Taxis vs. Harbor Transit

The recently expanded Harbor Transit service has led to a competition of sorts in the Tri-Cities area.
Alex Doty
Mar 25, 2013


The local transit service plans to add several vans and buses to its fleet this year, and local taxi companies are not happy about it.

“At our next meeting, we’re going to be proposing two minivans and four buses,” Harbor Transit Director Tom Manderscheid said. “The four buses will replace three, so I have a net increase of one.”

Manderscheid said a federal grant will help pay for the new buses.

“I have a secret list of my own I call ‘Eight Ways for Harbor Transit to Kill the Taxis,’” said Bill Tombs, owner of Blue Dog Taxi in Grand Haven. “They have accidently stumbled onto one of them and that's the addition of taxi-like minivans to their fleet to accommodate the one- to three-passenger runs."

Tombs wouldn't name the other seven ways on his list.

Harbor Transit officials contend that the bus service isn't out to harm private transportation businesses. Manderscheid said the minivan runs will be a part of their regular service hours.

Manderscheid said adding the smaller vans is being done for the fuel efficiency in reaching the transit service's far-reaching areas.

“If I have to drive down to Fillmore Street, it makes sense to have a smaller vehicle,” he said.

Manderscheid also noted that the transit provider has different hours of operation than the local taxi companies.

“We have no expectation of expanding our hours at this time," he said.

Still, Tombs said his business is doing well — at least for now.

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I'd rather call a taxi than call Harbor Transit. The waiting time is a lot less with Blue dog.


I only live in Grand Haven from June till Labor Day, and use Harbor Transit. I think that Harbor Transit was a great service. Reading of the latest new changes, I think that this will only make it better. Living in Grand Rapids the rest of the year and using public transportation (GO - Bus). Harbor Transit has it all over this service. I look forward to the new changes of Harbor Transit!


i was thinking about the harbor transit the other day and it would nice if the buses wold interconnect with other cities like muskegon, pickup the transit system from muskegon at the county line, you could go shopping and doctor appointments and wouldn't have to worry about a ride back home to grand haven, also the harbor transit stops operating at a early hour, thats where the taxi's come in, good to see the taxi service is surviving


No surprise here that Tombs of Blue Dog Taxi would be whining here. Hey Bill you want some cheese to go with that WHINE? I am sure Rosebud Taxi will be playing their violins soon too. Never could see the point in having two taxi cab companies here in Grand Haven in the first place. There is NO demand here for it. Makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine. This is Grand Haven not Chicago, New York, Detroit, or Las Vegas. Get real for the love of God.


AtomicRooster you have no idea what you are talking about. There is a need for taxi service in Grand Haven, Yes, the Tri Cities is not as large as the cities you mentioned but neither are the number of vehicles ran by these companies. Taxis are the only means of transportation at night for those who can't drive, choose not to drive or have been drinking. They serve a great purpose in this community and I am guessing you are some snob from one of these big cities you mentioned. Oh, and I don't see how Bill Tomb's comments would be seen as whining.


As a matter of fact I DO know what I am talking about. It's obvious you DO NOT know what you are talking about. And I resent being called a snob. I'm a lot of things but a snob is not one of them. Can't you do any better than that? What are you about 2? Grow up for the love of God. I grew up in a town smaller than Grand Haven. You must use the taxi service so you can go out and get gloriously drunk is the only reason you patronize 2 taxi cab companies. You need to step out of the box once in a while. And while you're at it, sober up.


I apologize for calling you a snob, if you are not. I actually do know what I am talking about. I worked for one of these cab companies and know first hand the need for them. This is a stupid argument because you have no facts to back up what you are saying, "for the love of God". So you are not snob, but you are a lot of other things. I think one of those other things is ignorant. I will work on sobering up, even though I do not have a drinking problem and have't had alcohol since this summer.


Yea you do need to sober up. You're ranting like a 2 year old here. Have another beer and you'll feel better. If I am ignorant it's only because you are contagious.


Wow! You seem to have a little pent up rage for the taxi companies. Who cares if there are 2 of them in town. It's a privately owned business, if they lose money because there is no demand what does it matter to you? If this little town can supply the demand for 7+ bars then let the taxi's take the drunks home. The only way this affects you is if a drunk doesn't get a cab and drives into your car trying to get home. What in the world is your objection?

Back to the Wall

What Ever.
The Rooster is a one trick pony. He's been bumping this same message to the top of Muskegon Craigslist Rants n Raves for months.

I doubt the Rooster will come clean, but it's evident he's got some old wounds from the GH taxi businesses, or maybe the proprietors.


Must have hit the nail on the head there BTTW! "This posting has been deleted by its author."


You seriously need to get a life. Get out much?


It's wonderful all these self-proclaimed psychologists we have here who think they have everyone figured out including myself. I'm glad I didn't grow up here and my stay here is only temporary. The mindset here speaks loud and clear for itself.


The Tri-cities is well known for it's low-profile discrimination of Roosters! Too much hen-pecking going on around here to keep a Rooster roosting long, for sure!


So what is it about the taxi co.s that has you all bent out of shape? I certainly can't figure that part out rooster.


Exercising my Freedom of Speech. Last time I looked it was still The United States Of America. You have a problem with that?


For the love of God.

Say no to new taxes

When our daughter was involved in an accident in Muskegon awhile back, Blue Dog Taxi was kind enough to go pick her up and return her to GH. They provide a much needed service and unlike Harbor Transit, don't ask for or get a "subsidy" to bankroll their operations.


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