Winds, storms wallop Grand Haven area

More than 3,500 homes and businesses lost power in Northwest Ottawa County when two rounds of storms blew through the area between 7 and 10 a.m. Thursday.
Becky Vargo
Sep 5, 2014


Winds gusting to nearly 55 mph knocked down trees and large limbs onto power lines. In some cases, the poles snapped in two.

Tri-Cities residents who were home at the time scrambled to save lawn furniture and umbrellas. Morgan Boyer of Ferrysburg had to secure her family’s boat when one of the mooring lines snapped with the wind and wave action on Spring Lake.

The Muskegon County Airport recorded a wind gust of 53 mph at 9:36 a.m. Shortly after that, strong winds blew ashore in the Grand Haven area and caused some chaos.

Grand Haven Board of Light & Power line supervisor Jim Blekicki said the worst problem they had was a snapped power pole and tree down on North Shore Road, between Coast Guard Park and North Shore Estates Road, in Ferrysburg. That took out power to all of the homes on North Shore Estates and North Shore Drive — a total of about 300 customers, he said. It was one of the new poles just placed to allow for construction of a new bike path, Blekicki said.

It took all day to clean up the area, replace the pole and restore the lines. The road was partially reopened to traffic at about 3:30 p.m.

The earlier storm caused an outage for almost 1,300 customers from the BLP diesel plant to Beechtree Street, according to the power company’s spokeswoman, Renee Molyneux. That power was restored before noon.

Smaller outages were reported in the Mercury Drive/160th Avenue area and the 1200 block of Oakes Avenue in Grand Haven.

Blekicki said all of their customers should have had power restored by 6 p.m. Thursday.

Consumers Energy customers in the Village of Spring Lake had to wait a little longer. Utility spokesman Roger Morgenstern said about 350 customers were expected to be without power until 10 p.m. Thursday, and that could be later if more bad weather went through the area.

Outages were also reported in Fruitport, Nunica and Grand Haven Township.

Morgenstern said Consumers Energy’s biggest problem in West Michigan was from a lightning strike at a substation in Whitehall.

“It took out the entire city of Whitehall,” he said.

Morgenstern said a portable substation had to be hauled in from Alma. Whitehall residents were expected to have their power back on by 9 p.m. Thursday, but repairs to the permanent substation would take a week, he said.

The wind died down throughout the afternoon, but the National Weather Service issued a beach hazards and small craft warning in effect until 11 a.m. today.

Weather bureau meteorologist Evan Webb said there is still a chance of thunderstorms today as a cold front enters the area. The high temperature in Grand Haven on Saturday is expected to be around 70.

“We’ll see some of the coldest air we’ve seen in more than a month move in on Saturday,” he said.



We would also have accepted: Whomped, Shellaced/Shellacing, thumped, stomped, slashed or trashed.


I'm surprised you aren't harping that this storm has to be the fault of Obama.


Nope, the empty suited one seems to refrain from governance over anything so how could he make is rain?


President Obama, (your "empty-suited one") has turned a Republican-ruined economy, whose federal deficit and debt were exploding, around to record successes, kept the country out of harm's way and debilitating wars, and has moved the country forward with job creation, a stabilized economy, an intelligent foreign policy, health care for millions, and less administrative corruption in decades, all despite the constant hypocritical rantings from so-called "Christians".

Tri-cities realist

"and less administrative corruption in decades" now that is a hoot. Perhaps covert and overt corruption don't count?

Tri-cities realist

That article is a hoot Lanny! Number of scandals listed under the Executive Branch during the Clinton Administration.... Drum roll please.... A total of 2. That's right 2. That wiki is a joke.

But on a lighter note, poor James (Jim) Traficant, he got listed twice for the same crimes. There should be a law against double wiki jeopardy. "Beam me up, Mr. Speaker" Traficant singlehandedly made C-SPAN worth watching. If you're ever looking for entertaining speeches from the House floor, check out Traficant on YouTube. I admit, that is one democrat I would have voted for, corrupt or not.


Benghazi, ISIS, two headless journalists and counting, 12 missing airliners...brought to you by intelligent foreign policy? And regarding the remark of my spirituality your ignorance once again on public parade, we are to judge others by their deeds which I do as scripture expresses, if it quacks, swims and fly’s like a duck??? You mock God by judging others hearts and relationship with our Creator. ..but you probably already knew that but do not care so long as you promote your socialist agenda and prop up the only president worse than Carter, it's all Bush's fault yet the most intelligent bestest president ever cannot seem to govern his way out of the horrific quagmire left by Bush?...Bush was one really smart guy to build such elaborate snares the smartest guy with the sharpest creases in his pant cannot undue...GW would be pleased to know this especially the enigmatic props are a nice touch!


I think you might want to pray about this.

Tri-cities realist

Does the kool-aid taste stale yet? If I had a nickel for every time you spout the blame Bush, Obama is the messiah tripe...


No kool-aid. Just trying to add balance, perspective, historical context, and rationality to the discussion. Is there anything in my comment that can be proven with facts to be a lie?

It's a shame you can not or will not admit that many of the current national and international problems can be, largely, directly or indirectly, attributable to the governance of the Bush administration.

These are the facts. I am not "spouting". I am pointing out the hypocrisy, irrationality, and obfuscation of those who want to pin blame on Obama in instances where the facts show it is undeserved.

Tri-cities realist

Well since you asked so nicely... But because it's so late, I'll just pick the low hanging fruit.

"Republican-ruined economy" please cite your sources pinning this solely on the Republicans, try to skip the fringe daily kos type articles. Hopefully we can agree that the economy is too complex and nuanced ( you like nuance still right?) to blame solely on one party, although they can certainly have an effect.

"whose federal deficit and debt were exploding, around to record successes" Under which president will the national debt have increased the most, and who presided over the largest deficits? Obama wins!

"kept the country out of harm's way and debilitating wars" oops just sent more troops to Iraq, and are we still in Afghanistan?

"an intelligent foreign policy" we have no strategy for ISIS/ISIL, wait now we want to disrupt and destroy them, no wait, just manage them, or is it... Yep completely intelligent and coherent. Libya and Syria are more pleasant than ever. Who is swimming in the swimming pool of our former diplomatic post in Libya? Hmm maybe taking out Gadhafi wasn't such a good idea?

"and less administrative corruption in decades" this was too good to let pass. According to the wiki article that YOU cited, the Executive branch under Obama has had more than twice the scandals than under Clinton, take that one to the bank!


I respectfully decline your invitation to cite sources re: the failed economy. I have spent the better part of the last several months doing so. I have used charts, diagrams, research findings, studies, and various data from sources such as WSJ, Forbes, NYT, the Economist, why even the Cato Institute! At this point, you either believe the data, or you don't. Of course, the US economy is a very complex construct, one that can not be explained in simple terms, but that has never stopped those of you who continually blame Obama for programs signed into law by Nixon, Reagan, Bush I or Bush II, for wars and foreign policy blunders that were years or decades in the making.

The scandals under Obama are Republican scandals - they were manufactured, promoted, and funded by Republicans for self-serving purposes. Every legitimate investigation offered recommendations for improvements - and the Obama administration is moving forward with those recommendations, but that is not enough to satisfy the corruption manufacturers.

Tri-cities realist

Fine, take a pass on the economy, how about the others?

As for the scandals, yep, blame the Republicans for Obama's failures.

And would you care to comment on the accuracy of the wiki which cites a grand total of 2 scandals in the Executive under Clinton? Do travelgate, Vince Foster, whitewater, bombing pharmaceutical factories, Waco, FBI filegate, or any of the multiple sexual misconducts, to name only a few, ring a bell?

Tri-cities realist

And just to show you that I am fair, I don't blame Obama for the mess that is the Middle East, any more than I blame Bush. The Middle East is a he!! hole, has been for many years with no end in sight. If we could ensure that the violence would remain regional, I would support a more isolationist strategy, while fully supporting Israel's right to defend itself. But as the terrorists want to export their ways onto our soil, I am becoming more convinced that the only way to deal with the radical Muslim extremists, is to treat them with the only thing they respect, power, and to completely and utterly annihilate them. Although I don't foresee that happening. I think our only hope is for enough moderate rational Muslims to take it upon themselves to eradicate the terrorists from their midst. But I don't have much faith in that happening either. I wish there was more cause for optimism.


You should blame Bush. His illegitimate Iraqi War de-stabilized further an already unstable and volatile region. At the very best, it traded one form of violent instability for another form of violent instability. The Bush administration's downgrading of advance intelligence regarding the growing terrorist threat prior to 9/11 led to the Patriot Act, and expanding presidential powers. I'm surprised you don't blame Bush for this, at the very least.

But I couldn't agree with you more when you say, "I think our only hope is for enough moderate rational Muslims to take it upon themselves to eradicate the terrorists from their midst". It is indeed our only hope, and it is one that should be the bedrock of all the US does in the Middle East.

US national interest and foreign policy must pivot from the Middle East to Asian, long-term.

Tri-cities realist

I blame Bush, only for giving the Iraqis too much credit, thinking that they could develop and embrace some form of western representative democracy. Convict Bush for being too optimistic. His intentions were noble, doesn't that count? oh i forgot, it only counts for libs and dems. As we all have learned (and frankly knew all along), we won't be able to fix a region whose people are still living with Middle Ages mentality.

As for the Iraq war, I blame saddam Hussein for his more than a dozen violations of UN sanctions. Bush finally was the one to step up (with bi-partisan congressional support, remember) and teach saddam what "grave" consequences are. I wish things would have turned out better in Iraq, but until they take ownership of their future, they are likely to continue living with daily terrorist attacks. We tried to help, but they dropped the ball.

And yes, I do blame Bush for the patriot act. In hindsight it was an over-reaction, although like virtually all things govt, a policy which may have had good intentions, gets abused. It happens under Dems and Repubs which is why I'm not fond of many politicians from either party.

Barry Soetoro

Is that the "elderly" person in the red jacket?


Your comment made me think by now one would think there would be a younger hipper Clause Jr. that would identify more with the kids of 2014...hat with the bill kicked off to one side, a gold grill and sculpted beard with cool shades and Christmas ornament piercings.
He (or she) would be ripped but still jolly eating gluten free vegan food and drinking Monster and Red Bull.


I thought this was about bad weather.


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