Investigation into June fatal motorcycle crash ongoing

Two months after a fatal motorcycle crash in Allegan County, a passenger in the car involved in the incident said she is relieved to talk about it.
Becky Vargo
Aug 13, 2014


Holland residents Robert, 69, and Susan, 66, Kammeraad died in the June 1 crash.
Ferrysburg resident Andrea Molenkamp, 22, was the front seat passenger in the car that struck the motorcyclists late that Sunday afternoon. 
She was the most seriously injured of the three women in the car that she said was driven by her friend, a 23-year-old Grand Haven woman.
A Freedom of Information request for the police report has been submitted to the Allegan County Sheriff’s Department.
Officials said the crash was still under investigation and denied access to the report.
A call to the detective bureau was also not returned.
The Grand Haven woman’s name was not revealed as she could face charges related to the crash.
Molenkamp said the women were on the way to a high school reunion at the time of the crash.
Police said the crash occurred when a vehicle driven by a 23-year-old Grand Haven-area woman was southbound on M-40. She failed to notice vehicles had stopped in front of her for a left turn.
The woman swerved into the northbound lane to avoid the vehicles and struck the motorcycle. The crash occurred about 5:40 p.m. on M-40 at Babylon Road in Allegan Township, according to other media reports.
Police said the motorcyclists wore helmets and the women in the car wore seatbelts.
All three women went to the hospital following the crash with non-life-threatening injuries, police said.
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... a passenger in the car involved in the incident said she is relieved to talk about it. Just to let you know, we cannot hear her.

retired DOC

To swerve to the left means swerving into on coming traffic. If you must swerve you go right.


Agree, retired DOC. Someone is protecting someone here, and it all seems very suspect. Why didn't the girl they interviewed say who she is? She isn't bound to any secrecy, and her life has been negatively impacted.


If this would have been a middle aged man he would have been charged immediately and his name would have been published just as fast. She's out living her life, spending time with friends, and going on vacations. Bet the couple she killed's family wishes they could be doing those things with them. This girl CHOSE to take her eyes off the road. Doesn't matter if she was on the phone, or texting, or changing the music. She is just as guilty of killing two very special people as if she was drunk or high. She made a conscious decision to not pay attention behind the wheel of a car, bottom line. Oh and her current Facebook photo is of her drinking, boy that says remorse. She also goes around dressed like some punk guy most of the time. Bet she doesn't show up at the courthouse or police station dressed like that. Probably all dolled up, makeup and a dress.


First of all, noone besides who was in the crash, knows what happened. And just an FYI all people handle their grief in different ways. Who the hell are you to judge anyone? Go through what they went through and then talk your crap. And she doesn't dress like a punk boy, that's who she is, she's not girlY and doesn't wear dresses or make up. It's bullcrap how you can sit here and judge something you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. Her fb has nothing with her on it drinking, look again. You have no idea what she is going through, or anyone else that was in the accident involved, so keep your mouth shut and don't be so quick to judge someone before you've taken a walk in their shoes. Lay the hell off her.


&& On another note, this lady had no business posting this story. She's sick for doing so.


First of all, I'm a guy and I ride. Secondly, I have lost both family & several friends in motorcycle accidents. Mostly to drunk drivers, but some because of their own bad decisions. Thirdly, I have a right to my opinions just as you seem to think you do. Lastly, we all have a right to know her name, it's called Freedom of Information. Out of all the motorcycle accidents this year, and there have been way to many, she is the only one that hasn't been named. And don't give me that crap about it still being under investigation. All the other parties, in all the other accidents, were named within a day or two, while still being investigated.


They are called accidents for a reason. And she was named. Not in this article but she has been named. She's obviously not hiding. And yes people pass away. It's a part of life. Yes it hurts and sucks but people need to not be so quick to judge. Period.


Well let's see... you throw a rock through the Public Safety Building window are arrested immediately and face 4 years in prison. But killing two people on a motorcycle with your car because you weren't paying attention to the road...and we now find out admitting all along to being high... and still no arrest, no updates, nothing for over FOUR MONTHS. Where is the justice for this still grieving family and community?


Well she finally gets arrested and charged but guess what. Not one newspaper or TV station feels it's important enough to inform the public. I'm really beginning to believe those that say there is a coverup going on. To the family and friends of the Kammeraads, I am sorry for what you are going through. I pray you get justice for your loved ones. I certainly hope you have someone keeping tabs on the real her and not just the face she puts on when it's necessary. To my biker friends please continue to push for justice, it could have been you or me.


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