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Aug 28, 2014



A decision by a U.S. government board establishes for the first time that domestic violence victims can qualify for asylum in America.


In a video, she appeals to the Islamic State militants to show mercy to 31-year-old Steven Sotloff, who was last seen a year ago in Syria.


Consumer advocates warn that insurance companies are still using wiggle room to discourage the sickest — and costliest — patients from enrolling in "Obamacare."


The attack along a new southeastern front raises the prospect that the rebels are seeking to create a land link between Russia and Crimea.


A 9-year-old girl being taught how to fire an Uzi at an Arizona range fatally shoots her instructor in the head when the weapon recoils.


The driver had just caused an accident that killed the Texas man's two sons.


A crew member with the TV show "Cops" dies when gunfire breaks out as police in Omaha, Neb., disrupt a robbery.


Intrepid surfers and body-boarders flock to favored spots along the Southern California coast to take advantage of the storm-spawned surf.


When their young owners return to school, many pets experience separation anxiety, experts say.


Josh Shaw, a team captain, retracts his story about jumping off a balcony to save his drowning nephew. How Shaw actually was injured remains a mystery.



5. Darwin's theory reinforced.


A death that could so easily been avoided, how important was it for a 9 year old to have automatic weapons training? This is more about a lack of common sense than gun control but it will likely be a political football soon.


I ran across that story of the nine year and was appalled, there another story with same result,s, one the child started to fire the weapon, the recoil created a automatic reaction, with each shot the gun rotated to girls head and killed her, children .



Russia Hardly Even Trying to Disguise 'Stealth' Invasion of Ukraine

"Tanks, artillery and infantry have crossed from Russia into an unbreached part of eastern Ukraine in recent days, attacking Ukrainian forces and causing panic and wholesale retreat not only in this small border town but a wide swath of territory, in what Ukrainian and Western military officials described on Wednesday as a stealth invasion." http://reason.com/blog/2014/08/2...

#10. Another "Gentle Giant" hoax?


#4. Of course Russia is slowly and stealthily making a power grab for parts of Ukraine. Of course the Russian government is funding and fueling the separatist rebellion. It certainly is not a full-force invasion. Why there is confusion on this point is beyond me. Putin is only interested in the short-term, small and deliberate pushing of the envelope. He also knows that Europe, Nato, and US direct military involvement will not happen until all sanctions have been exhausted.

Obama should be perceived as a neutral power broker, with continued sanctions applied in increments. This seems to be the most viable, sustainable, and acceptable strategy for Europe and NATO. It might be that Ukraine will have to undergo a peaceful break-up before this is over, but in the long-term, the Russian economy, not strong to begin with, will likely not improve by Putin's aggression, and will most certainly not if Putin makes a full-scale, all-out invasion.

In "challenging" Obama, Putin might push Russia right over the cliff.


Of course, when the U.S. elects a community organizer who has no clue about economics or foreign policy, and ignores his professional military advisers, a hard nosed former KGB officer will take advantage of the arrogant neophyte.

Putin is playing the long game while O'Bumbler is playing short term politics and golf.

No matter what Lanivan thinks O'Bumbler "should be perceived as" in the real world he is identified as a big mouthed, impotent, small-time loser who can be had at every international crisis he manages to avoid. Peace at any cost has already been tried by Europe - it has not proven to be a viable, sustainable and acceptable strategy for those who lost by pursuing it. How cavalierly our indigenous Socialist throws away freedom for the citizens of Ukraine who suffered under the Russian boot for so long - welcome to the Age of Obama - yield to every foreign encroachment on the rule of law but flaunt the U.S. Constitution and support every racial attack on law enforcement, Y'All.


The arguments of Vladtheimp have now calcified into a rant against Obama, no matter what the topic or issue, free and unencumbered from factual restraints or historical baselines, full of bluster and blathering, and with which I can now recite with my eyes closed. How I yearn for the Vladtheimp of olde, when at least he had the courtesy of backing his insults up with substance!

However you feel about Obama, or whatever you think his shortcomings, he has managed thus far to stay out of full-blown wars. You seem to be advocating for military aggression with a country that has a vast nuclear arsenal. Talk about throwing away freedom for the citizens of Ukraine - not too mention the rest of the world. You're starting to sound like Hillary.

You couldn't be more wrong about how global leadership views Obama. You and your crinoid conservative contingent may have chosen to create this Obama persona, but it looks to me like they turn to him for guidance, calm, deliberate thought, intelligence, and stability. God knows the world "perceived" George W. Bush as a reckless, entitled, arrogant rich college cheerleader with a cocaine and alcohol problem, propped up by his mother and daddy, cocky and feckless, who could say with total fey, when asked if al Qaeda was able to infiltrate only after the US invasion, "Well, yes. So What?" And their perceptions were absolutely correct!

Ukraine has two options. Fight Russia and lose, along with lots of killing, suffering, and pain for the people, or diplomatically work out a peaceful settlement that will end up with Russia taking parts of the Ukraine. Putin will not retreat without something to show for it. And regardless of what you think, Obama can not and should not coerce Europe to act in a way that is not sustainable. This is an evolutionary process, and should not be equated with weakness, however hard you try, and consistent your efforts.

I don't have time tonight, but I'm going to look into your snort about the military advisers. If I ask you for links, you'll show up with townhall.com, etc. You really should start to wean yourself from the Obama hate, Vlad - I worry about you.


5.) This is absolutely disgusting. Firing an UZI was on this girl's "bucket list". What kind of home is she being raised in? 9-year old kids should be riding bikes or ponies, taking piano or tennis lessons, going to science camp or in a Scouting program. Why on earth would parents encourage a 9-year old to fire a machine gun for thrills?

The people who are appalled, calling this a tragic accident, are selling the US short. This is gross negligence on the part of the parents and the shooting range ('Burgers and Bullets' - only in America). Many of these same people deny the science of climate change and evolution, and access to birth control, but heaven forbid denying an UZI machine gun to a third grader! Of course, it's all perfectly legal in Arizona - kids can't get a driver's license until they are 16, but can fire military assault weapons at 9 years of age, no prob.

After all, the NRA tells us it's just fine to encourage kids to want military assault weapons; why, they even have a program for little tots from pre-K through third grade - Eddie Eagle, which is a program offered by the shooting range that allowed a petite 9 year old girl to shoot an UZI that has a terrific recoil when put on automatic, with an instructor who should have known better, and paid for by parents who wanted to fulfill the little girls' 'bucket list'. America - Land of Freedom and Liberty!

Harry Kovaire

Not "only in America" Lani. There is a whole real world out there.



Apparently, you've never witnessed a late term abortion. This is "disgusting".

I ask many of times the same "what kind of home is she being raised in" questions, when I see 14 year olds involved in car wrecks with friends at 2 in the morning, 5 year olds riding bikes without helmets or shoes and no parent to be found as they ride the streets in evening hours, or kids paddling in kayaks with no life jackets on.

15 year olds are throwing Molotov cocktails at police officers in Ferguson, MO. and there are 9 and 10 year olds firing RPG's and holding heads of beheaded infidels in the Middle East and abroad, as if they're trophies. As H.K. said "there is a whole real world out there."

I agree with you, it is not a good idea for a 9 year old anyone to be firing an UZI unless, they've had extensive training, and deemed mature enough by competent adults to partake with a professional instructor, but I don't believe lashing out at the NRA, as some kind of accessory to this terrible accident, is worthy. Fisher Price makes a lot of things that have killed kids by accident too Lani and this is exactly what this is...an accident.


Of course it's an accident. A horrible, stupid, entirely avoidable, nonsensical accident that will have a lifelong, life-altering affect on a little girl, and an instructor's family.

It also is a reminder of the US glorification of guns, and the sick addiction many people have to the power, the danger, the sexiness, and the consequences of owning a gun. There are many things that are wrong in this country - lack of parental control, responsibility, and accountability is a big one. But should we just shrug our shoulders, and declare these "accidents" the inevitable fall-out when people are free and liberated from the bondage of restraints on their "rights"?

Late-term abortions? Why on earth are you bringing that up? This is generally a medical procedure, performed in a hospital under strict medical protocol, is most often a life-saving measure (mother), and accompanied by terrible grief, pain, and suffering on the part of the parents. Again, get your facts straight.


I agree with your first paragraph. Congratulations.

It’s NOT glorifications of guns or a sick addiction that is the problem…what you are witnessing is circumstance of life albeit, a horrible accident. It’s your fellow Americans exercising their freedom and free will to live their lives. I challenge you to compare accidental injuries from football, hockey, or NASCAR compared to accidental gun injuries. Should we ban these sports like liberals want to ban guns?

9 year olds are killed in cars, swimming pools, airplanes, riding bikes, choking on their lunch, or falling out of trees they climb, all the time. Should we run out and blast the “glorification” or “addiction” to these activities, as well?

“declare these "accidents" the inevitable fall-out when people are free and liberated from the bondage of restraints on their "rights"?” Lani-

Wow…. I fell off my chair with this comment. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, you have it correct! Freedom and liberated restraints can bring accidents, death, injury, empowerment, confidence, self reliance, boldness, enterprise, independence, prosperity, generosity, creativity, ingenuity healthiness, love, renewal, education, companionship and the pursuit of happiness. Death is controlled by God not Government restrictions.

As far as late term abortions, everything you posted here, is absolutely incorrect outside of grief & regret on the part of some parents…..get “your” facts straight. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/pub...


I'm curious about something, and challenge you to a response (although I doubt you will, as is often the case): What, when, where, how, and why has government restrained you in terms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Specifically, how has government stopped you, hindered you, or otherwise impinged on your rights to pursue your development as a youth living in your parents home, education, career, personal life, hobbies, interests, travel, material consumption? How has government reduced your freedom to enjoy "empowerment, confidence, self reliance, boldness, enterprise, independence, prosperity, generosity, creativity, ingenuity healthiness, love, education, companionship and the pursuit of happiness."

You see, I have been blessed in my life to enjoy the giving and receiving of all those things and more, plus "accidents, death (not mine, of course!), injury", without any discernible control by government. Over the last several decades, I have lived life in many states, small and large towns, all nearly entirely self-employed, raised a family, bought and sold everything from houses, cars, food, art, and boats, to businesses, insurance, stocks, US Treasury bonds, and travel expenses from many places in North America and abroad. At times, I've been very poor in material possessions, and I have been comfortable. I've always had what I needed.

I always felt free, safe, secure, and proud to live in the US. What am I missing?


We agree on something! After paying for seven abortions I have finally learned raising children is expensive. I will never try that again!


Sometimes I can't tell if you are serious or not. This is one of those times. Whatever do you mean?


Please disregard, I was practicing for the beer summit, unfortunately not my debate skills. Never take me seriously unless I am saying something kind and giving complements. I really want everyone to win.


Gotcha - thanks for the clarification!


#1 Obama's lashes to this country are now half way to a thousand. This is nothing more than flooding this Country with Democrat voters, disease, and dependency on Govt.

#2 Sad, but a waste of time. Plead to your President to annihilate ISIS and every terrorist or terrorist group the US can find before they take another American hostage and commit these unthinkable tragedies like with James Foley's. Still think water boarding is torture?

#3 That's because you're experience a rope-a-dope by your President. Just wait until this nitwit tries an executive order with amnesty and specialty doctors across the spectrum get the hell out of their field when we become over-run with patients that need everything medical, but can't pay for it and Obama Care offers 40% of what it actually cost to perform A-Z procedures.

#4 This is what happens when America is perceived as weak. Our do nothing President does not have the experience or love of Country(yes, he believes our Country needs to be "cut down to size") to know how to handle this crisis and clearly does not carry a big stick...only irons with #'s on the end of them.

#5 Lani & dyankee have this one covered.

#6 Why in the hell was David Barajas(father) tried for murder in the first place! (his twin son's were the ones killed) The piece of garbage the father shot and killed was not only drunk, but a gang-banger, as well and plowed his car into theirs, killing both his kids instantly as they were helping Dad push their car off road. Now on to removing the DA Jeri Yenne from her anti 2nd Amendment duties.

#7 Kinda' like the instructor killed by an UZI...a horrible accident, but hopefully, no one lashes out at the police or show for this tragic circumstances.


"There is a whole real world out there". The faces of these Children of God are a stark reminder that this is the kind of hell that exists when there is no government, no laws, no civilized society, no faith, hope, or love, but only grinding poverty, sickness, unspeakable violence, unending war, and hate. It is a synopsis of what, but for the Grace of God, goes America - perhaps 50 years from now, when corporations are fully in control, government is truly tyrannical, there are no regulations or laws (except for those that protect corporate interests), and there is nothing left but unending war, pollution, and mass poverty.

Apparently I am wrong to suggest that, as a society, it is our responsibility to protect and guide our young children, and provide them with reasonably safe, productive, and meaningful activities that will help make them self-sufficient members of society. Why bother, when apparently certain extreme, radical conservatives prefer just emulating third world terrorist regimes and encouraging our children to add UZI's to their 'bucket lists'? After all, the NRA has no skin in this game other than huge profits in creating young gun Frankensteins, starting at the age of 5, by putting both pretend and real UZI's in their hands, and making going to the firing range the equivalent to going to the pony stable.

Harry Kovaire

You Progressives have systematically destroyed the "Grace of God" through your control of the media, judiciary, educational system and government bureaucracy.


It is your worshiped Party and Ideology that is bringing that hell here, not the National Rifle Association.


I was taught gun safety at about that age and was taught with a 22,my boys were taught gun safety and have a certificate for hunting as a youth along with three years of selfdefence classes,I think it is a good idea to have that training , learn how to handle agun' safe and the laws.


You sound like a good, responsible parent who taught your boys at appropriate points in their development the proper way to handle a gun, how to use it, and with a firearm that would best suit them according to their age.

What happened in Arizona is none of those things.

deuce liti

I always laugh out loud when I see parents buy toy guns for their kids.

What are they going to do with those? Oh, pretend to kill each other.

What are you doing in that video game? Oh, killing people.

What are you doing with that automatic weapon at a firing range? Oh, practising killing someone.


Nice collages of people of color. Odd - Not a white person in the bunch. Quit hiding behind your anti-progressive schtick and just say it - you are guilty of using images of terrible evil in the world to prop up and justify your racism,, bigotry, and prejudices. You are addicted to the violent images, the shock value, the comfort you derive in knowing you are far more disciplined and civilized than they are. You blame Progressives collectively for government policies such as the War on Drugs, the Iraqi invasion, the toppling of countless Central American regimes and US policies and treaties dating back to the Monroe Doctrine, many of which have contributed to events that are responsible for your terrible images, and despite the facts that show that they have been promoted by both Republicans and Democrats, Progressives and Conservatives. If only everybody thought like you do (and very few people do), we wouldn't be in this mess.

"Life's a Bit*h, And then we Die", Unknown.

Harry Kovaire

You just can't help replying to me in spite of your self-promise not to, can you? Doing it out of line still counts.

You demonstrate more hate than usual today. Remembering that pony you didn't get as a little girl?

“At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child — miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”
―P. J. O'Rourke


You just can't resist checking back on me, can you? I figured it wouldn't be long before you missed someone (me) to verbally abuse.

Not hate, just my new "reckless" persona calling it as I see it. If you don't like it, don't read me, don't reply to me, or check back to see if I've replied to your reply, in proper thread order or no. You one-dimensional types are so predictable.

"Just this whole process of going through the baby boom's history, I began to realize what a nicer society—kinder, more decent society—that we live in today than the society when I was a kid," says P.J. O'Rourke".

Sounds pretty progressive to me.


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