Taya in critical condition

Taya Cook's hospitalization roller coaster continued Saturday when she was readmitted to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids.
Marie Havenga
Jan 9, 2013


The 4-year-old Spring Lake Township girl was the star of a local benefit last month at the Grand Haven Community Center. She's now on a ventilator and is in critical condition, said her mom, Kristen Cook.

Taya contracted meningitis as a baby and was born blind.

Kristen said her daughter is suffering from sepsis, a local or generalized invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins.

"And we don't know what caused it,” she said. “I'm sick over this. We need an answer.”

Kristen said doctors are puzzled and have called in infectious disease specialists who hope to determine why Taya's immune system remains weak.

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My family knows this little girl and her family. She and her sister touch our hearts and souls. Please pray for this family because she is "so special". Karla,Ashley and Tom


Hmmmm, doctors are puzzled, little girl is on hospitalization roller coaster. Has anyone considered Munchausenn by Proxy?


Do you know this family and what they are going through? My family personally does and we are appalled that you would make such a statement. This family is a part of our life and unless you know all the facts , please do not make such false and misleading statements. Thank you.


Thank you for letting Tayas tribune friends know what is going on with her, we really appreciate the kindness our community shows for our family we feel extremely blessed!

Now as far as the reader that pointed out I could be putting my beautiful angel baby in danger of dieing or causing her more brain damage to gain attention for myself as the mother, I would like to put you at ease and tell you that I do not suffer from Munchausemn by Proxy. Taya has had medical issue's since birth, not only did she suffer from Bacterial Meningitis she came into this world with special needs and her brain is not fully formed.Septo Optic Dysplasia is a disability that causes a wide range of physical and mental issues. In Tayas case she is blind, cognitively impaired, low tone, low gastric emptying etc etc her Pituitary Gland is small and doesn't perform the way it should. She doesn't produce enough Cortisol Steroid and that's needed in times of illness her body can not handle the stress of being down physically at all and just recently she was also diagnosed with Diabetes Insipidus (not to be mistaken at all with diabetes) this affects her sodium levels and that can be dangerous itself) the DI diagnoses and its treatment has answerd many questions but more need answerd, not only does she have side affects from the Meningitis she has the birth defect. Taya has been in the hospital now 20 times and everytime she boggles her team. The last 2 times have sent her to the ICU and have been pretty scary.
I would not change Tayas special needs or her vision, she is perfect just the way God gave her to me but she deserves answers to why her immune system is weak she doesn't deserve spending her life in the hospital, I just want quality of life for her, she is the sweetest, funniest most loving baby ever and she is here to change the world. I'm not upset by the readers comment regarding M. By Proxy but let me assure you that Tayas situation is not glamorous nor does it give me any wanted attention. The last 4 year's have been the hardest for me mentally, financially, emotionally etc I would not wish this on anyone but I wouldn't wanna live my life without Taya and she's made me a better person but her being sick or in the hospital is beyond stressful, driving from Spring Lake to Grand Rapids and living between home and hospital drains me financially, I am on a fixed income and receive 200$ month food stamps for the 1st time in 39 years kinda humiliating, I also have a 5 year old daughter I try to make sure has a normal life and I make sure she gets to and from school in Spring Lake daily while Tayas in hospital, I'm driving a borrowed 1998van that I pray everytime I jump on the highway on one of my trips I don't get a flat because wires are showing or I don't get a ticket because I have one head light. This situation comes with no wanted attention I just want answers for her!!

I am trying to do the best I can to raise my girls to be smart, loving, respectful christian adults and if you know my girls you know what miracles they are and I would never do anything to hurt them! I'm so blessed God gave me my angels and I wouldn't change a thing I just want Taya to have a long happy life! But I can't just sit home and cry ALL the time God gave her to me for a reason and I believe that reason is to make awareness of our special needs kiddos and how left behind they are. I'm an advocate for these kiddos and their families and that is why I have introduced you to Taya and share her journey with you, I'm just her voice she's the one that deserves the attention and God deserves the praise! If anyone would like more information on Tayas disabilities or about her journey feel free to send me an email! Or if you have a child with special needs and want info or just wanna chat email me at cook.Kristen@ymail.com
Again thank you Tribune readers we love you!!


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