How local eateries stack up

(UPDATED WITH COMPLETE LIST) Here's the list of area public kitchens and how many violations they were cited from October 2011 to March 2013.
Krystle Wagner
Mar 9, 2013


* Indicates the number of inspections between Oct. 2011 and March 2013


0 to 5 violations:

Arby’s in Spring Lake: 2**

Butch’s Beach Burritos Grand Haven: 0*

Butch’s Beach Burritos in Spring Lake: 4**

Captain Custard: 3*

Central High School: 3***

Coffee Gallery: 0**

Coffee Grounds: 5****

Cold Stone Creamery: 0*

Dairy Crème: 4*

Did’s Delicatessen: 5***

East End Ice Cream: 5*

Ferry Elementary School: 5***

Fish x2: 5**

The Fortune Cookie: 5***

GHHS Baseball/Softball Concession: 5*

GHHS Home Concession Stadium: 4*

GHHS Visitor Concession: 2*

Grand Haven Salvation Army: 4**

Harbor Dairy Treat: 1*

Herman Miller/Meridian A Café: 5**

Jeffers Elementary School: 2***

Jet’s Pizza: 5**

Lake Michigan RV Resort Fun Zone: 1*

Little Caesar’s Pizza – Robbins Road: 5**

Lloyd’s Bayou Senior Apartments: 2**

Mama G’s: 5**

Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders: 2**

Miss Lisa’s: 4*

Mulligan’s Hollow Ski Bowl: 4**

Nautical Knots: 1*

Nibbles: 1*

North Ottawa County Council on Aging: 4**

Peach Plains Elementary School: 3*

Pier Peddler: 1*

Pizza Hut in Grand Haven: 4**

Pronto Pup: 1*

Quality Catering by August: 2**

Robinson Elementary School: 3**

Rosy Mound Elementary School: 4**

Sam’s Tacos on N. Harbor: 4*

Skoop’s: 3**

Spring Lake District Library: 0*

Spring Lake Inside Concession: 1*

Spring Lake Intermediate – Middle School: 3***

Spring Lake Soccer Concession: 4*

St. Mary’s Church/School: 3**

St. John’s Lutheran School: 0*

Starbucks Coffee: 2**

Subway Spring Lake: 4**

Sweet Temptations: 0**

Taco Bell: 3***

Temptations: 1*


6 to 10 violations:

Burger King in Spring Lake: 8***

Domino’s Pizza: 7**

Don Luis: 10*

Evergreen Golf Course: 9*

Front Porch: 6*

Grand Haven 9 Theater: 6***

Grand Starlite Lanes: 6*

Great Lakes Chili Dogs: 9***

Holmes Elementary School: 8***

Jimmy John’s: 6***

Jumpin’ Java: 9**

JW’s: 6**

Knights of Columbus: 9***

Lake Hills Elementary School: 8***

Lakeshore Middle School: 10***

Mama Mia’s Pizzeria: 6***

McDonald’s Spring Lake: 10***

Mr. Scrib’s: 9**

Naked Tree Cellars: 8***

North Ottawa Community Hospital: 8***

One Eye’d Jacks: 9*

Palermo Pizza: 6**

Pfaff Pharmacy: 6**

Pizza Hut in Ferrysburg: 6***

Rainy Days Café: 10**

Ray’s Drive In: 8**

Russ’ of Grand Haven: 6**

Sam’s Tacos on Miller Drive: 9**

Sports-Mann: 9**

Spring Lake High School: 8**

Stack’s: 7**

Stan’s Bar: 8***

Starlite Lanes: 8**

Subway on West Olive Road: 9**

Subway in Wal-Mart: 7**

The Village at the Pines: 7*

Wendy’s: 8***


11 to 15 violations:

Applebees: 12**

BC Pizza: 11**

Boo Boo’s Bistro: 15**

Breakers Restaurant: 14**

Burger King in Grand Haven: 12***

Chan’s Restaurant: 14**

Christian Reformed Conf. Ground: 11*

Clover Bar: 14***

Culver’s: 12**

Downtown Dogs: 15**

Downtown Dogs Snack Shack at Grand Haven State Park: 13*

Dragon Express: 11***

Fricano’s Pizza Tavern: 11**

Grand Haven Golf Club Inc.: 13*

Grand Haven High School: 11**

Hickory St. Café: 11**

Hiway Inn: 13***

Jeanne’s Café: 11***

KB Pizza & Sub: 14***

Kentucky Fried Chicken: 13***

Kirby Grill: 15**

Little Caesar's in Spring Lake: 11***

Mary A. White Elementary School: 12***
McDonald's Grand Haven: 11***

Mr. Kozak’s Gyros: 13***

Panera Bread: 14***

Porto Bello Restaurant: 13**

Rendezvous: 15***

Sarah’s Diner: 13*

Sgt. Alvin Jonker VFW: 12**

Spring Lake Football Concession: 12*

St. John’s Episcopal Church: 11**

Stable Inn: 15***

Subway on Beacon Blvd.: 13***

Tip a Few: 12***

Trillium Banquet & Conference Center: 13**


16 to 20 violations:

Griffin Elementary School: 20***

Idle Hour Restaurant: 17**

Marco’s Pizza: 16***

Mario’s Pizza & Sub Shop: 17***

Morning Star Café: 18***

Old Boys’ Brewhouse: 16***

Pine Street Café: 20***

Rios Mexican Food: 16**

Shepies: 16**

Snug Harbor: 17***

Tim Horton's: 20***

Two Tony’s Taverna: 16**

White Pines Middle School: 18***

Vic’s Restaurant & Lounge: 16***


21 and more violations:

22 Below: 36***

American Legion Auxiliary: 22**

Anthony’s Kicked Up Catering: 34****

Arturo’s Tacos: 38****

Bil-Mar Restaurant: 23**

Dee-Lite Bar & Grill: 38***

Elks Lodge: 25***

Fraternal Order of Eagles: 21***

Grand Haven Christian School: 25****

Pavilion Foods: 38***

Pruebelo: 21****

Rosebud Bar & Grill: 30**

Spring Lake Country Club: 25***

Holiday Inn Spring Lake: 38****


To read the full story, CLICK HERE.



Very enlightening and a better reason to eat at home! OMG!!


glad ur "enlightend"by such useless information!If ignorance were bliss...


Ignorance is correct. If that inspector were to show up to anyone's house, I would guess there would be many more violations than any restaurants got hit for.

Do you drink from an open cup with no lid in your food prep area? Violation.
Do you eat in your food prep area (kitchen table)? Violation.
Animals in your kitchen? Violation.
Dirty dishes in the food prep area? Violation.
Hair not in a net? Violation.
Pull out the fridge/stove/dishwasher...ugh filthy. Violation
Inside fridge? Outdated leftover food? Dirty? Violation Violation Violation
Walls/floor/tables/dishes/silverware not spotless. Violation

Unless you clean constantly, it would be hard for a home kitchen to pass the restaurant inspection.


you forgot washing you hands BEFORE and After wearing latex gloves,when touching ready to eat food


Our think our homes would flunk a lot of the overdone regulations like having a leaking faucet.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Libel and defamation.


I should also add Downtown Dogs is disgusting, but someone there paid yelp to remove my negative review explaining why it was disgusting, and the owner threatened litigation (same guy that was in the paper a while back for suing a local RV owner because the sewer at Tanglefoot park backed up).


Sad,You know when it's bad when they have to post a sign in the bathroom reminding the help to wash their hands after using the toilet.And let's add the Legion on there, As one of the ladies thought it was funny when she said as she was sticking her hand in the pickle jar with no gloves on," Don't tell the food inspector".I'm glad she thought this was a joke to her.This is what happens when you don't pay a decent wage to the help.Poor working skills.


Oh how I wish I could put a "like" for a comment made! Every restaurant in Ottawa County that I have been in has the sign TO WASH YOUR HANDS! But I agree that It is SAD and SCARY that it even has to be posted!


Restaurants are required to have the employees wash hands signs in every restroom. If they don't it is a violation.


The signs you are worried about in the bathroom; that is part of the health code. By the way, it would be a violation if they were not there. The biggest problem with this article is it does not state if these were 38 criticals or 1 critical and 37 minors. It makes a difference because 1 critical will have the health inspector doing a reinspect within a short period of time - 38 minors not so fast.


Why isnt Lucy's Deli listed? They had 0


Thank you GH Tribune for posting this after restaurant week! Where the heck is Boo Boo's Bistro?

Cheryl Welch

Boo Boo's Bistro is a seasonal eatery located at 10990 U.S. 31, Grand Haven, MI 49417


Of course! It's at the Yogi Bear Campground...where else would you find Boo Boo?


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WOW! This article states Spring Lake Country Club had 10 violations from Oct 2011-March2013.On their last inspection in june2012,they had 19 violations alone.Get the FACTS http:/


Sounds like Jack is a restaurant owner or manager looking to discredit others so he looks better. I was surprised to see the list of violations in our paper (that took guts) but I was glad to have the information. My family all looked up their fave restaurants to see how they did. Our faves did great. But it does not look like any of our local restaurants did that bad considering this was over a 1 1/2 year span of time. Settle down, Jack. You only make yourself look like your name implies.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks.


We as a community need to clean up this town, and it starts with the food industry, lets go people!!




Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Libel and defamation.


$5.00 says this comment / diatribe will be replaced with the following real soon.

"Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Libel and defamation"


I agree. 2honest2handle is a piece of work. Glad he moved away, and hope he NEVER comes back. Jackassery is just that for sure. What a bunch of morons on here.

The dancing bear

Who are you?Are you really a big deal? does anyone even care about what you say?Can you fly? Who are you to judge anybody?


sorry dancing bore. you joined for that comment? haha bigdeal




Ok, what did I tell's gone. Where's my 5 bucks :-)


I think reporting on these establishments was fine, but article kind of game the wrong perspective that there were bugs, etc. I think the top ones (cleanist) should have been honored in addition to the offenders.



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