Athletic director files lawsuit against SL Public Schools

The Spring Lake Public Schools athletic director has filed a lawsuit against the district's Board of Education, asking for an appeal in front of the board for disciplinary action taken earlier this month by Spring Lake High School Principal Mike Gilchrist.
Marie Havenga
Feb 27, 2012


According to a lawsuit filed Thursday in Ottawa County Circuit Court, Cavin Mohrhardt is seeking an appeal after being “written up” by Gilchrist for a response Mohrhardt made to the parent of a Newaygo basketball player at a Jan. 24 contest between the Lakers and Lions.

The parent, Matthew Bradley, e-mailed Gilchrist the next day, suggesting he was harassed by a Spring Lake student; and indicated that after a discussion with Mohrhardt, the athletic director told him, “I am not going to kiss your butt.”

Mohrhardt admitted to using that phrase; but when a reprimand was placed in his file, requested an appeal before the board in a Feb. 17 letter to Spring Lake Public Schools Superintendent Dennis Furton.

“The written reprimand that is proposed for my employment record is based on an incorrect understanding of the totality of events that occurred on Jan. 24, 2012,” Mohrhardt wrote.

The athletic director said there are witnesses to the incident, but that district leaders did not interview them.

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AD needs to take it like a man.....he made the irresponsible statement, admitted it, done deal. I think it's highly unprofessional of him.


He's WELL within his rights if the school district didn't thoroughly investigate the situation as he claims. All he's asking for is the right to appeal the write-up.


Depends. Did he admit saying the comment? If so, why would a "thorough" investigation be necessary? A "write up" for conduct admitted to would hardly require witnesses. Sounds like the AD wants to press the issue period. Why, I wonder? Sure we'll all find out soon enough.


No, it doesn't depend solely on his admission of the comment. The context would also come into play. We (the readers) don't know how the exchange took place. Did he simply say that comment out in anger? Was he responding to a comment that was thrown at him?

I am not suggesting anything more than the fact that he deserves a chance to make his case in front of the Board of Education.

Fly on the Wall

Matthew Bradley: "Mr. Mohrhardt, you can kiss my skinny white butt"

Mohrhardt: “I am not going to kiss your butt.”



Coach Mo Supporter

As a former athlete of Coach Mo and a current friend I can say with confidence that he treats all people with the utmost respect, however, that does not mean making himself a punching bag for someone's verbal insults.

If the quote posted by "Fly on the Wall" is correct then, as a Laker, I am embarrassed and the SL administration should be ashamed of itself for the way they have treated a man who has dedicated his life to our school and community. There was nothing inappropriate about this response and in fact fairly professional and pretty tame compared to how many would respond.

Coach Mo Supporter

Makes me wonder if someone has something against Coach Mo. If the below quote (assuming it is accurate) was said to Hickman I can only image what his response would have been..and I'm pretty sure there would have been no reprimand there.


The quote from "fly on the wall" is meant to be succeeds. But,it isn't what actually happened. Coach Mo Supporter - keep an open mind. Facts will come out.

Coach Mo Supporter

If that was a joke then it's my mistake. It is a conversation that could easily be true.

Coach Mo Supporter

Makes me wonder if someone has something against Coach Mo. If the below quote (assuming it is accurate) was said to Hickman I can only image what his response would have been..and I'm pretty sure there would have been no reprimand there.

bite your tongue

who is the "educated educator" here? Completely unprofessional and should be penalized-even if it is just being "written up".


Ottawa Intermediate School District fired and blacklisted a paraprofessional for allegedly saying "Nazi's" to students in an automotive program gave him a two week suspension, they made it so he could never get a job anywhere in the state as a teacher. But the tenured auto instructor who held up a air impact wrench for removing lug nuts and held it students heads while pulling the trigger making shot noises never got a single warning. He did that over dozens of times during his teaching career - never a single write up.
But the blacklisted parapro was a minority - The whole Career Tech Center will not employ or promote minorities. Only whites. Skeptical? Go FIOA the staff ratio's
A minority was a certified teacher and applied for an instructor position - but the superintendent employed a white non- certified teacher and lied on a form to the state of michigan saying under oath "no certified teacher available" They and that board have absolutely NO INTEGRITY!
There are even some their with multiple drunk driving violations, but they are white and can keep their jobs. If they were black or other minority they would be fired.
A special pre employment performance test is put together that only whites can pass and minorities cannot. I encourage someone to check this out. The so called hiring/firing committees are just a formality to absolve their liabilites.
Encouraging the skeptic to be pro-active - run criminal background checks on all the staff, see what you get.
Watch the movie "Expelled" at family video
The athletic director will now be blacklisted along with the former paraprofessional


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