City ponders seawall mooring

Grand Haven officials are still mulling over some kind of limitation on mooring along the city's popular seawall.
Krystle Wagner
Dec 24, 2012


City Manager Pat McGinnis said the topic came up after complaints of one specific boat that was left unattended for a long period of time.

McGinnis said they aren’t in any kind of rush, but a mooring ordinance could be in place before next year's boating season begins. Before drafting a local ordinance, he said city officials will take time to look into concerns about a proposal to place fender devices along the wall to protect boats from damage.

During a recent work session, City Council received two recommendations from the city's Harbor Board — limit the mooring of boats to seven days and install fender devices to protect boats along the wall.

McGinnis said they aren’t looking to charge boaters for mooring, but simply limit the amount of time spent along the channel wall through a complaint-driven process.

Harbor Board Chairman Michael Cramer said they suggested a seven-day limit because it seemed long enough to enjoy the town, but not long enough to bother others. After seven days, city officers would have the ability to ask boaters to leave.

The length of time away from the wall would be at the city's discretion, based on any complaints they receive, Cramer said.

Boats mooring along the seawall often receive damages after being pushed around by waves, which is one of the reasons why the Harbor Board recommends trying a fender device. The 15-foot-long fenders would fit between the ladders on chains, allowing boaters to adjust them as needed, and they could remain in place during winter months.

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Say No To Tourist's

You’re kidding right? Who’s going to pay for these fender devices? And a 7 day limit? I hope you don’t plan on raising my taxes over this…… What about things the City really needs? There’s over 20 sidewalk sections that have been marked with “X’s” for the past 10 years in my surrounding streets, yet 2 got freshly marked this summer and shortly thereafter replaced that really didn’t need it. The ones that have been marked for a long time and are trip hazards still sit there waiting to be replaced. We have new bathrooms at the City beach that aren’t needed and our leaf collection went buh bye because of budget costs? Yet during the Coast Guard festival the street sweeper runs almost 24/7…..And an inferior snowmelt system for the local business’s when this town is dead in the winter? Subpar construction on the brick crosswalks downtown the City now has to fix. If you’re going to allow mooring on the wall, charge for it or ticket them. It’s no different than an illegal parked car downtown. I smell dirty corrupted council members misusing our tax dollars for their benefit of the city and not the taxpayers.


Why don’t you just move somewhere that has absolutely nothing? No fenders, no sidewalks or crosswalks, no bathrooms, dirty streets, no tourist, no boats, no downtown and no council members. Maybe then you’ll have lower taxes and NOTHING to complain about. Merry Christmas!

Say No To Tourist's

Why dont you move??????? I have business' in this town/employee's and pay taxes, maybe one day you'll wake to see the corruption in the City and their counsel members using MY tax dollars for un needed crap....

Merry Christmas to you also.

Back to the Wall

Wait wait wait. Did I read this correctly?
A seven day limit, with arbitrary enforcement? Yep. I read it right.
"...complaint driven process......officers would have the ability to ask boaters to leave..."

And the icing on the cake - wall mounted, permanent, city funded fenders. Last I knew it was the vessel's responsibility to ensure its safe mooring. If a boat hasn't got appropriate fenders, it doesn't tie off.

So it plays out like this- A couple of boats comes to town on a Tuesday. Johnny Industry's 70 foot racing yacht and a forty year old houseboat like the unmanned party barge that prompted the brouhaha. After a week, no problem, let them stay, but come Friday afternoon Don Johnson or another washed up celebrity motors in and doesn't have enough fenders on his fifty footer. Who gets the heave-ho? Johnny's racing sloop or Joe Sixpack and family's houseboat?

We are big boys and girls. We know who gets to stay. Donnie and Johnny, of course. They're the beautiful people.

The proposed rules reek. They will allow cronyism and foster distrust. Pitching new rules with the promise of capricious enforcement is a mockery of law abiding society. Either leave the rules unchanged or put in parking meters.


This is the 3rd or 4th time this topic has been brought up for debate. I tried to find past articles, but it seems the new format no longer has a search function for previous articles so I was only able to find one previous article with comments for those just getting to the party now.

Mark Brooky

The search function can be accessed by the little spyglass icon at the top right of the page. Sorry, it should be more clearly seen.


Yeah......I just noticed that not 5 minutes ago. Never fails....if I had a buck for everytime that has happened to me I'd be a wealthy man. The sad part is I looked all over the place before commenting and then it jumps right out at me as soon as I post.


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