UFOs spotted

Unidentified flying objects are popping up in the sky over the Tri-Cities.
Krystle Wagner
Dec 8, 2012


On Tuesday night, Joe Grimes and his wife, Chelsea, were stopped at a red light on the corner of 168th Avenue and Comstock Street in Grand Haven when something caught Joe’s eye.

The Grand Haven resident said he saw a bright, yellow and orange light about the size of a nickel in the southern sky. He said it was stopped, and then shot straight down.

The object moved so quickly that it had a tail of light trailing behind it, Grimes recalled.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said.

Chelsea said she didn’t see anything, but suggested it could have been a meteor.

“I know it wasn’t a shooting star or meteorite,” Grimes insisted.

Grimes said he didn’t think more of it until the next day when he logged onto Facebook.com, where a friend had posted a video of an object quickly flying across the sky.

Elizabeth Cory of the Federal Aviation Administration's Great Lakes region public affairs office said nothing has been out of the normal.

“We haven’t noticed anything unusual,” she said.

Lt. Col. Robert DeCoster from the Air National Guard base in Battle Creek said they haven’t heard of anything similar to what Grimes reported. He added that it definitely wasn’t anything operating out of the Battle Creek base.

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Truth Seeker

It's about time this sleepy community of sheeple woke up and realized what was really going on here. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time indescribable things are witnessed. There are a lot of theories about where these things are coming from and what they want with us, and many experts say they may have been with us since the beginning of human existence. But if this is true, are they benign?

We can't be so sure.

Most of my contacts and I believe these beings have some kind of base of operations in part of Lake Michigan. A few of us have actually seen their ships enter the water. We've tried to petition the Coast Guard to send a submersible to the area we believe they are inhabiting but you know how government agencies are: all red-tape and no action or results.

I'm not surprised nobody else touched this comment section. I understand fear. I understand not wanting to be judged, or taken for a lunatic. Maybe you've never had reason to believe this isn't just a simple little beach town. I hope it stays that way for you. But for those of us who have witnessed inexplicable things, this is just another reason to be thankful we're awake.

I don't expect you to take my word for it. Look for yourself into a clear night sky at the infinite expanses of the universe. Maybe you'll start thinking we're not alone in this thing. And maybe, just maybe, you'll start to wonder if we're not alone in our very own backyards.


Are you a true Truth Seeker? Well, if you are and I think you are, then seek the Truth where it really resides. All people have asked the same question since human beings have existed, which is, “Am I alone? What is the Truth? What is my Purpose here?” These questions are all the same One question because they all have the exact same answer. There is only one real Truth and that Truth is the same for every human being, it has to be, because if it were different than it wouldn’t be the Truth or Purpose which is why we all are here. Sure, people can believe all they want about one thing or another, but that doesn’t mean it’s the Truth, even if millions believe in the same thing doesn’t make it so. In past history there have been masses of people who believed that in order for them to have the Purpose of their lives fulfilled and be at Peace, they had to kill everyone who didn’t believe as they did. I’m willing to bet after they killed off as many people as they could, they weren’t any closer to the Truth or Peace than they were before they started their killing rampage. What gave you life when you were born is the very same thing that gave me life and has given everyone their life since the beginning of life. That same power, God if you will, is the same for all, because it’s not a pick and choose system of my god, their god, No, it is the same for all other wise life would be an utter chaos of gods giving different people their lives! Can you even imagine that? It’s one Purpose, that’s one Truth, and one God and it’s that simple. If people believe in entities of an unknown origin, whether they exist or not changes nothing about who you are, because who you truly are lies inside of you and each of us, not on the outside. Who we truly are was inside of each of us when we were born and knew nothing of this world and will still be the exact same when our body dies and who we are leaves this world and that is the Truth. And each person has one of two choices. Choice One, not getting to know who you are during your life time and dying or Second, getting to know who you are during this life time and still your body will die, but you will know that which is really you that never dies. Personally I opted for choice number 2. What about you?


I saw the same thing, same night, in roughly the same area. The description in the newspaper is one heck of an exaggeration, and anyone with half a brain would have realized what it is, since what they saw is quite common in this area; especially during the summer...

Ready for this?

It was nothing more than a Chinese lantern floating through the sky, and it burned up and fell! It wasn't some huge bright light darting around the sky, it was simply a flaming, falling bag.


I too have witnessed strange events and seemingly unspeakable things on these waters. I once watched as a ship seemingly shrank until it disappeared. No doubt the ship had been transported through another dimension. I have watched the documentary of "The Philadelphia Experiment". On one occasion I witnessed two aliens run into the back of my brother's truck on the drawbridge. They are all around us...cue the "X-Files" music please...


Darn, is it safe to walk downtown, not because of UFOs but because some of these comments from people. Now for real I too have seen a UFO once over the lake and another time while driving, anyway let us pray that were not the only intellegent life in the universe, that would be pretty sad?


most of these sightings seem to occur between 2 and 2:30 AM,Right after LAST CALL!!!!


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