Prices jump 43 cents per gallon

Motorists lined up Monday afternoon at the Admiral station on Savidge Street in Spring Lake to snag gas at $3.66 per gallon.
Marie Havenga
Sep 10, 2012


Gas prices spiked at other nearby gas stations to $4.09 per gallon at about 2 p.m., possibly because of lingering effects of Hurricane Isaac and refineries not at full capacity.

Fuel stockpiles reportedly are at their lowest levels since 2008.



3 sentences? What is the point in even bringing the topic up if you can't devote more than 20 seconds to it? Has anybody that works at that paper ever had a class in journalism? Good lord.


obama re-election hard at work. Change...i mean, Foward. Better brace for another GM bailout, b/c they will be bankrupt again within 2 years.

Vast Right Wing...

Don't worry about gas only being $4 a gallon, worry about what is being planned for by the current administration in the White House. Obama's energy secretary Chu said "somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe," which are in the neighborhood of $8 a gallon.


Vast: I hadn't heard this comment on the air waves so I wanted to check on this more. What I found was this comment was made by Chu in 2008 prior to the election and before he became energy secretary but is repeatedly suggested many times by Gingrich as something that is being said and believed today. Here's the source I took this in part from: Regardless, higher gas prices are hitting the pockets of everyone regardless of what political party we support.

Vast Right Wing...

Obama hired Chu after he made his position known!

This administration is attempting to force the US into a third world economy by attacking our energy sources. Less drilling for oil - Obama has defied a court order to allow drilling in the Gulf of Mexico & then giving money to Brazil to drill offshore. EPA forcing coal fired power plants to shut down, after billions spent on them to reduce 99% of the contaminates. Wasting billions of our money on green companies such as Solyndra.


Curious, It doesn't matter what the facts are, the right wing nut jobs are just going to blame Obama no matter what the topic is? Since when has a standing president been able to control the weather, the second sentence blames Issac as the reason... Right Wing must think that is a secret code for an Obama consparisy to Raise Gas Prices, Raise Taxes, Take My Gun, Get My Daughter Pregnant and Force an Abortion, and Make My Son Gay Socialist Agenda.... LOL what a MAROON... lol

Vast Right Wing...

typical liberal, make personal attacks


That's funny, I remember the media was all over Bush when the gas hit $4 a gallon. It was his oil cronies and Cheney filling their pockets. Now that its a different administration we hear hardly a thing. you guys realize your making those rascally Republicans rich! Lets cut thru the political hacking and elect leaders that solve our energy issues and get us away from dependance on foreign oil. I don't care what their party affiliation is. No sacred cows, that means we drill, develop solar, wind, electric, nuclear, coal, natural gas, silly putty... I don't care as long as we are moving the ball down the field! Wake up people your about to loose your top place in the world of nations because we can't solve our energy needs.


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