Ethnic intimidation in Spring Lake

Two boys who admitted to throwing eggs at a Spring Lake restaurant were caught Wednesday, and police said the teens may be involved in an ongoing ethnic intimidation case. A Grand Haven woman called police after witnessing two boys throwing eggs at the front windows and door of Chan's restaurant, 228 W. Savidge St., on Wednesday afternoon.
Mark Brooky
May 4, 2012


Sgt. Curt Theune of the Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Department said he talked to the witness and the restaurant's owner, Bob Chan, who was unaware of the eggs on his building. However, Chan told Theune that he had received a phone call from a blocked number earlier that day, and the caller used a racial slur and said, "We want you out of there."

Chan said he also received three phone calls within five minutes on Tuesday, but was unable to understand the caller who was yelling into the phone. Chan said the phone calls have been an ongoing issue for at least a year.

Theune said the two boys were later located and admitted to the egg throwing. One of the boys was cooperative, Theune said, but the other was not and had to be handcuffed.

One of the teens' parents later picked up the boys and took them to the restaurant to clean up the egg mess. The cost of cleaning up the eggs was estimated at $100, police said.

Juvenile petitions will be submitted to the Ottawa County Probation Department, Theune added.

More details on this story will be published in Friday's Tribune.




These kids' vandalism efforts only inspired me and my husband to order Chan's this weekend. Best Chinese food EVER. mmmm!


This reminds me, I haven't been to Chan's for awhile. I think I'll go there tonight for dinner!

Captain Obvious

Make some "Egg Drop" soup for me Bob.
The community is with you.


While Bob is a good friend and we support him regularly, you all seem to be missing the big picture. Within our community are people who feel Bob and his restaurant are not welcome. How did these teenagers get the idea to throw eggs? From the parents? From friends? Who, in the 21st century continues to teach intolerance? If the church's are the cornerstone of this community why do we have hate mongers? Oh yeah, Christians in SL are the most judgmental people I have met. Do not judge others because they do not share the same beliefs you do, or go to the same church you do.


Or maybe this has nothing to do with the churches in Spring Lake and everything to do with kids being young and stupid. If this is as far as "racial intimidation" goes around here, I think we've got it pretty good.

Wake Up

It goes much further than this.


Wingman12 has it spot on. Throwing eggs at a brick building is far from ethnic intimidation. I think the adults claiming ethnic intimidation are the real problem here. Everything has to have a reason or underlying symptom with our youth when its just part of adolescence. Scold the kids that it's wrong to deface another person's property and make them clean it up, done. However, an Occupy Wall Street youth can defecate on a police car and their actions are defended as their freedom of "expression", but throw a couple of eggs at a Chinese restaurant and Spring Lake youths need a bullying class or ethnic diversity training? Come on!


@dyankee: It clearly states in the article that along with the egg throwing, there has been a history of phone calling with racial slurs, yelling into the phone, hanging up, etc that has gone on for about a year, including the same day of the defacing. Police believe both activities may be linked. This puts a totally different spin on "kids being kids" and throwing a few eggs on some generic building, and should be taken seriously for the ethnic intimidation it implies.


@lanivan: Well then, if the article says there is a history of intimidating calls then, the kids must be guilty because they tossed a couple of eggs at this building. Clearly that is overwhelming evidence that the two are tied together....thanks Judge Judy. Lets see, the eggs were supposed to be running down the front door and window which, Bob had no idea were there however, it cost $100 bucks to wash off with a(assuming) garden hose. Who's "spinning" what here? Now there's even a survey by the Tribune suggesting racial diversity training for a presumable ethnic intimidation guilt of these kids before there is even a charge! Amazing how intimidation works. If these kids are NOT guilty should they sue for defamation of character or reverse ethnic intimidation? My point is, lets not create a ethnic intimidation headline until there is a need to. This story should be about kids tossing eggs at Bob's place and that's it.


good points, I hear you there. There is no proof of racial intimidation here. Make the kids clean the mess up and MOVE ON!!! The media loves to make a non-story into a story by playing the race card. If the phone calling thing was a real "race" issue then Bob should have reported it to the police.


Dyankee and Wingman12, I don't know about you, but my first thought when my skateboard breaks and my girlfriend is out of town is to take it out on the closest minority in sight. I might just happen to have a carton of eggs with me with the idea of throwing them appear out of thin air. Not based on ethnicity at all. Nothing related to harassing a manager and telling him to get out of the country or anything of that sort.

It's not a problem if I egg your houses right? I guess I'm just being young and stupid. I might just have to sue you for intimidating me though.


This was so wrong and is not an example of the type of people that live in the community or even the tri-cities. Chan has done so much for local sports, schools and the communities and will always be appreciated by locals. So glad that the Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Police Department was on top of this, because not too many small communities today have the priviledge of having there own Police Department.


You need to calm down. There just kids leave them alone! or should you be arrested for every little thing you do?

Wake Up

I wonder how many that have responded are people of color?


I'm Mulatto. Thanks for asking.


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