumed that all the trees eliminated the possibility of TV via an antenna.


Just with a table top antenna i get 14 channels, channel (13)-1-2-3-4, (17)-1-2-3-4, (35)-1-2-3-4 maybe (41)-1-2-3-4, channel 8 and 3 didn't work, im sure with a rooftop with a directional antenna, like you used to have probably could pull in the more distant channels up to 100 miles, sometimes Milwaukee on skip.


i believe it,s, it will tell you what kind of antenna you need in your area by zip code and will give you the list of channels available, i think the website is correct unless it has channged


so, how many people had blackouts monday night, i traveled down to the charter store near the school and they had people lined up out to the street, i guess i wasnt alone, lol


I don't understand why we can't purchase individual channels rather than a group/block of channels we would never watch. Why not offer 40 channels of your choosing for a certain amount a month. We could select from the available choices. I hate that I have to buy a silver or gold package to get the channels we watch most and never watch the majority we pay for. I left Charter for AT&T because of price a few years ago and I think AT&T has better TV for the money but Charter has faster internet but both are overpriced when you compare the exact same product in a big city for a lot less money. We need more competition and more choice.


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