Racism investigations continue

Grand Haven High School is at the center of ongoing local and federal investigations stemming from race-related incidents.
Krystle Wagner
Mar 27, 2013


The incidents involved KKK-like apparel and a racial slur written on a school bus window.

Below is information obtained by the Grand Haven Tribune through a Freedom of Information Act request fulfilled by Grand Haven Area Public Schools:

— On Dec. 6, 2012, the school district received a request from the federal Office of Civil Rights to provide information including video surveillance and communication involving racial harassment from the 2011-12 and 2012-13 school years.

— A bus surveillance video from February shows Katie Bridgeforth put her head down during the ride. Bridgeforth said she and her friend were subjects of harassment when male students said, “Look at those n-----s over there. I’ll give you $5 if you (have sex with) one of them.”

— The school district could not fulfill the Office for Civil Rights or the Tribune’s request for a school surveillance video. “Our district’s security camera footage is automatically erased after 30 days, therefore, the video footage is unavailable,” the response to federal investigators reads.

To read documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, download the RELATED FILE below this story.




You have to be kidding "Our district’s security camera footage is automatically erased after 30 days, therefore, the video footage is unavailable,” The school district must have forgotten that the footage would be part of the investigation????? Once again the district shows no compassion and or care in dealing with this issue, what a joke


You bring up a good point. Sure seems like the video coulda, woulda been burned before it was erased being its a hot button issue.


Here we go again. What is this the 5th article on one incident. This is called "BEATING A DEAD HORSE."


So, looks like someone contacted the fed's, do you think someone is looking to sue the Grand Haven school district $$$.


The feds were contacted due to the fact the school was doing nothing.


I have a question what would you guys do as a parent if your child came to you and said someone said something to me about my race? or mom today I was bullied and they teased me? You would be FURIOUS.Like the girls said its not all about racism its about being bullied no one deserves to be bullied. Bullying hurts. Grand Haven is a Beautiful and I love it here. The school is a great place to graduate from and has a great education system. BUT the way they are handling this problem is not okay. If it Was your kid you would want the kids suspend for a long time. yes there has been many ARTICLES about this. At the highschool they have Bucs Above Bullying is it working? no one deserves to wake up in the morning and not want to go to school because they are afraid they are going to get bullied or get beat up. Its NOT right Its not all about Racism. Its About Bullying. We have to work as a community to make grand haven the best it can be making bad comments is not going to help. Lets Work Together(:

Say No To Tourist's

cince wen hass dah gwand haben skool cystem ben goud?

There has been racism and bullying going on even when I went there in the 70's & 80's. It hasn't changed one bit, time to take off your horse blinders and see the real truth. Grand Haven stunk then and it still stinks now, anyone that thinks other wise is a fool.


Blinders,humm! I takl to a lot of people who have moved hear from out of town and they make it very clear why they move hear and what they are trying to get away from and think we have one of the best school systems in MI.

Say No To Tourist's

hmmmmm, funny how this post differs from the other two posted on this account? Almost like two people are posting from the same one......


In order to sue the any local school, you have to bring in an out of state attorney. It seems like every law office has the schools on their retainers, pretty strategic of the schools isn't it?. So good luck in your lawsuits against the schools.


I went to Grand Haven in the 70's and still think it's a great school I have two boy's that went their as well with no proublems. A parent has the school of choice option so if Grand Haven is not a good fit for you their is always Muskegon High school, I am sure they would handle this much better.


Great idea....Drive your kid to a school in another town because the school in your town can not control there students.


Like a broken record, this record has been skipping for a long long time and I think by now the Race Card is getting old old old. Try on AGE discrimination when you're out in the job market. Now there's some real discrimination. Racism has been here since the beginning of time and every nationality on the planet one time or another has had to endure it to one degree or another. My ears are getting more deaf by the minute. GET OVER IT! We've got bigger fish to fry.


Frustrating. The KKK tapes on school grounds and in the cafeteria were reported by the sheriff and pricipal on 3 different occasions to be preserved for 1 year. These statements were made in front of witnesses. Konarska also ststed that the boy admitted wearing the KKK mask so his case was closed. He also stated that he never viewed the tapes. As far as attorneys... you just need a Civil Rights attorney which files in Federal Court...not in Grand Haven. I am sure the Office of Civil Rights is aware of the deleted tapes...which I would think is destroying evidence and ilegal?


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