New summer music fest planned for Muskegon

Summer Celebration might be history, but another is festival will take its place in the summer of 2013.
Oct 18, 2012


The yet unnamed festival will take place in late June and early July, organizers announced Wednesday.

The Muskegon Festival Group will run the event. It was chosen from four contenders. 

The festival's new name is expected to be released soon.

"We're looking at a four- to six-day event to include the Independence Day holiday," said Nick Bessinger, executive director of the Muskegon Festival Group. "We will be booking national and international acts through an agent new to the Muskegon area, and hope to bring a fresh look to outdoor entertainment in the Muskegon market."



They have a nice area their in Muskegon,just a though maybe they should concider turning it over to privet promoters who would put up the money,book the bands ect and just take a % of the profet.


....and maybee u can due the markiting and posterrs four the shows. Bet thay wood bee awsum.

Tri-cities realist



You really need to stick to the issues. Wingmaster, you could learn a lesson from GHJHS about decency. GHJHS...could possibly be a kid. (Grand Haven Junior High School...just a guess, but maybe. It would bring understanding to the errors. Kids are texting these days and the spelling isn't what it used to be because of it.) Even if it is an adult, you still give a much more negative impression with your sarcasm.


This is not kid (per other post they have made and stated as such) and so what if it is. They should learn how to spell. Texting is a lame excuse for poor spelling. Trying to use sarcasm and humor might just help someone pay a little closer attention. I'm not the best speller, but the devices we use can easily correct mispelling. If they are offended, I would apologize to them and still ask them to preview their post. I edit or correct my errors so the reader can understand what my point is. I do this often using a smart phone which is even more prone to make typo's. Don't lower the bar, set standards. Now, what was the topic here?


"GHJHS...could possibly be a kid" Yeah, I suggested that possibility a few weeks ago in another post full of jibberish. Could possibly be a teacher too! That would be even more disheartening! A better question might be why are you defending bad grammar? Any Junior High kid that isn't sleeping thru English class every day should be able to spell every one of the words in that post. I don't care what type of device was used to make it. Spell check, if you really need it, is almost universally available these days. If the post is worth making in the first place then it's worth the extra minute or two it takes to check your spelling. Like Wingmaster said, why are you so intent on lowering the bar and excusing laziness, or ignorance? How far backward should we go to excuse poor communication? Back to grunting and throwing sticks at each other?

Say No To Tourist's

Now that they have there phones...thier? oh well.....The school system is going to produce alot more illiterate kids than before.

Say No To Tourist's

Grand Havens edjumucation at its finest, yup the Grand Haven Public Schools stink as usual.




Appreciate that people read the local paper. No need to be snarky!


Spell checking is really easy. A misspelled word is one thing but every word over a syllable is very hard to read. I don't think its asking too much to have mercy on the reader, even if I was a bit snarky!


On topic, I think this is great news! I look forward to seeing who they're successful in bringing to town. Hopefully there'll be a couple acts show up that are on my bucket list.


Lets hope. Its a great location.


Everyone has the right to post their opinion.....if they can't spell...what the hell...they STILL have the right to post! Who's more ignorant, the person who can't spell or the person who is so narrow minded that they can't figure out what the other person is (OBVIOUSLY) trying to say? Ahhhh crap, I confess, I used bing search for one of these words!! An English teacher at NMHS must have failed me at some point in my education!! (JOKING teachers, joking!)


Who called someone ignorant? Oh, guess that was you. I did not call anyone ignorant. Post away, but if I see misspelling all over the place, I have a right to post my opinion about that is I choose. Most everybody can check their spelling right on the device they are using to post...its just being lazy not to do so. Now, back on topic.


Uhh, you sure you don't mean..."as I choose"? :-) Sorry, just couldn't resist. As for Ms Momma I suspect, given the "snarky" tone of most of her posts in the last several months, that more than one English teacher has failed her at some point in her education.


Oops, guess that makes me stooopid. Darn small screens on these phones. At least I spelled "is" right!


On topic again....If the folks running this new festival asked for your input into who they should bring to town...what would you tell 'em? What would your top 3 choices be?

For me, most of my favorite acts are past their prime, but current interests would include Bruce Hornsby, Walter Trout, Joan Osborn, James McMurtry, Romi Mayes, Lyle Lovett, Joe Jackson, Jason Isbell, Drive-by Truckers, Will Hoge, Gov't Mule, Delta Moon, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Ronnie Baker Brooks, to name a few........


Need some old school rock, and probably metal, and rap too. A lot of different taste to cover.


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