'Party' house lawsuit

The owner of an 11,000-square-foot lakefront home at the northern end of North Shore Estates Road is being sued by his neighbors, who claim the home is being operated as a commercial business.
Becky Vargo
Mar 6, 2013


The lawsuit was filed in Ottawa County Circuit Court last week on behalf of the North Shores Estates Association against Tyler Smith of Grand Rapids and his rental agent, Tammy Heibel.

The lawsuit also targets the owners of another property, Vincent and Kathy Labozzetta, for parking vehicles and trailers on the paved portion of the road.

To read the entire lawsuit, click the RELATED FILE below to download a PDF.

The lawsuit claims that Smith has violated the association's covenants by renting out the property at 18501 North Shore Estate Road “to individuals and organizations for group lodging, weddings, wedding receptions, business meetings, family reunions and the like.” In the suit, the association says Smith has created a nuisance for the residential neighborhood by increasing traffic on the road and parking vehicles in the cul de sac, which causes problems for school buses and emergency vehicles.

There have also been problems with renters of the seven-bedroom home trespassing on beach access ways and riparian areas reserved for association members, the lawsuit says. Speeding, operating under the influence of alcohol and noise were also listed as some of the problems associated with the home's renters and guests.

Frank Roberts marketed the Smith home to potential renters on his website, 4rentmi.com. Roberts said much of the problem revolves around a party that was held at the estate in June 2012.

Roberts said he received a complaint that there were a couple hundred people at the party and cars were clogging up the road. He said the renter was supposed to be operating a shuttle service for his guests and there was not supposed to be that many people there.

Since that time, a security firm has been hired to check renters in and to monitor the property. Events like weddings are also restricted to certain months, Roberts said.

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Awww. Some rich and snooty HOA with incredibly shallow lives don't want commoners renting a house in their neighborhood.

'There have also been problems with renters of the seven-bedroom home trespassing on beach access ways and riparian areas reserved for association members' wonder if this is the same HOA where two board members accosted three friends and I on public property, and tried extorting $50 from each of us through threats of arrest to be on said public property.

We were simply geocaching in the north Ottawa dunes just east of this neighborhood, and two HOA board members said the dunes are part of the HOA and they have control. They then said there is a $50 access fee for non-residents to access the HOA land. It was a couple grumpy old men.

I have no sympathy for this HOA.

That man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest...


reminds me of gladys on bewitched, always someone peaking to see what the nieghbors are doing and complianing, lol


these people probably don't like people walking "their beach' either.


I sm0ked CRACK next door to this house. Rock ON!!


Smitty, as your Aunt, I know this is true. Why brag about it? Your life is going down the wrong path.


Haha, just kidding. I was with you when we smoked that giant rock! Smith's for life!!!!


You guys are the ones that fell off the iceberg into the water last week ain't ya?


You know times are tough when the rich start to eat their own. Gimme a couple minutes and I'll see if I can work up some Crocodile tears for these poor oppressed and beleagured folks.


I wouldn't want huge parties thrown like that at on our street either. It's one thing if its the owner of the house giving a party, but quite another if they are renting the house out for bashes. We all know what happens at parties when it's a rental... That street is very narrow too.




This HOA has a reasonable complaint. This would hold true in your neighborhood too, if your neighbor rented their home out for social gatherings and created traffic jams along with total strangers walking across your property, you would be barking and complaining, as well. What amazing me is the comments about the evil rich. Just can't seem to let go of the hatred for successful people. Class envy, if you will. How often do you hear people complain about the evil middle class or the blood sucking poor? You don't. As a category, they cause as much or more grief on society than the "rich". Why categorize successful people with such vial hatred? Grow up. When is the last time you got a job from a poor person? Maybe you should thank the wealthy for generating an economy, donating to the less fortunate, and sponsoring community projects that everyone bennifits from. Everyone reading this post has an opportunity to eventually buy a home on North Shore Estates Dr.. That is the great thing about capitalism, freedom, and democracy. Go embrace it and stop bitching about people that are more successful than yourself.


My question is, why would any of us want to be as filthy poor as some of those in North Shore Estates?

Luxuries such as large lake-front homes, and financially valuable possessions often found in such homes and on those who own such homes are superfluous to a good life and tend to cause more harm than good to those who are unlucky enough to be burdened by them. Their possessions end up owning them, not the other way around.

In the words of Henry David Thoreau, who like myself is unimpressed, and pitiful of the luxuriously rich: 'that seemingly wealthy, but most terribly impoverished class of all, who have accumulated dross, but know not how to use it, or get rid of it, and thus have forged their own golden or silver fetters'... 'When the degraded rich start living decent lives, then perhaps I may look at your baubles and find them ornamental.'

I make a measley $18/hr working my butt off. Instead of purchasing needless luxuries, I live on only about $900/month. The rest goes to help the community. I don't need to show off lavish luxuries, nor do I have the want to. Instead, I live a very simple life. I can literally pack up everything I own into the trunk of my car and move at a moments notice, yet I am far richer than the wealthy; richer in life.

I enjoy touring on my bike, making great connections with people from all walks of life. I enjoy volunteering my time helping those who need it, or educating interested parties about this states rich history (instead of simply donating a chunk of money like many 'wealthy' folk do to feel good). I live in a small house, but if Ottawa County got on board with the tiny house movement and changed the local building codes, I would be just as happy living in a smaller 400 square foot home.

Wealthy folks tend to waste their lives toiling away to make more and more money, to buy more and more useless luxuries to impress people they do not even care about (and who do not care about them). While they do that, I am out enjoying life on a shoestring budget. No mortgage to worry about, no credit card debt (or any debt for that matter), my limited possessions do not own me, if I decide Alaska, or Europe seems like a nice place to live, I can pack up everything I own and be on my way within a couple hours. Try doing that when you have an overpriced home full of junk that lost a ton of value over the past decade...

Class envy? I think not!

Finally, I should disclose that I come from a VERY wealthy oil family in Texas (my cousins wedding last summer was over $250,000), however, as down to earth as my family is, I choose to not be any part of that lifestyle. I could not be happier.


And here is a real mind$&@! If you have 5 minutes. Worth watching all the way through. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q...


And you sir, get the reward for being a typical self-righteous snob. It is not class envy. I have had many opportunities to get to be in a place to be on your pedestal. However, I chose to enjoy life for what it has to offer, not force it by buying stuff. I can assure you, many people are not envious of you. People complain about it because of the fact that people like you would rather fulfill life with material items rather than ethical goodness. That's why you and your people are A-Holes. So why you sit here in your lawn chair reading this and being happy about your comparatively small donation to a charity, please think about the "poor" people working for free at said charity. You may think your making a difference, but only up front. Your self righteous spending is doing more harm than your donation to charity. Not only that, you probably only donate as a tax write off or because you get some kind of kick back? When is the last time that you've truly made a sacrifice for someone other than yourself? It's frustrating when people do not share the same values. It has nothing to do with class envy.


I just re-read my statement, and I'm guessing the only thing you will get out of this is that I made some grammatical mistakes. Yes, I am aware. But I can't edit them.


You have a way with words! That is precisely what I was trying to convey, but you managed to do it in a single, small paragraph.

Like you, I have had the opportunity to live the high-life (like I said, my cousin's wedding was nearly $250,000 this last summer, and if you want to see what a wedding of that cost looks like, here is a video... Spoiler, it looks oddly normal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q... ). Fortunately, I chose not to live like that. I could not be happier. I don't need fancy possessions to make myself happy.

Like I said, I tend to donate over 50% of my income to good causes in the community... Actually that is wrong... I invest that money in the community. I don't simply cut a check to some random charity and then write it off on my taxes. I actually get involved with projects around the state and volunteer my skills and time to help out good causes. You rarely see these wealthy folk out doing the grunt work unless it is a five minute stint for some PR photo-op.

Living simply, not wasting my life chasing after useless wealth or material luxuries has made me incredibly happy. I live life for myself, and I try to make a positive impact on the world. I truly enjoy life.

I bet very few of the wealthy can truthfully say that about themselves. They have debt, mortgages, stocks that they have to worry about. They have the constant need to outdo their neighbors and friends. Always buying the latest and greatest to impress people they don't even care about. I highly doubt they can honestly say they are perfectly happy with their lives.

Thank you for the awesome post Creedance


I should also add that the donations I make, I do not write off on my taxes. I do it to help others, not for the tax kickbacks.

Additionally, I pay more in taxes each week than my millionaire boss who violates wage and hour law at every corner to get out of paying us what we are owed (I am forced to work about 10 hours a week after my regular 40 hours on my own time without any pay, or be fired). He makes massive profits, yet feels the need to steal away money rightfully owed to us just to pad his pockets a bit more.


See what happens when you don't invite the neighbors to your party. They get jealous because you have more friends than they do! Wah wah wah!!! Lol


These rich bastards should go party with them, thats all they do anyway


what I don't understand is how the state and the twp approved some of those building permits under the DEQ rules. I certainly know in the Norton Shores area we have not been able to build homes like this not have the proper frontage and DEQ rules.


Sure glad we have political correctness and the hate crime legislation, these HOA members just might get in trouble...wake-up from the dream.


Creedance, who said anything about "buying stuff" quite presumptuous of you to stereo type such a class of tax paying Americans and assume all wealthy people are materialistic. You and Singleminded are solidifying my point. Your catergorization of the wealthy is no differnt than racial profiling.(which you two good liberals despise.) Yet, you have no problem pushing your snide remarks and assumptions about wealthy people or me due to my observations. Replace your words of "the rich or wealthy" that you hate so much with "Bill Clinton", "Barack Obama", "Al Gore", "George Soros", or "George Clooney" and see if you stand by them now. My point is, don't be so judgemental of your fellow countrymen. Its staggering to me that some think income or wealth in America should be distrubeted equal. We must make it faaaaair, like good little Socialist. I believe in building your net worth and life style the old fashion way with hardwork, sacrifice, and determination. In otherwords, earn it. What one does with there success(unless illegal) is none of your dam business. Its called FREEDOM! Creedance, no worries with your grammatical misstakes, most here are not so quick to think less of anyone's post because of errors....like you do. See, you're doing it again right now, because you think I'm a moron for spelling "mistake" wrong. Liberals are so predictable.


You did when you said everyone here can own a house on North Shore like it's a prize that people want. Also, I can assure you I'm very far from liberal. I can't stand the leaders you referenced. Also, I 100% believe in capitalism when people can do it responsibly. However, many of the top money earners cannot and they do spend their money on material things. When their companies are making less money, they lay off people that can't afford it just so they can maintain their lifestyle. If that's what they want to do then fine, but don't whine when people that are less fortunate complain. They will revolt. Also, I know people that are very well of the do much more for society. All of my snide remarks were directed at you and your self-righteousness. You asked for it by your comment.


Also, that person keeps saying that wealth equals success. That could not be farther from the truth and is a large part of the issue in this country. Everyone is striving for more and more wealth to be 'successful'.

I know many successful people who are dirt poor. Success is what you make of it. You can be filthy rich and be a huge failure (such as dyankee).

Like I said, there are many people who do not wish to be rich and own a fancy house; they are already successful living life without burdens such as ridiculous homes or debt (did you know the mortgage payments on some of the homes in North Shore Estates are upwards of $16,000 a month?). I wouldn't wish the burden of being 'wealthy' on my worst enemy.


Most people on North Shore Estates have their homes paid for. Your 16-k monthly mortgage payment number is BS and your mention of this is to fabricate a disconnect between the wealthy and middle class earners in hope of creating continued resentment of the wealthy. Go look at the forclosure rate of 1 million dollar homes vs. $180,000 homes and then, get back to me with an apology, once you realize whom is the reckless ones with wealth management and foolish spending. My WHOLE point of my post was to promote capitalism and freedom in this country to do what you want with your earnings.(personal choice and pursuit of your own happiness) That's it and look how you interpret my comments. If you want to buy a house on Lake Michigan or Jackson Street then, one ought not be criticized(or categorized) for their choice. So, if I defend home owners on North Shore Estates then, I get bomb-barded with materialistic jabs, CEO hatred, and a link on how income should be distributed and not earned in America....and you deny being a liberal?


Haha, GH...


Actually, Ferrysburg, LOL


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