Human shield planned at Marine’s funeral

The body of a Holland Marine will return home Wednesday morning.
Aug 8, 2012


Gunnery Sgt. Daniel Price was killed fighting in Afghanistan on July 29. Sgt. Price was 27 years old and on his sixth deployment in Afghanistan. In honor of the Marine, the Holland mayor is ordering U.S. flags throughout the city to half staff Wednesday through Saturday.

Price's body will arrive at Tulip City Airport at 10 a.m.

Funeral services are Saturday at 10 a.m. at Central Wesleyan Church, 446 West 40th St., Holland. Visitation begins Wednesday at Langeland-Sterenberg Funeral Home.

A church known for its noisy, anti-military funerals, says it plans to protest on Saturday.

On Monday, President Obama signed a new law that restricts protesters from gathering within 300 feet of a military funeral two hours before and two hours after a service, saying, "The graves of our veterans are hallowed grounds."

Members of the community of Holland are already planning a counter-protest. Two women created a Facebook page, asking thousands of people to help them form a human shield to protect the family.

Hundreds of people from across the country have pledged their support.

One woman wrote, "I think it shows that people are truly upset that someone may and could try to blemish someone's truly brave sacrifice for freedom, justice, democracy and loyalty."

It's not known if the protestors will show up. Organizers say if you want to help form the human shield, to please bring an American flag, not a protest sign.



Just wondering if the city of Holland officials will find a way to write citations to West Boro Baptist protestors? The city of Holland sure shut down a 13 year old kid with his hot dog stand recently. Now if the city officials would take that same zeal and mentality and apply it to West Boro Protestors. I'm sure those officals could find something they are doing wrong. That would be worth seeing, It would show consistency on Holland's part and most of all - it would be great!!


I think that the City of Holland should just ignore the protestors. They want the publicity. We are going there to take part in the human shield. We were told just to ignore them if they are there. We are there to show support for the family of the man who gave his life for this country.


I'm going.......we need to protect this HERO'S family against the christian TERRORISTS. Hate will NOT win. You baptists should be ASHAMED of yourselves.......just as much as you catholics. Spreading HATE and CHILD MOLESTATION is WRONG.


You are an idiot.. The westboro baptist church is NOT a baptist Church.. They hate God and everything he stands for, but way to get in your bashing of the Catholics. I know of at least one person in GH who is bad.. therefore by your logic.. you are all going to hell for this!


Let's make one thing clear...these folks from Westboro Church are devout christians. You may not agree with their brand of christianity but they probably don't agree with yours. god talks to them and tells them what to do. If you don't believe that god can talk to people then that's your issue.


Devout christians in a Baptist church? Interestesting.......


Ummmm...Baptists are christians. Google is your friend.


The Bible prophecies tell us that many false prophets will stand in the name of Christ and deliver false teachings. False prophets and false teachings stem from the influence of false spirits. You were correct to type the word "god" above in lower case because the WBC organization is most certainly hearing from a god, but it is not the Son of God nor the Father God that they are listening to nor taking their direction. Christians have a responsibility to try the spirits of those in leadership. The important question being, "Does their teachings and practices line up with the Word of God?". HavenWillie, the WBC organization is certainly one of false teachings.
WBC should not be followed, they should be strongly apposed, and although it is their religious right in our great nation, they should not carry the name that gives implication that they are from the spirit of Christ. They are most certainly "devout" as you say. But devout to Christ, they are not.

Tri-cities realist

There is a time and a place for everything. A funeral is definitely neither. If Sgt. Price is as devout in his Christian beliefs as his family says, who would believe that God would call others to protest at his funeral, definitely not the God I worship. And even if he wasn't a Christian, we are taught to love our enemies, not protest at their funerals. Calling the people of Westboro Christians is more than a stretch, seems more demonic to me.


So this is turning into a debate about religious beliefs and denominations? Westboro is a cult plain and simple. People are we missing the fact that we lost one of our own? He was a son, a brother, a husband. Gunnery Sgt. Daniel Price lost his life during his 6th deployment protecting our freedom as americans. Human Shield as of this am has 4177 people attending giving him the decency and respect his deserves on his final journey home. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family Gunney. God speed my friend.


This is an amazing video from Saturday.


What a beautiful picture. He looks as though he was quite the young man that a wife and parents would be so very proud of. May God bring all of his loved ones and friends peace during this difficult time.


None of the Christianity debate about the protesters matters anyway. They showed up, but were too intimidated by the thousands of people who showed up, so they left. Of course, none of that was covered in the Tribune, even though many of the people who showed up were from the Tri-cities are. It was more important to give coverage to a hula hoop contest.


This story appears to be one sided and bias. Siding with the Holland "human shield" organizers and Bias and Prejudice against, " A church known for its noisy, anti-military funerals, says it plans to protest on Saturday." The article never mentions what the name of the Church is that planed to protest or the Protester's point of view. I say this in all fairness to both sides and I take no side in this discussion.


Since the Tribune hasn't covered it much, here is another media's update on Saturday, for those from GH who attended.


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