Study: Pot stunts teens' IQ

A recent study shows teens smoking marijuana routinely have lower IQ scores.
Krystle Wagner
Sep 7, 2012


In a study published last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers followed the IQ scores of 1,000 participants from New Zealand, ages 13-38. They were tested starting at 13, then again at 18 and finally at 38.

When participants were asked if they smoked marijuana frequently, 52 indicated they did by age 18, and 92 others said they started after they were 18. As researchers compared scores, they noticed about an 8-point drop in IQ points by participants who started smoking by 18.

Dr. Eric Houchin, a primary care physician for North Ottawa Family Practice, said heavy pot use is considered smoking more than five joints a week during a three-month period. Although the person is impaired while smoking marijuana, Houchin said there are long-term effects including memory problems, trouble with time perception and slowed information processing.

In addition, Houchin said they’ve seen brain scans where the executive decision portion of the brain actually shrinks. Even if the patient stops smoking, that portion of the brain doesn’t appear to grow, which leads doctors to believe neurocognitive change is permanent, he said.

The 2011 Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey, administered to students in grades 8-12, indicated that 26.1 percent "perceived no or (a) slight risk to smoking marijuana regularly.” That number is up from 19.1 percent in 2009, 16.6 percent in 2007 and 11.6 percent in 2005.

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your mother

no crap. this is because they are getting high instead of focusing on their education. the marijuana isn't causing brain damage or anything.


And like alcohol doesn't cause brain damage? Ask a mother who drank alcohol while she was pregnant and she will tell you that she lives daily with regret. Alcohol has been proven time and time again to cause fetal damage as well with low birth weight and learning difficulties later on to an unborn child. Like "your mother" stated here. It's not marijuana causing low I.Q. scores it's just that they do not focus or they become just plain bored with scholastics and text books. But take their video games away from them and they'd probably lose their minds.

Fly on the Wall

Acute pot use impairs short term memory function, chronic use cripples motivation and verbal recall. Ergo, learning and intelligence suffer.

Que the stoners rebuttal debating the veracity of standardized I.Q. testing.


Yea and so does falling out of a car at 100 m.p.h. too. There are people of all ages who DO NOT smoke pot and suffer from all the afflictions you mention here. There are many uses for pot. One is for glaucoma. Did you know that Queen Victoria of England of the 17th century smoked it for menstrual cramps? You believe everything you read? Think again here Einstein.

Fly on the Wall

Step away from the bong, Tommy Chong. The conversation isn't about the established medical uses of Mary Janes, it's about the danger of chronic use among teenagers. Many drugs have an established history as a medically useful, but the pusseyed peanut gallery is the only group pushing for wholesale decriminilzaton of their drug of choice. Would you and all the former NORML slugs be hacking up a lung about this if Cannabis were to be controlled like other pharmaceuticals like opiates, insulin, or antibiotics?

I do agree with you one one point, however: that falling out of a moving car, along with recreational weed smoking, should be discouraged.


I don't really care to hear what you are implying about me personally. You don't know squat about me. But I do know this about you; YOU ARE A MORON. You read into my comments more that what was necessary. You definitely have a perception problem or are just plain illiterate and cannot comprehend what you read. My advice to you is to take some night refresher courses especially in reading and comprehension. Keep your pie hole shut until you have something intelligent to say which in your case will be never. I think Bob Dylan had you in mind when he wrote the song; "Idiot Wind". Oh btw, have a nice day.


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