Frozen in time

Pieces of history are frozen for a local time capsule.
Krystle Wagner
Mar 23, 2013


Throughout the past few weeks, community members have dropped off racing T-shirts, pictures, old newspaper clippings and other items to be placed in a time capsule at the Tri-Cities Family YMCA. A ceremony to bury the time capsule will kick off the organization's 50th anniversary celebration.

Friday was the day that the wooden boxed filled with memorabilia was to go into the ground. But it had be postponed because the ground is still frozen.

Dean Buntley, executive director of the local YMCA, said it will be neat to share today's things with people in the future.

“This whole process helped me realize how important the YMCA is to the community,” he said.

The future date for opening the time capsule hasn’t been set.

Amylyn Robbins, chairwoman for the anniversary committee, said the idea for a timeline came up this past fall when YMCA officials were discussing how to honor the organization’s 50 years.

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retired DOC

It is March, of course the ground is frozen. Does not speak well of the group wanting to do this.


Well Doc, yeah the ground may be frozen to a certain point. There’s maybe an inch of frost in the area where the capsule is going to be placed. Are you a member of the “Y”? Probably not, so you wouldn’t know about the happenings going on causing the delay of placing the time capsule now would you? As for your comment “Does not speak well of the group wanting to do this.” Dean Buntley, executive director actually cares dearly about the “Y” and the upgrades they are doing for the community and its members. This building was built in 1965 and was due for a facelift to keep its image current and more user friendly for everyone. My suggestion is know your facts before jumping to conclusions and bashing someone or the group responsible for this.


I know you are on a mission to make sure the fact are correct.

But you may want to double check YOUR facts.

You state that the building was built in 1965? I was not even born then AND when I was growing up, we actually went to Y activities at the old Armory that was most recently the home of Be Salon near 2nd and Franklin.

I am not sure when the current building was built, but I am almost 100% sure it was not in the 60's since the Y was at the armory after that time.


True, I don't believe it was built in 1965 either. I remember going to the Y at the Armory building in the late 1960's also, possibly into the early 1970's. Facts is facts, no matter how you skew them, I guess!


We did not even move to Grand Haven until 1971 and it was after that when we were going to the Y at the Armory.


Yeah I guess my dates were slightly off, only two

The Grand Haven YMCA started in 1963 with a group of civic-oriented men and women who wanted to create a recreational hub that today offers an array of activities ranging from rock wall climbing and swimming to yoga and boxing courses.

The group joined with community leaders and raised $16,000 to fund the YMCA’s first year of operation in the Armory Building, 17 S. Second St. On March 18, 1963, the YMCA location became officially chartered.

By the 1970s, the hub’s membership skyrocketed and in June 1976, the the hub debuted a new $1.6 million building near Mulligan’s Hollow.


Better head back to math class, 2 years off?
"built in 1965", then "built in 1976", sounds like 11 years off on the Facts.


Yeah After I hit submit I realized the error and we have no edit button Thanks Tribune.....

I'm not always right, but when I am. I drink Dos Equis.


haha, good one! I agree, an edit button would do wonders on this site!


Bad enough they are (silly) enough to plan this for March, but Racing t-shirts? How red neck do you want them to think we are?


bigdeal, read my comment above towards retired Doc. Would it make any difference of it was a sports jersey vs a racing “T” shirt? C’mon its donations from its members, does it really matter what they donate for the capsule? This is far from a “redneck” image you think they are portraying. Don’t you have something more news worthy to complain about besides this?

Walking Alive

spanked! Bad Doc & Bigdeal for commenting. Go to your corners for a time out. ghr can afford to be a member of this club, so don't speak ill of the successful local capitalists who want to impress someone at their exclusive gym.


Walking, I don't know if I'd consider myself a capitalist or tying to impress anyone at an exclusive gym. That's not what the Y is about. I give back to them as much as I can for the community. The staff is great there along with the activities they provide for the youth in a safe and friendly environment.

Just getting the facts right as they should be.

Thanks for your input.


Bigheal fancies himself (?) as a fair and open minded citizen. He surely has the nards to back off from his redneck statement!


Made my statement and I stand by it Wingnut. Gee that's a Nas Car, wanna race Billy Bob?


Oops, my bad. I keep forgetting only conservatives make wrong assumption. Carry on, we continue to learn so much.


At the least you learned a new word from me and had the nards to use it properly!


I'm going out on a limb here and assuming the race t-shirts put in the time capsule of an exercise facility are probably the kind given to participants in a foot race, not from Wal-Mart's NASCAR rack.


Shame on you for being logical with your assumptions.....


I guess we need better reporting to discern? "Racing T-shirts", not race t-shirts? Common Jimmy Joe. Sorry for offending all the rednecks out there.


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