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Aug 19, 2014



Dr. Michael Baden, a pathologist hired by Michael Brown's family, says the Missouri teen was shot at least six times by police.


Boosted by two days of U.S. airstrikes, Kurdish forces say they've wrested back control of Iraq's largest dam from Islamic State militants.


Kiev accuses pro-Russia separatists of killing dozens of civilians in an attack on a convoy fleeing a besieged rebel-held city, an accusation rebels have denied.


Francis says efforts to stop Islamic militants from attacking religious minorities in Iraq are legitimate, and that it should be a global effort on how to intervene.


Egypt announces a 24-hour extension in peace talks between Hamas militants and Israel so that a long-term arrangement in the Palestinian territory can be reached.


The global health agency says African countries hit with the virus should begin exit screening all passengers leaving airports, sea ports and major ground crossings.


A study finds that man-made earthquakes cause less shaking and in general are about 16 times weaker than natural earthquakes with the same magnitude.


A study finds that poachers killed an estimated 100,000 elephants across Africa between 2010 and 2012, a huge spike in the mammals' death rate.


McDonald's is growing frustrated with its reputation for serving cheap, greasy fare, and they're courting the media to change that perception.


A wrist injury will sideline reigning champion Rafael Nadal, meaning Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer will be the players to beat in tennis' final major.



1. It was just a matter of time for that thug to ride the Kharma Train. Only problem now is tax payers will have to condole his parents with cash. Would have saved money had another thug bought the kid his ticket.


#1. Autopsy showed eyewitness who stated Brown was shot in the back (the same gentleman who knocked off the convenience store with Brown) lied - Brown was shot in the front, consistent with other eyewitness claims that Brown charged the police officer in a "Bull Rush." Autopsy also found marijuana in Brown's system.

#1. After kicking "militarized" local police off the job of effectively protecting Ferguson citizens and property, Democrat Governor of Missouri calls in the real troops after liberal "community policing" by State Troopers resulted in rioting, burning, looting and shooting. http://www.powerlineblog.com/arc...

#1. Obama administration wanted local police to sit on video of Brown robbing convenience store - Deja vu all over again - blame riots not on rioters but on a video.


Obama cut military aid to Egypt after the military removed Morsi and his terrorist supporting Moslem Brotherhood from power. Now Putin makes his move, discussing providing Egypt with advanced military equipment including latest jet fighters.

“We are also actively developing military technical cooperation. In March, we signed a corresponding protocol. We are supplying arms to Egypt and have agreed to expand this cooperation,”

“We fully share Egypt’s active stance in combating international terrorism, especially in conditions of an unprecedented growth of a terrorist threat in the Middle East,” Putin said. http://weaselzippers.us/196512-s...


The second suspect and "eye witness" to what must be a completely different shooting by police reminds me of Smokey from the movie Fridays. From what I've heard the cigars are emptied to make "blunts" by packing the cigar wrapping with pot. The news media was sure quick to call this the "murder" of Michael Brown and now blood is on their hands for churning the emotions and enticing emotionally charged people to riot as a stage of grieving, I didn’t realize theft, assault and vandalism was one of the stages??? The media has successfully turned a news report into a juicy story lasting for days and weeks…man those guys are smart!


#1. Autopsy shows no evidence of gun powder on M. Brown which means he was shot from a distance NOT while in custody. Several shots on his hand and arms. The last shot was determined to be fatal....this is what happens when an unarmed anyone high on pot charges a Police officer and completely ignores an officer's commands.

#1. Obama sends Holder to Ferguson, MO. but won't send he or himself to the border to see the distruction they're creating.

#2 Look what happens with a little airstrike help from your friends. We don't need a war to aid our Iraqi allies. Keep ISIS off balance and let the Kurds or Iraqi forces do the boots on the ground work.

However, since we have an incompetent President showing no compassion or fairness to Christians or Muslims be slaughtered in Iraq and his hatred of Bush, including, the effort to make sure Iraq fails as a "Bush War", there is hesitation to do the right thing. What a President we have leading America off a cliff as the liberals gleefully, have their hands in the air as if they're at Cedar Point.

#4 It appears the Pope knows more than Obama....except, as to what club to use 150 yds. out from the green.

#5 Israel continues to make the same mistake over and over.(America does the same thing) You do not negotiate with your enemy...you eliminate them.


#5. The "Peace Talks" are being structured by Egypt.


Obama cut off military aid to Egypt when the Egyptian military removed the terrorist-supporting, Obama-supported Moslem Brotherhood and Morsi from power. Vacuum.

“We are also actively developing military technical cooperation. In March, we signed a corresponding protocol. We are supplying arms to Egypt and have agreed to expand this cooperation,” the Russian president said in remarks at a press conference after the talks, the Kremlin website reported.

“We fully share Egypt’s active stance in combating international terrorism, especially in conditions of an unprecedented growth of a terrorist threat in the Middle East,” Putin said.

Egypt signed a $2 billion arms deal with Russia, with financial support from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, a senior official told Al-Masry al-Youm in February. http://weaselzippers.us/196512-s...

Well played, President O'Bumbler, or were you just at fundraisers when Putin Pantsed you once again?


I can tell you where else he wasn't....Gen. Greenes' funeral. 1st General killed in a combat zone since Vietnam. Golfing at the Vinyard at the time.

Tri-cities realist

Wow. That is amazing, playing golf is more important than honoring a man who gave his life. Also amazing that I had to learn about this from you, thanks for the info.


#13. Remember the right-wing moaning and groaning over Obama and his handling of Syria? Please relieve yourselves of your angst.

"OBAMA CELEBRATES DESTRUCTION OF SYRIA’S MOST LETHAL CHEMICAL WEAPONS: The president yesterday issued a statement marking the destruction of Syria’s most lethal chemical weapons by the M/V Cape Ray. “The most lethal declared chemical weapons possessed by the Syrian regime were destroyed by dedicated U.S. civilian and military professionals using a unique American capability aboard the M/V Cape Ray — and they did so aboard that U.S. vessel several weeks ahead of schedule,” Obama said.

-- Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called the ship’s commanding officer, Navy Capt. Rich Dromerhauser, to congratulate him and the crew, reports POLITICO’s Ewing. “Secretary Hagel expressed his gratitude for the crew's service, dedication, and expertise, noting that with the world watching, they performed flawlessly every step of the way,” Kirby said. Politico, 8/19/14."

#1. Anyone interested in some facts about Ferguson, MO and the killing of Michael Brown: http://www.nytimes.com/interacti...

#5. Gruesome Tales Surface of Israeli Massacres Against Families in Gaza Neighborhood....http://www.alternet.org/world/gr...

Garage Sippin'

Referencing the nytimes is like referencing the White House Press Secretary.


I see. And is this opinion culled from the actual reading of the New York Times? Articles, editorials, special reports, comments, opinion section, financial section? Anything?

Next time I'll reference The Onion, another online source of amusement, for your benefit.

Garage Sippin'

That would be a hard opinion to form without having actually read the publication with some level of frequency. Please do reference The Onion. That would be equally amusing.


So how can you speak intelligently on the content of the New York Times, if by your own admission you haven't actually read the pulication with some level of frequency?

Relying on FOX news to formulate your opinions for you?

Wonderful, another free thinker joins the table.


Let's go to some real analyses of the N.Y. Times (full disclosure - my father worked for the N.Y. Herald Tribune that was killed by the unions - he religiously bought the Times Sunday edition and used it to light fires, wrap fish, or for compost)

http://www.studentnewsdaily.com/..., http://freakonomics.com/2012/02/...

Before you laugh at "freakonomics" you probably should do some research.


The NYTimes article I linked was strictly factual, simply an itemization of bare-boned undisputed facts. What's-his-name troller-guy made a comment that both appeared to make no sense, and was, indeed, found lacking in sense, and proved to be just more biased conjecture. I read all sort of sites, and I find the NYTimes to best suit my paradigms. And the posters are, by and large, well-versed, articulate, civil, professional, and far more liberal than me. This doesn't threaten me at all - I am capable of formulating my own opinions based on a variety of sources.

Thanks for the freakonomics link. Ha! The NYTimes is right up there, only exceeded by the.....WSJ?? I used to get the WSJ paper for years, but quit after Murdoch bought it. It once was a great, informative and very interesting paper.

You told me about your father's employment some time back when we were on the topic of unions....(Hostess!). I remember reading at the time that the Herald Tribune had been in decline for quite a few years beginning in the 1940's - financial troubles, for one. It closed in something like 1966. Were the unions the only thing that "killed" it - or were they the straw that broke the camels' back?


How about addressing the analyses of the Times biases - "I find the NYTimes to best suit my paradigms" says a lot about you but not about the way the NY Times manipulates the news and their readers.

Look at the differential between Fox and the Times - nuff said.

Trust me, I lived it - the press and delivery unions killed the paper - the Tribune opened their books to the unions to show them they couldn't afford the union wage and benefit demands. The unions reviewed the books and decided they didn't care, sending the Tribune our of business and their union members out of work, much like the Hostess union debacle.

The Paper: The Life and Death of the New York Herald Tribune

This excellent book portrays the life and death of the New York Herald Tribune. The Herald began in 1835, founded by James Gordon Bennett, a leading paper of the yellow journalism school. The Tribune, a powerful and highly literate Republican paper, was founded by Horace Greeley in 1841. The two papers combined in 1924, and from that time on, until its demise in 1966, was one of the most important newspapers in the country; many would say the best paper ever. After WW II the paper got mired in financial straits; a failure to expand in the booming NY suburbs or to be technologically innovative kept circulation lowest among NY dailys in the 1950s. The union strike in 1964 was the paper's death knell. Kluger leaves few stones unturned in recounting the paper's history; I personally wanted more on the paper's last decade or two. But at 800 pages, I can't really complain. Monumental. (Amazon)


I have never read a single link from any website that, with a little effort, couldn't be made to seem manipulative - some way more than others. Your conservative "news" sources are some of the worst, but of course, let's home in and criticize the NYT, for Pete's sake, and then sneeringly spit back my comment at me. There is a difference between willful manipulation of the facts (Fox News), and providing objective news along with editorials and opinions on the objective news story. Many of the editorials/opinion pieces can hardly be construed to have a liberal bias - but, of course, they will never have a hard right wing bias, which would be perfectly acceptable to you, correct?

But I am interested in the book, and thank you for this info. At 800 pages, it looks like good winter reading of a defining episode in US journalism, culture - pop and otherwise, societal changes, the advancement of marketing strategies, - and unions.


Here is something for you to chew on - http://freakonomics.com/2012/02/...


Isn't this link exactly the one you posted yesterday?

Anyway - Thinking about your father and family suffering from the demise of the NY Herald Tribune, and your subsequent animosity towards unions, it struck me that I, too, was influenced by major family set-backs that left me with my own animosities. The family farm, after generations of ownership, was taken by a bank in the years following the Great Depression when they called in a loan my grandfather couldn't pay off, and auctioned off to a big agri-business from out of state (which still owns it). And a major national competitor came into town and out-bid my father for business that he had spent about 25 years building, a terrible set-back, and although he didn't lose his business altogether, he never fully recovered, either.

Like you, I don't believe I'll ever forget that which my family and I lived through, although, from my father, the lessons of perseverance and perspective have sustained me many times in my adult life.

But animosity and suspicion towards Big Business still linger.


I think we all carry some familial history that consciously or unconsciously impacts our view of the world, that in turn impacts our politics.

I fully recognize the contributions the unions made to the workers of this country, especially in the trades and other blue collar jobs (I did work for the United Mine Workers for a time (Welfare and Retirement Fund). My animosity toward unions focuses on public sector unions, which assume the taxpayer is the equivalent of the Rockefellers and the banker that took your grandpa's farm. My other animosity is when the unions start acting like big business - fighting to take workers from other unions, and taking dues deductions from home health care workers who never signed on to the union. Union bosses making huge political contributions that are contrary to the politics and interests of their captive members is another check against them.

Nevertheless, almost all American families owe a debt of gratitude to the unions of yesteryear.

Did you note the bias of the NY Times in the link?

Speaking of the troubles of family farms, I wonder what Grandma and Grandpa would have thought of this . . . . http://dailysignal.com/2014/08/1...


#5. For all you Israel Haters -

We may question what we read in something called "Alternet.org" but we should never question tales of massacres in Gaza as reported by Hamas. "Hamas displays victims of Israeli "aggression" in white burial shrouds. http://youtu.be/yfCJ23umcBI See also http://www.breitbart.com/Breitba...



Left wingers set up voter registration tables at sites of rioting to encourage rioters, looters, arsonists and felons to vote Democrat in the Midterm Elections. Jesse Jackson talks up voter registration in Ferguson notwithstanding he was booed for fundraising at a church. Sharpton uses church to encourage voter registration. Maybe if they are successful they can turn Ferguson into Detroit or Flint.


You aren't objecting to the encouragement of voting in your local district, are you? Ferguson's election turnout is terrible by design. Here's how to fix it......http://www.dailykos.com/story/20...


Yup - getting rioters, looters, arsonists and felons to vote will fix the alleged problems of Ferguson. No analysis of why these American citizens didn't exercise their right to vote before - maybe the taxpayers should simply pay them for voting. http://www.latimes.com/local/lan...

The government schools have done a great job of preparing these folks for a productive future - Google videos of the "community's" take on the shooting. See if you can interpret what these educated citizens of the U.S. we have spent untold millions are saying, if you filter out the MoFos and other charming colloquialisms.


Yup - Just think - Many of the voters in Ferguson, not to mention those who provided eyewitness accounts of the killing, and perhaps even Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson, were on SNAP and Obamaphones!!!


And maryjane.


Hey, hey, hey . . . sounds like "The Chicago Way".


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