C3 Exchange minister asks to become contract employee

To help lessen C3 Exchange's financial strain and to bolster his outside opportunities, Executive Minister Ian Lawton said he is proposing transitioning from a full-time staff member to a contract employee.
Marie Havenga
May 4, 2011


“It’s not the whole solution to anything, but it’s part of the puzzle,” said Lawton, who declined to divulge his current salary. “This will save C3 some money and it will model a new way of being a leader of a spiritual community. There will be more opportunities for me to expand the global network of an inclusive spiritual community. It’s something I’ve been talking about for a while.”

Lawton, who joined then-Christ Community Church in 2004, will still be responsible for Sunday services and will remain C3’s spiritual leader. He said he will continue to live in the Tri-Cities; and plans to expand his book writing, social networking leadership and global outreach.

Bob Kleinheksel, minister in charge of community life at C3 Exchange, will head up administrative and day-to-day operations.

Lawton would not discuss his potential contract employee wage, saying that is something the C3 Exchange Board of Trustees would need to approve.

To read more of this story, see today’s print edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.



Oh - why does the vision of a rat fleeing a sinking ship come to mind?


Why do you publish everything this guy has to say? *Newsflash* NOBODY CARES. Hence his inabilty to keep enough people at his "gathering place" to keep it afloat.


Perhaps this man should "transition" back to the way, the truth, and the life: did he not agree to be a minister in the CHRIST Community Church?


Once again I am amazed at the intolerance and judgemental attitudes of some in our community. Once again I would like to ask the people who felt compelled to post above....WWJD?


Once again I am amazed at the intolerance and judgemental attitudes of some in our community. Once again I would like to ask the people who felt compelled to post above....WWJD?


Mr. lawton is correct, it will save C3 Exchange labor dollars(approx. 3% per of his salary per year) AND when Ian becomes a contracted employee (ie) consultant he will then, have the ability to write off thousands of dollars worth of his business expenses via income tax deductions and capital expenditures. This way he can wipe out his 3% "hard" salary loss and increase his total annual salary by approx. 25%. How clever. You know what C3...it is not the community that has left your congregation, it is your congregation that has left the community.


WWJD? Well Ian would look for some free publicity. WWJD? Probably serve his church...probably not concered about expanding his social media and selling books


Ian Lawton is maybe the devil himself? one must ask, there is room for all of you at St. Pats


Frankly, I would be afraid to. What if I don't believe exactly as you believe, ask the wrong question or communicate the wrong idea? Would you call me the devil, too? If you are trying to bring people to your church home, judgement and name calling may have the opposite effect of what your are intending. Just something to think about. And I am not a member of C3 Exchange, so have no motivation to further their agenda.

Mad Mike

Why in God's name is this cult leader getting so much press?! I Pack it up and leave,
Waco TX. has a parcel of land for sale. And bremington, WWJD?! for one he would have left the cross standing!


Wow...the hatred is palpable. Why are so many afraid of opinions and ideas different from their own? Ian, the devil? Have you met or talked to the man? I sure hope none of you walk around touting those rubber bracelets and bumper stickers.

Mad Mike

bremington....you don't get it! there is no hatred. The point is we really don't care about your opinions or beliefs all we want to know is why your poor me poor my story keeps getting shoved down our throats!. I promise you that other area churches are in financial trouble but they are keeping it to them selves. All I want to know is what do you want and what do you expect to happen with all the press you are getting and last of all why is the Tribune so infatuated with your cult?


Whoa....Mad Mike!


I am not a member of C3 Exchange. If you are going to misunderstand me, misunderstand me correctly.


Maybe the editor is a member.

Len Painter

The editor is not a member of C3  Exchange.


Where did Lawton get this information from? This was an excerpt from his sermon on May 1st. Why didn't the Tribune report on this?

"To bring the thought close to home, this week a junior at a local High School ended his life with a gun. I don’t pretend to know the situation or the motivation, but I have heard that there was a long history of bullying that went back to Middle School. He was apparently a quiet and intelligent kid, which made him a target. This breaks my heart. We are ALL part of perpetuating a culture where some people are not safe, where it’s not okay to be quiet and intelligent, a society where if you are different from the norm you are safer to fly under the radar than boldly be who you are. His death rests in part on all of our consciences for allowing bullying to take place. Bullying is a breach of the social contract that everyone should be able to live freely without fear of harm."


Honestly, I'm not familiar about that person. In my opinion, he will not be appointed if he is not suited for the position being offered to him. Job advancement has been very anemic. Independent contractors are being employed increasingly more often to fill jobs that employees used to do. Before you sign on as an independent contractor, it is very important to understand the differentiation. Resource for this article: Making the difference; employee vs independent contractorIRS. Let us just all hope that his appointment for that position will contribute to the company's development.


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