Teachers might get guns after reserve training

Teachers in a West Michigan community are being offered an opportunity to train as reserve officers, a status that could allow them to carry concealed guns in schools.
AP Wire
Feb 10, 2013


Barry Township Police Chief Victor Pierce is working with the Delton-Kellogg school district to offer training to teachers and administrators.

Pierce said a reserve officer can carry a weapon with no restrictions, but is required to get continuous training. He said he came up with the idea after the shootings in December at a school in Newtown, Conn. Just days later, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed legislation that would have allowed concealed weapons in schools and elsewhere.

Pierce said the school district supports the effort, but hasn't approved a policy.

Delton is in Barry County, southeast of Grand Rapids.



Is this serious? Lets have teachers carrying guns in school so that the kids can beat the crap out of a teacher, steal his gun and do another school shooting...sounds awesome.. Next thing to happen a unstable mentally impaired teacher falls off the wagon and does a school shooting but it wont be his fault. lawayers will blame mental illness. Schools are tightning up on security so no weapons can get into schools but lets have teachers beable to carry them because they are a reserve officer. I believe this reserve officer should go work downtown detroit for a while and see if he/she still wants to be a reserve officer.


Kids are going to school in Grand Rapids with soup cans in socks. There are weapons other than guns that are making it into our schools. By making schools "weapon free zones" - you know, like Sandy Hill - you allow them to be victimized. If trained teachers are allowed to carry, the chance of a shooting spree happening are less. Stop arguing emotions and look at facts. Fact: Our nations capital has the strictest gun laws and the highest gun crime in the country. Fact: States that have concealed carry have fewer gun crimes. Fact: You are more likely to commit suicide than be murdered. Fact: More violent crimes are committed with hammers and clubs than with guns.


1. Fact: NYC has the strictest laws- look it up. NYC is the largest American city. If NYC is the largest, with the strictest laws, shouldn't it have a higher avg per capita? http://www.theblaze.com/stories/...
2. Fact: guns in the home; one isn't necessarily safer. - http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/co...
3. Fact: Columbine had armed secuity guards.
4. Your "fact" (suicide/Murder?) is "faux". Is it easier to commit suicide with a club or a hammer, than a gun?
5. The majority of Americans, including cops, gun shops and NRA members are in favor with common sense restrictions such as: a. Waiting periods, b. in depth background checks c. Inhibiting cop-killer bullets. Most are in favor of restricting large capacity magazines and military styled assault weapons.

Fact: all of the amendments have been altered, and carry some form of restriction.Constitutional scholars have stated that there is no language that guarantees limitless "rights to bear arms". If this were the case, you could readily acquire and own RPGs, Anthrax/Sarin gas, automatic weapons (restricted in the 20's).

Facts are facts. Faux facts are ...fake facts.



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