Grand Landing gets new life

After several years of stalled development, new construction is planned for Grand Landing.
Alex Doty
Nov 14, 2012


Redstar Shores LLC, an East Lansing-based company that recently bought the development on Grand Haven's north end, is planning a new coffee shop with drive-through service and retail space to be built on what is now a mostly empty parking lot.

“It has been several years since we last saw any activity,” City Planner Kristin Turkelson said. “The last construction would have been Jimmy John’s.”

The newest development is a 3,715-square-foot building — with 2,400 square feet dedicated to a commercial tenant and the remaining 1,315 square feet for the coffee shop. The building will be constructed in the parking lot area between U.S. 31 and the Grand Landing building housing Plantenga’s Cleaners.

“I think that it proves to show we’re moving forward,” Turkelson said of the new construction. “It’s critical to the viability of our community.”

To see the site plan, click the Related File at the end of this story.

Turkelson said the new development is consistent with the preliminary development plan presented to the Planning Commission and approved by City Council in 2006.

Turkelson is expecting construction of the new building to begin quickly.

“I’d not be surprised if we see building permits pulled within the next few weeks,” she said.

The overall design will match the existing buildings at Grand Landing. It will consist of stone, shake-style siding and a metal roof.

Realtor Jake Hogeboom, who has been involved in the marketing of Grand Landing since its recent sale, said getting the new construction started will be good for the long-stalled development.

“The tough part is it has been such a detriment to Grand Haven and the city that it’s overcoming the perception of a failed development,” he said. “We need to get the community back on board. ... To see a new building go up actually gives a community confidence.”

Hogeboom said work is also under way to finish undeveloped condominium units in Grand Landing.

“They’re in the process of finishing 24 condos,” he said. “From the outside, the public doesn’t see it.”

City officials say they expect more from Redstar Shores in the coming weeks as they begin to chart the future of the development.

“At this point, we’re anticipating an amendment to the preliminary development plan,” Turkelson said.

She said there will be plenty of community involvement in this process, which is anticipated to outline the aspects of the project. It is expected to include additional residential units, a hotel and restaurants.



oh come on

I see that Earth's Edge has finally moved out of their spot also. It will be interesting to see how they try to fill these empty storefronts. I still do not see how this whole developement is getting anyone to visit the downtown area.
They would have been better off putting a huge monument at Jackson and us31 welcoming people to the downtown. Say like a couple of reproduction lighthouses on each corner of Jackson (on the west side of us31) with a fake catwalk spanning the over the street with a "Welcome to Downtown Grand Haven" sign. Sort of like the "Frankfort" monument.
Would have costed a lot less.


Not a bad idea, but the Jackson street corridor would not be my first choice for port of entry if I was trying to impress the incoming visitors to our fair city.

Michael Johnson

A new coffee shop? With drive-through service? You mean just like the one called Starbucks that currently exists across the street only NOT Starbucks? That is a great and exciting new idea! And finishing condominiums that no one is buying! Excellent! And a supplement the ridiculously overcrowded hotels we already have in town...maybe it will even put one of those out of business, resulting in...more empty buildings...Sigh.

Perhaps emphasizing construction or completion of things we don't already have would do more to get the community on-board, excited, and interested again. Finishing the boardwalk extension connecting it to downtown and on into Spring Lake...bringing in a restaurant that doesn't already exist somewhere in a 20 mile radius...greening the area with trees, arbors, and sitting areas - perhaps another playground...retail options that are not just thinly veiled retreads of other retail options or which are not designed to put existing equivalent retailers out of business, thus resulting in MORE urban blight, not less. As for finishing condominiums...well, when you already have a mostly empty building full of mostly empty condos sitting on a drawbridge, and you can't even sell them for 89,900 much less 289,900...maybe more condos shouldn't be a big priority. I have to say, none of what I'm hearing is actually exciting to me as a resident in ANY way.


As for finishing condominiums...well, when you already have a mostly empty building full of mostly empty condos sitting on a drawbridge, and you can't even sell them for 89,900 much less 289,900...maybe more condos shouldn't be a big priority. I have to say, none of what I'm hearing is actually exciting to me as a resident in ANY way.

I'd have to agree. I can't imagine why anyone would want to spend that kind of money to live above a bunch of shops and next to busy, noisy, highway. Not exactly the height of ambiance to be sure!


I'd have to agree. I can't imagine why anyone would want to spend that kind of money to live above a bunch of shops and next to busy, noisy, highway. Not exactly the height of ambiance to be sure!

But you're missing the fact that they would be overlooking or at least adjacent to the architectural wonder that is Jimmy Johns.


LOL!! You mean that outfit that advertises their super speedy delivery service instead of the product they're selling?? Yeah, that changes everything. :-/

...and just to be a smartypants.....if you're going to quote a previous post to maintain the train of thought (a good idea in this forum), bold that quote! Just like this......

< b >.....if you're going to quote to maintain the train of thought bold that quote! Just like this...... < / b > Just take out the spaces inbetween the tag characters and viola!

.....if you're going to quote to maintain the train of thought bold that quote! Just like this......

Just trying to be helpful instead of snarky :-)


Thanks - I'll probably get it wrong a few times, but I appreciate the help!


New life? Are you kidding me? They are going to replace an empty parking lot with more retail spaces? Have you driven around town lately and seen the number of empty retail spaces ALREADY existing? Do they have tenants for these new spaces, or are they being built on spec? Instead of NEW retail spaces, could the city concentrate on filling the EXISTING empty retail spaces?
Yet ANOTHER coffee shop? There is one across the street in the Home Depot shopping center, a new Tim Hortons, and coffee is available in EVERY gas station in town. How about attracting a new sit-down, affordable restaurant? Right now, we have Russ, Rendezvous, and Applebees (that I can think of) as viable low-mid price restaurants. Applebees (across the street) is full every about a Chilis, Outback, or any other number of mid-priced chain restaurants. Something different than ANOTHER sub shop or hamburger restaurant like Culvers?
Does the city actually HAVE a plan, or are they taking anything that comes along?

Say no to new taxes

So how much is this new "development" going to cost the TAXPAYERS?


The whole development should be renamed Grand Larceny, in some way or another the taxpayers are going to get ripped off.


So, you build a new building in an empty parking lot...the parking lot is empty because of multiple unsold condos and empty existing where does everybody park when and if the condos sell and the storefronts fill? Sounds like a problem in the making...just sayin!


LOL!! I thought the same thing when I read that part.....I vote for you as chief city planner!


I agree with LTA on the nomination! The entire project was done poorly. The Condos look like a jail cell and is an eye sore. Just a thought, when someone does decide (a big if) to purchase a condo it appears that the height of the solid brick wall of their balcony is so high it will be a "benefit" that they will only hear the traffic going by as they do not have any sort of a view. This is an excellent selling feature.

Say No To Tourist's

The balcony's are just a cedar shake sided stud wall.


Uhhhh, I think you missed the point.


How many coffee houses (places to get coffee) does Grand Haven need! There are four already that I can think of. Two on the busy side of Washington St. and two Star Bucks with in about a mile of each other. Other place to get coffee in Grand Haven is going to flood the market!


Can the GH tribune tell the citizens of GH city how much this giant screw up has cost the tax payers... Who paid for the sewer upgrades at Jackson and US-31???? seems to me that some heads should roll over this situation.



Why do you care how much it cost the taxpayers of Grand Haven. You live in the township. You certainly did not pay for the sewer upgrades. I'm not saying that the Grand Landing project isn't a joke, becuase it certainly is and I agree that the city residents were screwed over on this, however it does not effect you other than when you are driving your cab by it. You should find a hobby other than complaining about everything under the sun. Stop being a disgruntled ex-government employee who is all about smear campaigns and have your wife pick you up some more ice cream.


See their you go again... talking about something you know absolute nothing about. I'm not some disgruntle ex-government employee. I am a tax payer who owns property in five of the seven Tri-Cities governmental units area. So if I want to write an opinion about any governmental units.... that I pay tax money too, I will... You must be some poor twp resident that likes your twp tax money wasted... get a grip.... your way out of your league... and NO I'm not Wes...but good try... LOL what a tool

Tri-cities realist

Finally a story we can all agree upon... The city planners are, well I can't think of a good adjective that won't get censored, but you get the point.


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Alrighty then...........You try and make a valid comment till put you put an http link in your post, turns out your sales coaching link and a quick lookup of that site shows your possibly from Australia.....Its way to early for spam this


I don't think we should conclude that these units are going to be SOLD.....I predict.......a boat load of RENTALS.

Say No To Tourist's

Some of the top floor loft units are going to be executive rentals from what I was told and the rest are going to be turn key ready, no choice of cabinets ,paint, tile or carpet. Sign here and move your furniture in, would you like 1,2 or a 3 bedroom? A view of the alley, the highway or the older fixed up homes? Might as well live in Robbins nest with all those choices.

Say No To Tourist's

Anybody seen the inside of these units? There atrocious at best, you'd be better off buying a HUD home over one of these condo's. You spend that kind of money and have no underground parking. Its funny how the article was posted about the new ownership and Earths Edge busted there butts to get into a new location, somethings fishy here. Theres also word of a 5 story hotel with shops below it and a 400 unit apartment complex on the vacant parcel inbetween Grand Flop and the channel. What a way to ruin the entrance into Grand Haven. The only benefit from the start of Grand Flop is the run down homes surrounding this area finally look like something vs an area that needed to be bull dozed 15 years ago. The city's only out for one thing only, there bottom $$$$ tax base.


I hope a future GH Trib article will profile someone who actually used their hard earned money and bought one of these units.....


That might be quite a trick...I drove past there tonight on my way home and didn't see a single light on in any of the upstairs condo units. Have any of those units been sold, or are they still looking for their first buyer? I ask because I don't know, not trying to be snarky.

Say No To Tourist's

Theres 3 or 4 occupied that I know of.


Perhaps they are all occupied by people interested in sustainability - and they have all of their lights off.

Say no to new taxes

400 apartments to be built there? Are you kidding me? Grand Haven seems bent on self destruction, are we that desperate for development? Please show up for the public meetings and put the brakes on this proposal.



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