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Aug 14, 2014


Israel and Hamas are considering an Egyptian proposal that at least partly addresses both sides' demands.
During the pontiff's five-day trip, a ceremony to beatify Korean martyrs who perished for their faith in centuries past could draw as many as 1 million people.
A small team of U.S. troops secretly scouts a mountaintop and finds far few Iraqi refugees trapped there than previously thought.
His spokesman says the White House "is looking onwards and upwards" following Clinton's apparent effort to distance herself from the unpopular president.
He says his department, which is overwhelmingly white, welcomes Justice Department training on racial relations in the suburb where an officer fatally shot on unarmed black teen.
A record-setting storm dumps more than a foot of water on parts of Long Island, New York, turning highways into streams.
Simone Camilli, a 35-year-old Italian, and his Palestinian translator are killed when leftover ordnance believed to have been dropped in an Israeli airstrike explodes in Gaza. An AP photographer, Hatem Moussa, is badly injured.
A large international study suggests that the amount of sodium most folks consume is all right for heart health — and too little may be as bad as too much.
Conrad Bassett-Bouchard, 24, of Portland, Oregon, bests hundreds of Scrabble players from 11 countries in a tournament in Buffalo.
Tiger Woods says his back problems will prevent him from joining the U.S. team at the competition next month in Scotland.



10. Maybe he was concerned about being frisked

Golfers frisked as Obama arrives at Martha’s Vineyard club

Regulars at the Vineyard Golf Club in Martha’s Vineyard were gobsmacked when President Obama unexpectedly strolled onto a nearby green and they were immediately frisked. “There was no warning he was coming,” sniffed a guest.

“There was security on the way in, but no word as to why they were there.” The member added, “While eating, overlooking the golf course, guests had to stand up and be wanded.” One asked if he could finish his hot soup first, and an Obama security man cracked, ominously, “So, you’re not cooperating?” http://pagesix.com/2014/08/12/go...

#11. MoveOn Slams Clinton for Embracing Policies of ‘Right Wing War Hawks’ http://www.mediaite.com/online/m...

#12. Rift grows between Obama, media as press groups blast administration ‘spin’

Society of Professional Journalists President David Cuillier, in a statement earlier this week, blasted the administration for what he called "excessive message management and preventing journalists from getting information on behalf of citizens."

Cuillier's latest statement came in response to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest's Aug. 11 letter to his organization regarding their complaints. "Typical spin and response through non-response," http://www.foxnews.com/politics/...


#4. Uncle Joe Biden~President 2016!

Barry Soetoro

Nope. Still going with BHO for the three-peat.


Think of the new poster name possibilities. Although the handle, "Uncle Joe", is already taken on this forum, you could "Jazz" it up a bit, like this: (Think of the cool t-shirt this would make!).....https://www.google.com/search?q=...

Barry Soetoro

Good point. It's just that lately I've been considering changing it to Jim Bob Cooter. That's a pretty catchy handle for more reasons than one.


All these names of real people. At least this one is melodic when sung to "Old McDonald Had a Farm".....

Barry Soetoro

And of course there's a t-shirt...



And then there's this one for when the other is in the dirty clothes hamper....http://www.cafepress.com/mf/3863...


Uhhh, did cha maybe forget a link or something? It's h e l l getting old AND forgetful. ;-S


Corrected, thanks to your watchful eye and discerning intellect!

But sheesh, LTA - watch the grammar! The spelling! >*;*<


It was suggested that I "dumb it down" a bit to appear more relatable to the average GHT forum poster and less confrontational. What cha think? :-S


It's working! Did Vlad threaten you after your uncanny and brilliant analysis and subsequent revelation that he very well may be a highly-closeted lib, at heart?


May be??

There is no doubt in my recently grammar challenged mind that he is indeed still the same liberal at heart that he was back in the good ole 60's with his dark-skinned bride.

Time and the bitterness of personal failures no doubt are what have made him deny his true self. Of course there could also be a healthy dose of dementia in there too!


O.M.G. (make that a double allotment of pith and vinegar) Better you writing this than me - I've been recently attacked as using "rhetorical devices" to attract "attention", for the love of all things Holy!

Maybe we could do an intervention at the beer summit, and help him realize his full potential??


"Maybe we could do an intervention at the beer summit, and help him realize his full potential"??

Ha! Like the college football player who's life never rises above the bar of that point in time, I put forth the proposition that his days of full potential were back in those glorious 60's when he was fully alive and possessed a liberal vibrancy. It's been a long, slow slide downhill ever since based on what I've read the last several years.

As for "using rhetorical devices to attract attention", I don't even know what that is suppose to mean and if in fact that comment comes from the most prolific poster on this forum, that is a hoot.

Barry Soetoro

I'll stick with the old standby "Plugs" Biden, after his notorious attempt to sod his head.

A mug design would be easy http://www.judiciaryreport.com/i...

A Biden/Pelosi ticket would be the shizzle! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...


And talk about Credentials! Take a peak at these....http://www.theonion.com/topics/j...

Mystic Michael

5. For all their phony, hypocritical outrage about "tyranny" and "jack-booted thugs", the situation in Ferguson, MO presents an example of actual jack-booted thugs in action, occurring right out in the open - yet nary a peep is to be heard about it from the Hard Right.

The police have grossly overreacted to a bare minimum of provocation from unarmed protestors, attacking them with overwhelming force, with military-grade gear that exceeds the quality and quantity of gear provided by Rumsfeld & Cheney when they sent U.S. troops into Irag.

The police have interfered with protestors' First Amendment rights of free expression and free assembly, by establishing and enforcing their own rules of engagement, i.e. setting curfew times for protestors, setting terms & conditions, etc. without any direction from civilian elected officials - i.e. mayor, city council, county commission, state of Missouri, etc.

The police have tightly controlled public access to public information, i.e. shielding the identity of the killer cop who triggered this situation under the pretense of personal protection, harassing and arresting journalists without provocation and without probable cause, the police chief refusing to release results of Michael Brown's autopsy under the pretense that it might "taint the witness pool", in violation of local and federal laws that require public disclosure. The police chief doesn't get to make that call. His job is simply to enforce the law - not to speculate on the legal and public opinion ramifications of legally-required public disclosure, nor to attempt to manipulate the process toward a pre-determined outcome.

Clearly the Right would prefer to scream about "tyranny" that doesn't exist - if doing so serves to advance their political agenda - than to even acknowledge tyranny that actually does exist - if doing so would in any way disadvantage or discredit their political agenda. To them, truth, justice and even reality itself are mere inconveniences to be explained away - or ignored - however they see fit.


1. "a bare minimum of provocation from unarmed protestors" Battle of Ferguson, Mo., continues as crowds throw Molotov cocktails http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/...

2. "attacking them with overwhelming force, with military-grade gear that exceeds the quality and quantity of gear provided by Rumsfeld & Cheney when they sent U.S. troops into Irag"

Michelle McCaskill, media relations chief at the Defense Logistics Agency, confirms that the Ferguson Police Department is part of a federal program called 1033 that distributes hundreds of millions of dollars of surplus military equipment to civilian police forces across the United States. The materials range from small items, such as pistols and automatic rifles, to heavy armored vehicles such as the MRAPs used in Afghanistan and Iraq."

"In 2013 alone, $449,309,003.71 worth of property was transferred to law enforcement," the agency's website states."

"St. Louis County law enforcement agencies received twelve 5.56 millimeter rifles and six .45 caliber pistols from the Department of Defense between Aug. 2, 2010, and Feb. 13, 2013, a Missouri public safety official confirmed Thursday." http://www.usatoday.com/story/op...

Uh, who was President in 2011 and 2013 and could have stopped this militarization of the police? Who said ""We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." Whose Environmental Protection Agency teamed up with Homeland Security to send SWAT teams to check water quality in Alaska and seize a Land Rover that didn't meet clean air standards? (Hint - he vacations and golfs more than he governs.)

Some history from conservative law professor Glen Harlan Reynolds, who has focused on this problem for years. http://www.popularmechanics.com/...

This is an important issue liberals and conservatives can agree on and work to change, but couching comments in terms of the radical 60's and the Anarchists, while castigating law enforcement and giving violent racial looters and criminals a pass doesn't accomplish anything. And pretending that this militarization of local law enforcement isn't a byproduct of big government calls into question the seriousness of your complaints.

Mystic Michael

Once again, you're making things up - then attributing them to me personally as if I had stated them, when I have not. It's a classic technique of right-wing polemics, and you're a classic example. You are king of the straw man. You routinely make up your own "facts" and portray your own "reality" anyway, so conversing with you is like trying to reason with a parrot - a parrot very well-trained in right-wing talking points.

I never stated, nor implied, that the ongoing militarization of our nation's police forces isn't driven by "big government". Clearly it is. I never stated that the Obama administration isn't culpable. Clearly it is.

That's not the point in any event. Go back and read my comments again. See if you can discern my actual point (hint: the condensed version is to be found in the last paragraph).

I'm familiar with the 1033 program. The reason why there is so much "excess" military gear available for state and local police forces, is because the Pentagon is completely awash with equipment that a) they never requested, and b) they can never use. It's being foisted upon them anyway by an out-of-control military contractor industry that can get virtually anything it wants from Congress. And so the tanks, and the aircraft carriers, and the big guns keep on comin'. It's the military-industrial complex state that Eisenhower warned us about.

Suddenly, state and local police forces have a whole bunch of new toys to play with - things they've never used before, many of which they've never needed before - and still don't need. A great many cops are untrained or under-trained, and therefore unqualified to use it. So the temptation to use it for illegitimate or unreasonable purposes is great - and the public oversight, as we've seen, is either extremely lax, or non-existent. This is equipment that wasn't meant for garden-variety police work. It was designed for war - and that's exactly how it's too often being used: to wage war against our own people.

I've seen some of the video footage. Full combat gear? High-capacity assault weapons trained directly on unarmed protestors? Armored vehicles? Seriously?

Yes, of course there has been some criminal activity. There often is. A relative few opportunistic individuals take advantage of the unrest to grab some goodies for themselves. And you Righties seldom miss an opportunity to use it to try to discredit the entire protest - as if everyone was a criminal. So passe by now...

The violence is of course inexcusable - but inexcusable on BOTH sides. While Righties love to spin the entire issue as nothing but a law & order thing, they conveniently ignore the years of abusive conduct by police that created this environment of distrust and enmity in the first place. By bringing down the hammer when a little restraint would have been called for, the police have certainly done nothing to try to defuse the tensions, nor to resolve the underlying issues. In fact, it appears that the police ARE the underlying issue here.


You just proved my last point - that "couching comments in terms of the radical 60's and the Anarchists" accomplishes nothing. Your initial comment blamed the "Hard Right" and the "Right" and saw fit only to mention Rumsfeld and Cheney. You never mentioned Obama who has been the latest president to oversee the militarization of the police. Since the Conservatives and the "Tea Party" have consistently pointed out the dangers of Big Government, and the liberals and progressives have not only embraced it but argued that it should grow even larger, it was clear to me that you were pretending that the militarization was not due to big government; now that you have admitted it IS a byproduct of big government, I apparently misconstrued your statement in that regard.

Nonetheless, it is crystal clear that there is no way someone harboring the bitterness you express in virtually every comment about conservative ideas and principles would ever be willing to work with us to limit the excesses of the huge, over-powerful welfare state, so we'll do it without you and your brethern- at the ballot box at the local, state, and federal levels.

You can stick with your Occupy rhetoric and rant and rave about the Right Wing, law enforcement, and whatever other Shibboleths that drive your insecurities and socialist agenda.

Hope you enjoy yourself.

Mystic Michael

Nevertheless, the fact remains that for all the trumped-up, hyped-up B.S. about the Obama administration's "tyranny" and "jack-booted thugs" that the Right has been so desperately trying to sell for the past five years, here at long last is a perfect example of actual jack-booted thuggery in action, in the form of a burgeoning police state that's developing before our very eyes - and yet they have practically nothing to say about it - other than to back the jack-booted thugs themselves.

Now why would they so regularly rend their garments over "tyranny" that cannot be proven to even exist...while essentially turning their heads the other way as soon as the real thing should present itself? Their relative silence speaks volumes...even if their words do not.

By the way, you and your fellow travelers don't deserve the appellation of "conservative". An actual conservative is someone who is by nature prudent and cautious, someone who hews to established principles of soundness, order and reason. You and your cohorts are nothing of the sort. You are dangerous radicals who have simply expropriated the term "conservative" in order to disguise your hidden agenda of radical regressiveness and Neo-feudalism.

Bitterness? More like righteous indignation. When I see right-wing politicians (along with corporate Democrats) selling us out to their true masters, i.e. the billionaires and the Fortune 500 multinational corporations, in order to give away what's left of our national resources - and sacrifice our people - just so the jobs can be shipped to Thailand and Indonesia and thereby make their directors and executives filthy rich, so their lawyers and accountants can turn a corporate tax liability into an illicit tax "refund", so they can stuff their ill-gotten gains into a Cayman Islands bank account, then engineer a corporate "inversion" to another country entirely, yeah, it gets me angry. To add insult to injury, that jackass Paul Ryan then has the nerve to tell us that the "real" problem is too many needy people who don't bother to take care of themselves.

Thinking that "big government" is the source of most of our ills, without acknowledging the corporations and special interests that pull the strings behind the scenes, is like watching a marionette show - while ignoring the puppet master.

If you and your cohorts have really been so eager to "work with us", then how do you explain the secret Republican meeting on Inauguration Day 2009, engineered by Cantor, Ryan, McCarthy and others, during which they plotted to make President Obama "a one-term president" by refusing to cooperate with him on anything, and by deliberately sabotaging the economy - so that voters would hold it against the president? And all this, just as the nation was on the precipice of another worldwide Great Depression. If that isn't treason, I don't know what is.

If you're really so confident of your ability to prevail at the ballot box, then why do you all feel the need to cheat? Why do you try to game the system, by gerrymandering your way into a House majority - against the will of the voters? Why pull scams like moving the polling place(s) to a brand new location, days before an election, without informing all the voters? Why suddenly try to delete long-standing, regular voters from the voting rolls - based on some brand new, arbitrary criteria that has nothing to do with actual qualifications to vote? And why did all these new voter restriction laws suddenly pop up - in Republican-dominated states - like mushrooms after a spring rain, right after the Supreme Court invalidated Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act?

I think you all will find liberals & Democrats happy to work with you once again - as soon as you commit to play fair, stop with all the back-door power-grab tricks, and start prioritizing the interests of the country once again.


Ferguson, MO can boast that while 2/3 of the population is African-American, the City Council has 5 out of 6 whilte members, and out of 53 city cops, all of 3 are black.

Local law enforcement has gained notoriety by arresting and assaulting journalists, gassing protestors, and shooting unarmed black boys, but it's not entirely their fault - or the fault of government. They're just doing what comes naturally.

Democrat Gov Nixon just got done vetoing - again, for the umpteenth time - another rabid hard right, "Wild, Wild, West" mentality gun legislation, a piece of work proposed by Rep Funderbuck (I'd love to see the damage Vlad alone in a room with that name could do)....

"The bill would have designated certain school officials as “school protection offers” who would have to complete a 100-hour police training in order to carry a gun. Additionally, the bill would lower the age requirement for concealed weapons from 21 to 19, allow gun owners to carry their weapons openly in the state (despite bans in certain cities), and require public housing authorities to allow their tenants to possess firearms. The bill passed the GOP-controlled legislature in May, but the veto came on the last day Nixon had to act on the legislation.

This isn’t the first time the state’s legislature has tried to pass lax gun laws which would place armed teachers in schools. Last year, both chambers passed a piece of legislation which not only would have allowed teachers to carry concealed weapons, but it also would have nullified several federal gun-control laws in place since the Roosevelt administration, allowed weapons purchased during gun buyback programs to be recycled, and fined journalists attempting to report on gun owners. Nixon vetoed this legislation as well, and an attempt to override his decision fell through after a leading law enforcement group and the state’s attorney general came out against it."


It's all about guns, and military fantasy play-acting with actual real costumes, and shoot-em-ups!

Mystic Michael

So true. Boys with toys. Big boys with toys.

The one principle from my only college economics class that has continued to stick with me since then is: "Supply creates its own demand", an insight that can be applied just as widely to human nature in general as it can to economics alone. In this case, it means that police officers who have been watching way too many paramilitary movies and TV shows, and playing way too many military-inspired video games, who suddenly realize a windfall in new military gear, are going to want to use it. Somehow.

Suddenly, 100 unarmed and peaceful protestors walking down the street, chanting slogans, has magically morphed into "a dangerous mob with violent intent" - thereby justifying immediate emergency mobilization of the Podunk County SWAT Team.

And hey, what's the deal with pushing the journalists around, anyway? The Ferguson police were roughing up reporters, arresting them, disrupting their video shoots, etc. The bill you mentioned purports to fine journalists...for acting as journalists. Even the new industry-bought-and-paid-for anti-environment law in North Carolina explicitly prohibits journalists from publicly disclosing the contents and composition of the fracking fluid that has been leaking into local aquifers.

What is it about the First Amendment that politicians and military people and police officers do NOT understand? As a general rule, whenever you see a journalist "gag order" provision being written into a law, ordinance or policy, you can bet that somebody - usually somebody with a substantial financial interest - has got plenty to hide from the public.


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