Sexting, bullying and drinking: Teen survey reveals all

One in 4 Ottawa County teens are sexting, smoking, drinking and are bullied. A teen survey, just released, reveal these and more troubling statistics.
Alex Doty
May 23, 2012

At a quick glance, here are some of the statistics:

Students reporting being bullied: 24.6 percent

Students sending explicit text or image messages: 31.3 percent

Students reporting ever drinking alcohol: 37.7 percent

Students reporting ever smoking cigarettes: 22.5 percent

Spring Lake-Ferrysburg Police Sgt. Curt Theune expressed concerns about issues such as bullying. Theune said 25 percent of kids being bullied is “a lot” and something needs to be done about it.

“We’ve got to, as a community and school district, be more aggressive in our preventative measures for bullying,” he said.

Another area of concern is substance abuse issues, including drinking and driving among teens.

Statistics show that 18.5 percent of respondents rode in a vehicle with someone who had been drinking alcohol, and nearly 9 percent drove a vehicle after drinking alcohol.

“It’s astonishing and something that needs to be addressed,” Theune said.

Read the whole story by picking up your Wednesday edition of the Grand Haven Tribune.

Also, view the teen survey by clicking on the PDF below:



this Bullying has to be started at home,by the parents trying to have their kids act tough at school. therefore they are the ones that need to absorb the blunt of the punishment. by just punishing the ones that are the aggressor the parents get proud of their children for this kind of behavior and they(children) thinks the parents approve of this,then it gets worse and worse until the child that's getting bullied decides to take matter into ones own hands. Like sneaking a weapon of some sort into school or onto the play ground, then winding up going from the victim to the aggressor thereby over looking the real problem of being bullied. if you punish the parents, then the parents will discipline the child, then the bully will realize that it's getting their parents in trouble a getting themselves in more trouble thereby putting a huge dent into this problem. What happened to the days when parents were responsible for what their children do or even what they did? this is only my opinion.


The problem I see and here from my student is that the bullys seem to be the popular kids and the athletes that the teacher like, so they don't want to here it or won't believe it when it is brought to there attention.


That is exactly what goes on at the middle school in Spring Lake (7th grade) where the group of athletes are the ones doing the bullying. The athletes are the popular kids, with the popular parents, so everyone turns a blind eye. I guess it'll take something tragic to happen before people will open their eyes and then, like always, it's easy to say "we had no idea this was going on..."


The bullying in schools does get a blind eye sometimes, or punishments are not handed out, because of the very reasons some have brought up. Some of the bully's are athletes and the school doesn't want to do anything to harm the team. Well the simplest way to put a bully in their place is give them a taste of their own medicine. I have seen it with my own eyes, 9 times out of 10, if 10 times out of 10 it works. You put the smack down on the bully, and they go running away with their "tail" between their legs. I know some will say that isn't the way to handle it. It works just about everytime, and puts a stop to it. Yes the bully will find someone else to pick on. As long as people keep standing up to them, they will go away. As for the sexting, smoking and drinking, that starts at home with education.


Unfortunately in the case I spoke of, the head bully is the biggest kid in the 7th grade class. It would be tough for someone to lay the smack down especially with his entire group having his back.


Bullying is nothing more than a political division brought on by the liberal Democrats in this country to pit us against each other for the sake of controlling the population and a majority of American's accept this premise, like a bunch of dummies. No different than global warming, ozone action days, gay marriage, or diversity. Since the ages, there have always been young kids that are more aggressive than others, it is apart of the development of children. The "bullys" become great warriors in a society that will defend its people and the weaker kids sharpen their skills by avoiding the aggressor and become better communicators and leaders as an adult. Bill Gates once said "be careful how you treat a nerd in school, because someday you may be working for one." The reality is, all 4 categories listed in this article are the direct responsibilities of PARENTS! There is a pathetic breakdown in "parenting" in this country and no one is talking about it. One of the two Wyoming Park students killed in last weekend's car accident was only 15 years old. The accident happened at 4am yet, not ONE WORD about where the hell this child's parents were or why this child was allowed to be out this late. There are curfew laws for minors and even the police say nothing and by doing so, contribute(in a small way) to this problem! IMO, the parents should be arrested and charge with child endagerment causing death. You want a "real discussion" then, lets start having one.


What is wrong with the kids these days!?!? We need to regulate these little heathens before we all go down like the Titanic did!!

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