Is it Christian to name a building after yourself?

When does generosity and benevolence cross over into ego-stroking pride?
Mark Brooky
May 25, 2013


Chris Van Allsburg, a former Grand Haven resident who is a copious blogger of Christian theology, tackles that question in his "Giving in Secret: Should Christians Name Buildings After Themselves?" post.

"Let's say your local church is expanding its buildings due to numerical growth of its members," he wrote. "Some people in your church want to know that if they give over a certain amount, will there be the possibility of having a building or wing named after themselves. Matthew 6:2-3 comes to your mind, however, when you first heard about this: 'Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be done in secret.'"

Van Allsburg says the world doesn't mind people you name structures after themselves.

"But human pride loves worship and adoration, so we name buildings and all sorts of things after ourselves, including ministries," he continues. "... My question is, in the context of giving, does the ethic of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount have anything to say about naming buildings after ourselves, or anyone else, for that matter? Is it impious and prideful to do so? Or, is it no big deal?"

To read what Van Allsburg concludes, CLICK HERE.



in the content of this artical, does a person have the right to call then selve,s a christian ? there is another religion that you can not celebrate christmas or have birthdays or holidays, because you should put god first, yes, there is streets and buildings named after a persons name, mostly rich people do this because they paid a good share and want to be in the spot light and still they call themselve a christian, is it wrong ?


It's tacky and self-serving and goes to prove that having money and fame doesn't buy a person the self-worth to not have to feel they need to leave a "legacy" of their having been here. Just being successful isn't enough to make them happy.
As far as Christians naming places and things after's really no different for them than any other human and I'm sure given a moment to think about it many of us could come up with something much worse than naming inanimate objects after themselves that Christians are responsible for doing that would put them in a bad light with the big guy. They may try to hold themselves to a higher standard than the rest of humanity but more often than not they fail in that regard.
It's probably no worse than companies who use their money and power to buy stadiums and racetracks to pander their names like 5/3rd Ballpark or Lowes Motor Speedway.
It just human nature to want to be recognized for our accomplishments although some have more of a need for recognition than others. It also may make a difference if the naming is done posthumously, or if it's done by the person while they're still alive using their money and influence to get their way.
...but to answer the title question.....the answer is NO. :-)


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