City makes fireworks rules

The days of free-for-all fireworks in Grand Haven are over.
R.J. Wolcott
Jul 3, 2012


City Council has approved new regulations that aim to restrict when and where residents and visitors can light off fireworks in the city.

The new regulations were unanimously approved Monday night by an emergency vote, meaning the ordinances take effect immediately instead of having to wait out the normal 20-day period.

These new regulations restrict the use of fireworks to only national holidays and the second Saturday of the annual Coast Guard Festival. Amateur pyrotechnicians are allowed to fire off their favorite mortars, bottle rockets and other devices the day preceding, the day of and the day following these holidays.

The lone exception is "Coast Guard Saturday," or the first Saturday of August. Fireworks can be set off that day, but not on the days before or after it.

Public Safety Director Jeff Hawke said there were 15 complaints regarding fireworks in the city this past weekend. City Manager Pat McGinnis noted the high volume of fireworks being set off in his own neighborhood — several days before the Fourth of July holiday.

Without amendments to current ordinances, McGinnis said the city would have been unable to regulate the use of fireworks.

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After watching some large fireworks being set off in the Village of Spring Lake, less then two blocks away from the Police Department on Saturday night. Maybe the Village Council and/or our Police Department could enforce some laws before the neighborhood catch fire. It is a shame that a few people must demonstrate unacceptable behavior and destroy those rights for the majority. Lets get real and think first.


Emergency vote? What's the point of a 20-day ordinance establishment if it's just going to be nullified for whatever reason, whenever. I see that fireworks are setting the town on fire; just tell us we have no authority and stop pretending to jump through loops when stupid pre-enforcement periods and things of this nature get in the way. Instead, don't have them at all.


Leave it to the city to ruin fun for everyone. Perhaps maybe they should give some fire safety classes, but that would cost money and heaven forbid the city of Grand Haven sponsor anything that will cost them money. The city is out for themselves not anyone that lives in the city


@protestgrandhaven why don't you move to somewhere else if you don't like it here, why don't you try muskegon, they don't seem to ruin things for people, and look how there turning out, no problems what so ever!



I dont live in the city of grand haven, thank god. The city of grand haven is more for people that need direction in there life. You let the city live your life for you they tell you what time to go in at night, you cant have a camper in your yard and you cant even sell a car in your driveway that is ridiculous im just sayin the city needs to let people live there lives i am supprised they dont tell you how many times you can flush your toilet a day that will be coming next


About time the City does something right.....for a change. Now maybe my wife will be able to get some sleep before she has to get up at 4:30am for work and not having idiots shooting mortars till 2:00am almost every night since the new law came into effect.


15 complaints and the city has a knee jerk reaction, typical government. Again 15 complaints, really???? Since when have they listened to 15 people about something? I would say never before probably. Don't want noise, move to the UP. Too bad they don't enforce other laws in the summer when all the tourists come in, and take over the city. Instead they turn a blind eye, and see it has revenue for the city. Now that is a shame. As for getting up at 4:30AM, they make earplugs for that.


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Thanks for the childish name calling. Let's see turn up the alarm, I have done it plenty. Either you can complain about the noise (which seems to be the GH way), or do something about it, like use ear plugs.


@ohwell, Childish name calling? truth hurts dont it?


It sure does hurt. I think it hurts you more than me, by your reaction. The fact that ear plugs are made to keep sound out. See how the truth hurts?? Go ahead keep up the playground antics, with name calling and complaining to the "teacher".


You seriously for the love of God need to grow up. What are you, about 2? Seeing a whole panel of shrinks, are ya? Forgot to take your meds again today. You need help without a shadow of a doubt. I bet your co-workers, that is if you can actually hold down a job, can hardly tolerate to have you around and only is very small doses.


I really hope someone from the newspaper gets on here and deletes these rude and inappropriate comments! This is a public small-town newspaper and people should not have to be subject to such language! Regardless of ones opinion, try saying it with tact, it is much more likely to be well-received. I feel like I'm reading comments from a Yahoo! article; Grand Haven is better than that!


Rude and inappropriate are comments that speak the truth. Grand haven IS not better than that, the small town you once knew has been gone for over 20 yrs. Time to deal with real life in the 20th century.


Right on!! It's about time somebody told it like it was. Many here I have noticed live daily in a state of denial. There has been for quite some time now a BAD element getting into the area. Grand Haven I predict in 5 years or less will be only an extension of Muskegon. Mark my word.

Mr. Conservative

wouldnt be a problem if you weren't such a prude


Another intelligent comment coming from our distinguished opinionated Mr. Richard Cranium. Weren't you the poster child of parents who did L.S.D. in the 60's? Stand up and drool for us.

Say No To Tourist's

ohwell, you keep proving to everyone your an idiot everytime you post. I agree with ghresident, I'd be really PO'd if someone woke up my wife at 430am all the time too.


Thanks again for the childish name calling. How about you get your facts straight before you post something. His wife has to get up at 4:30AM to go to work. By your post, you would be PO'd at the alarm that is waking here up. As ghresident said, truth hurts.


what about in the township? plenty of KIDS out here have been setting them off for over a month now, yet they never seem to get talked to. sad thing is, 2 cops live out by me & they dont seem to care. how about the fact that when 90% of the neighbors here have kids or when 98% of the neighborhood is pitch black, you shouldnt be setting them off?! & the whole using earplugs thing, doesnt always help. I have had a few different kinds, all with the highest ratings on noise & they dont help me what-so-ever.


Rediculous! I agree with this being knee jerk reaction. There haven't been fireworks allowed in the state for how long now?! Of course as soon as they were readily available there were going to be a ton of people playing with them. But come on people give it a bit for the newness to wear off and I'm sure the c.omplaints would almost disappear. Unbeleivable that we can't use fireworks because of complaints in the first few months of them being legalized. But no point in whining here. Time to organize a petition for appeal.


Also take reference to the column in the tribune about how the township is educating people while the city changes laws without notifying anyone. It's not even on the city website yet. So no doubt public safety will be writing citations this weekend when no one even knows the law changed


Thank goodness. This ordinance merely brings things back to the way they used to be, and everyone was fine with that. There were just too many fireworks being set off, too late into the night, for too many days in a row. We are pretty understanding people but our nerves and patience were starting to get frayed, and our children were having a hard time going to sleep at night. We wholeheartedly welcome this decision.


Everyone was fine with that? If that was true then why did the law change? Too bad it's not a perfect world. I hope fireworks sales this year are awesome, especially for the Church who is running all of the TNT Fireworks tents. Good for them and the good citizens of Grand Haven to celebrate "Independance Day"! How ironic....LOL


Ghpeytonfan- Ridiculous, not "Rediculous".


ProtestGrandHaven- Their, not "There".


Say No To Tourist's- Tourists, not "Tourist's", also You're, not "You're".


As a resident of the city of Grand Haven, I do not feel that I need or receive excessive "direction". This is a simple issue of common decency. I am glad to live somewhere relatively safe, compared to the city to which I commute every day. I also appreciate that there is enough civility and common sense in our local government to regulate the noise that was keeping me up night after night. If anyone needs direction in the big brother sense that was referred to earlier, it's those of you who seem to use a "libertarian" approach to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Mr. Conservative

way to correct everbodys spelling like a Jack@$$


everybodies (lol sorry I could not resist!)



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