SL man wants to recall Sen. Meekhof

A Spring Lake man has started an effort to recall state Sen. Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive. In his recall petition notice, Jason Collins, 117 N. Division St., said he wants Meekhof recalled for voting in favor of the state budget bill last month that was eventually signed by Gov. Rick Snyder. The Ottawa County clerk's elections office received the notice from Collins in the mail on Tuesday. Ottawa County Elections Coordinator Justin Roebuck said there is a concerted effort to recall state legislators who voted in support of the governor's budget.
Mark Brooky
Jun 10, 2011


The language of the recall notice is similar to notices sent to municipal clerks in other parts of the state, said Bob DeVries, Meekhof’s chief of staff — and “it is clear there are some people working together.” However, there have been news reports that the recall effort is not officially tied to the Democratic Party, DeVries added.

By state law, the person submitting a recall petition must be a qualified voter in the district of the legislator that he or she wants to recall, Roebuck said.

Roebuck said his office is required to schedule a clarity hearing for between 10 and 20 days of receiving such a recall notice. The hearing for Collins’ request has been scheduled for 8 a.m. Tuesday, June 21, at the Ottawa County Fillmore Complex, Conference Room F.

Collins, 30, is a math and English teacher in Newaygo County. He declined Thursday to explain why he filed the petition "until after the hearing."

At the hearing, a panel will determine if the recall language is clear and can be certified. Should it be certified, the person filing the notice has 180 days to collect the required valid signatures — in this case, 25 percent of the total voter turnout for the last governor’s election, which was November 2010. Roebuck said that equates to about 24,000 signatures, and the date of any of the signatures cannot be older than 90 days when the petition packet is turned into the elections office.

“Seems like a pretty daunting task to me,” DeVries said.

Should the petition be valid, Roebuck said a countywide recall election will be scheduled for the next regular election date.

More details on this story will be published in Friday's Tribune.



Harry Kovaire

Ottawa County Elections Coordinator Justin Roebuck said there is a concerted effort to recall state legislators who voted in support of the governor’s budget.

"Concerted effort" is code for the socialist union goons at work.


I reside here in Grand Haven and if Meekhof represents my district as well I'd like to sign any type of recall petition. He collects taxpayer money for a paycheck and if he is going to side for our "corporate interest" new Governor then he doesn't need to remain in office under the guise he's representing his constituents. Shouldn't bite the hands that feed you. Sick to death of these pompous politicians who tell the people only what they want to hear to get voted into office and once they're in onto THEIR OWN agenda

Harry Kovaire

So you don't know for sure if Meekhof represents you but you are prepared to sign "any kind of recall petition?"

Meekhof's position was never a secret. He was elected because of his position. Supporters of the opposite position lost. That is how a republic works.


That comment adds so much value. Yes all union members are socialist. And yes but ofcourse, they are all goons. Brilliant comment. I dont think Glen Beck could have taught you better.

Harry Kovaire

Punctuate much?


You do actually read your comments before you write them no?Your brillaince in abundant. Since you want to be critical, on a blog of sentence structure, which is only proving the depth of your brilliance, you do realize you dont speak in full sentences. So I ask you, write much? And yes I do punctuate when I feel it necessary to be formal, respectful and the situation call for it. With you, I really dont feel that Harold.

Harry Kovaire

Look nitwit, you may comment with some credibility about my brilliance when you can construct a sentence.Until then, go to the MEA signature gathering rally and ask for a refund. You are functionally illiterate and embarrassing yourself.


Oh Harold....really your life consists of blogging strucure and insults...your entertaining, brilliant was sarcastic...turn off fox, skip this weeks nascar race and relax a little Harold...splurge and get yourself a 30 pack of Pabst this weekend


You don't have to like him.... and I know I don't. However, he did get voted in. So far I haven't been impressed....but if he can get the cost of health care down, bring up my wages, start building jobs in Michigan that can actually support a family....make this a better place to live then the previous generation instead of going backwards.........
could change any future vote for the guy.


"The problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."
Our Governor, Senator and State Representatives are trying to balance the budget. It is their JOB! The deficit is insane, as is the budget and cannot be continued.
HOW can we continue to spend more than what is taken in via taxes. Maybe all of the tax credits should be eliminated on all levels? The top earners are getting pick-pocketed by the Federal Gov't too, they do not qualify for all of the tax credits that those who make less but for some reason, they are attacked by those who have made different life choices and have not been successful. The American Dream is still available, but you need to have the drive, work ethic, and desire to achieve it!

I will not sign any petition to recall our elected officials.

King Ding

Well put Boater!

Sparky Johnson

(Regarding socialist goons)

Harry, your comment makes you appear (on the surface at least) to be a puppet of the extreme right wing that follows Rush Limbaugh like a bunch of drooling sycophants. How do you like that labeling? Now, can we get down to a real discussion about the issues in an adult manner since then petty name calling is taken care?

Also, try to get your information from multiple media sources that are not syndicated like the AP, Fox, CNN, talk shows etc....dig a bit deeper and research actual budget numbers available from the state. Evaluate the information with your own common sense after you've dug into true data. Please don't spout a bunch of rabid crap parroting talk show hosts.

Harry Kovaire

Sparky, you wasted a lot of words disparaging my level of understanding on this topic. You offered to "get down to a real discussion about the issues", but continue to snark on about what I read and from where I get my information. Too bad you had nothing else to contribute. Very adult-like.

I am fully researched on the topic Sparky. The current recall efforts across several states (just months after the elections) are unprecedented, well organized and resource intensive. Who is picking up the tab? In fact, one has to dig quite a bit to figure out who is behind it.None of the newspapers will tell you.

Who are the activists, what are their affiliations? It's probably just a coincidence that Organized Labor has their dirty fingerprints (and their poor members dues) all over it.

Where will people work when the last "corporate interest" packs up and leaves Michigan?


He was elected because of his position. Supporters of the opposite position lost. That is how a republic works. kral oyun


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