Robbins Road speed limit to be raised

Drivers traveling on Robbins Road in Grand Haven will soon be able to cruise a little faster. Grand Haven City Council, by a 4-1 vote Tuesday night, approved raising the speed of the road from 25 to 35 mph from Sheldon Road to Beechtree Street, based on speed studies conducted by the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety. Based on the decision by City Council, the speed limit on Robbins Road west of Sheldon would remain at 25 mph, and the limit east of Beechtree Street would remain at 35 mph.
Alex Doty
Sep 7, 2011


City Council had previously decided to re-stripe and configure the road from four to three lanes this spring. Officials also decided at the time to hold off on increasing the speed of Robbins Road until the re-striping occurred.

“When this came up last spring, I asked that it be delayed until we re-stripe the road,” Councilman Bob Monetza said.

Since that decision was made, city officials have since decided to hold off on re-striping the road.

“There is no point in holding this up,” Monetza said of the speed increase.

Councilman Dennis Scott said he was also supportive of the increase in the speed limit and wanted to see signs in place stating the new speed would be watched by police.

“I’d like to see signs there saying it’s strictly enforced,” he said. “I think that would keep the speed limit there down to 35.”

Councilman Ed Nieuwenhuis voted against the measure, citing the GHDPS speed study which showed that average traffic speed was more toward 30 mph on that stretch of road.

“I think that it is an error in judgment,” he said. “We’re going to make it faster than traffic is actually going.”

Other members of council pointed out that while the average speeds may have been closer to 30, the 85th-percentile speeds were closer to the newly set speed.

The 85th-percentile speed is the speed at which 85 percent of the traffic is traveling and is commonly used to set speed limits.

“The 85th-percentile speed is closer to 35 than 30,” Monetza said.

Nieuwenhuis said he also had concerns about a lack of a school speed zone near White Pines Middle School and Griffin Elementary School area on Robbins Road.



Very happy to see speed limit raised now I won't have avoid Robins road because of the speed traps by city police..they will just have to spend more time on Waverly&Beachtree harassing the tax payers. this town is unreall, I and many people won't go down town and eat and even have one drink or go to any of the clubs on the weekend because of the harassment I know of one guy that was pulled over 13 times in three years in town and not one ticket just because he was leaving a club late at night..I was picking up my son in town late one Friday night and was tailgated by the city police from the East end all the way to US 31.


Now that the GH city council has really done some real work and decision making... Maybe they can also look at the speed limits on US 31 from the draw bridge to Robbins Rd. People you think Robbins Rd and Waverly St are speed traps... look at this piece of asphalt. up down up down are the speed limits... Make it one speed thru town like 45-50. Then people if you have issues with the GHPSD justifying the traffic stops or following you closing thru town... File a formal complaint and not with the clowns they have in charged either. They have cameras and voice recorders in the patrol cars. With NO revenue coming into town and shutting the business down.... Then we won't need so many uniforms to patrol the businesses for property crimes and maybe we can down grade to a volunteer fire service... Tax payers get involved. Also can anyone tell the public what the payout was from the lawsuit with GH Public Safety Director Edwards was????? and the City wants to impose a tax on the fine citizens over the sewer and road upgrades at Jackson St. and US-31.... tax payers watch your tax bills....


Yea they have voice recorders and vidio to intrap you....when pulled over by city police remder these words...I DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT..DON'T ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS...THEY ARE OUT TO INTRAP YOU. and have you admit guilt they are masters at this.....its a joke around town....come to Grand Haven on vacation and leave on probation...they just want to feed money into that big piggy bank @ 414 Washington on the backs of the people that pay their salery.

Fly on the Wall

Why is raising the speed limit, deciding on one way streets, installation of stop signs, etc - functions of pure traffic engineering - dependent on a vote of the city council?

This has always amazed me - the way Grand Haven politicizes these little decisions.

I'm so glad that US-31 is a state highway. Engineering and traffic decisions on it are made by the MDOT (Michigan Department of Transportation). Imagine the mess if city council had a voice over its control.


If you think raising the speed limit on Robbins Rd will end the speed traps, you are wrong.. they can write just as many tickets for 45 in a 35, as they can 35 in a 25. Also, is it legal for the city police to sit in the driveway of a vacant home and target speeders where Mercury is coming into the city limits
@ Gidley Bridge?? I dont know how fast drivers are going there anyway, the dip in the road is so
bad (and has been ever since Mercury was redone) that its slow down or lose your front wheels! and one final thought, isnt it possible to re-time all the stop lights on Beacon??.. one usually has to stop at Jackson, Washington, Grant, Taylor, and Robbins when headed north.


Why was the bike lane subject shelved? That was one decision they made that made sense, a left turn lane and bike lanes on the sides. That never happened, but then all of a sudden the speed limit is raised. I don't understand.


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