C3 Exchange building is for sale

C3 Exchange leaders announced Sunday that they have listed the church building at 225 E. Exchange St. for sale at $1.9 million. Despite recent donations from the congregation and volunteer efforts to shave $3,000 a month in contract labor costs, C3 Executive Minister Ian Lawton said Sunday night that ongoing financial burdens are forcing the sale.
Marie Havenga
May 23, 2011


“We’ve discerned that it’s not sustainable to be there,” said Lawton, adding that there is no target date for finding another location. “We’ve taken everything so far one step at a time with careful deliberation. The board has been meeting once a week for hours at a time. We’ll continue to take things one step at a time.”

The plan is to continue gathering at the location while searching for a suitable site to lease.

“I don’t think there’s anything really solid yet,” Lawton continued. “It’s only just beginning. We could be there less than a month or as much as a year until we hit the right spot.

Lawton said the C3 Exchange “inclusive spiritual community” hopes to stay in the Tri-Cities.

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King Ding

Maybe you could sell it to the Church that was there before you brought your Cult in and wrecked everything? I hear there is a gentleman prophesying the end...maybe you could eBay all his listings or take his soon to be vacant church...in another CITY...and STATE....


Maybe they could have attracted new members and thrived if they weren't a whack job “inclusive spiritual community”.

Harry Kovaire

Typical progressives. They take over and destroy all in the name of their "enlightened view."


Wow, who ARE you people? I don't see C3 insulting or putting down YOUR churches.....why do you think you need to do that to them? My guess is that none of you have ever even been to C3, and really have no idea what is said or done there. The economic crisis that has gripped the entire USA has caused many problems for MANY churches and nonprofits. It's not a unique situation, but, for some reason, C3's troubles give you license to spew hate and judgment all over a public opinion forum. Your vitriol exposes your unhappiness with your own faith journey.......I wish you peace.

King Ding

abckdb, You wish us peace by telling us who / what we are? It’s obvious that you have a different view of C3 than some of us; however to be clear. This is a public forum, open to public comment. Any person, place or thing in our communities is open for debate and judgment here. Many of us feel that there was a good Christian church at this location; and some of us feel when the new leaders of the cult elected to remove the Cross and downplay the need to worship Christ as our savior, that it was an attack on our values and our beliefs.
If you cannot afford the building; why not give it back to the congregation that was there before you stole the Church? Give it back to those people that founded that Church on that location based on their beliefs? It’s not your church anyhow; it’s all so insane. It reminds me of that movie where the people rented out the bottom of their house and couldn’t get their home back.
In the future if you don’t want to engage in public forums it is your choice; however you won’t gain any sympathy, understanding or be able to present any clear message or conveyance of understanding by attacking the people on here who have to come to share their thoughts and ideas on public in any way shape or form that they please (within the boundary that the Tribune has set for us) I too wish you peace, and I pray for Christ to return to the front of the C3 Ministry, as opposed to their prophet….


What type of Church do you go to, does your Bible taught you to disrespect others view in the religion and it is also unconstitutional to judge someone in term of their religion, Go back to the Bible or school and start reading/learning how to respect other. Their is not any prophet in C3(You have to be Prophet to know, if someone is prophet), and also if Bible is true we would of died on May 21, 2011. What kind of Bible you guys use, the days for end of world keep getting proposed, it seems like the day is moved to Oct. 21 now, Keep moving it you Savior Christ will kill other and save you. I will say you one thing, STOP DOING THE THING THAT YOUR DOING TO MAKE OTHER LOOK BAD, IF YOU TURN AROUND AND LOOK BACK YOU WILL SEE NOBODY FOLLOWING YOUR FOOTPATH. And also there is not any way of existing Christianity without other religion(Like Check and Balance of our Government) and that is what the Ministry of C3 is trying to show


King Ding, no one says you're not entitled to express your opinion, and no one is attacking you. My question is, why do you even care what happens at someone else's church, and why do you feel compelled to call it a cult (have you ever even BEEN there?). If I remember correctly, C3 was not STOLEN. The current minister was called there to continue the work begun by the minister who was retiring......the theological message was the same, wasn't RADICAL, and is being discussed by (yes) Evangelical Christians (read Rob Bell's book): Faith in Jesus is not the only way to heaven. That's all. Just because the current minister has changed things (obviously not to YOUR liking), doesn't make that church community a cult. My statement is that you and others like you, who feel it necessary to use insults and falsehoods are only showing the world that you're somehow threatened by those who wish to do things differently than yourselves. Yes, I wish you peace.


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