Ottawa County pushes dog licenses

Last year, there were 17,878 active dog licenses in Ottawa County. Officials believe that this accounts for only about a third of the actual dogs living within the county.
Tribune Staff
May 29, 2013


Beginning in June, Ottawa County will begin a dog census to assess if canines in the county are accounted for and licensed. In 2003, the number of dogs licensed peaked at 20,628, but has steadily declined since then. Michigan law requires that all dogs 4 months and older be licensed. 

Dog licenses ensure that pets are vaccinated against rabies and that lost dogs can quickly be reunited with their owners. They also save dollars by eliminating the need to return strays to the animal shelter.

“In many households, pets are part of the family. Licensing your dog dramatically increases the odds of your pet being returned to you if it is ever lost,” said county spokeswoman Shannon Felgner. “A dog license can be the difference between your dog finding its way home or being kept in a shelter.  All in all, getting a dog license is part of being a responsible dog owner.” 

Representatives from Ottawa County will be going door to door beginning June 4. Households with unlicensed dogs will be given information on how and where to obtain a license. Those who choose to not follow through on licensing risk being ticketed. County officials are encouraging owners to register their dogs now, before the census begins.

Dog licenses may be purchased online at, by mail or in person in either one- or three-year increments. Owners must provide a current rabies certificate and proof of spaying or neutering. In person, dog owners can visit one of overtwo dozen locations selling licenses, including many local government offices and veterinarians.  The cost of a license varies from $10 to $70.



This is simply a tax and revenues must be down.


I'm not really much of a conspiracy theorist, but I find this article disturbing. The first thing that pops into mind is Germany in the 1930's.
If these folks come onto my property they will be asked to leave immediately. I resent the implication that I can't be trusted to play by the rules and need to be checked up on. Even worse is that these jr. gestapo agents are probably being paid to do this with my tax dollars.
Anytime the government starts going door to door to invade it's citizens privacy and enforce questionable regulations it should be a cause for concern. I realize we're just talking dogs here and most people don't care one way or another, but think about what would happen if you changed the word "dog" to "gun" in the above article. You'd hear the screaming and wailing from miles away.
The time spent on this venture would be better spent filling the thousands of potholes that are prevalent all over the city.


Well said!


We don't usually see eye to eye on issues LessThan, but you are right on here.

Why aren't cats licensed anyway? They are running ferral more often then dogs and cause more damage too!


Doggone it...I just spent 20 minutes typing an off-topic rant directed at you and your buddies only to hit an errant key on my keyboard and have the whole #$^&* thing disappear into the ether. Even if I could replicate it, I don't have the energy left to do so at this point, which probably is just as well,So now you'll never know....

Anyhow, good question about the cats. Rarely do I see a dog in my neighborhood without a human attached to the other end of the leash, but cats wander thru my yard most every day of the week going who knows where. Does Animal Control even consider handling feral/roaming cats a part of their job description? I ask because I really don't know. If this licensing issue is really another tax/cash grab then it would be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to license cats too.
Maybe we can get these city gestapo agents search warrants and then they could force their way into your home to search for guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and tropical fish too......

...might be time to have my meds adjusted eh?


"Doggone it" I get it, good one!

If your on here by yourself at 12:05 Friday night, Saturday morning, no need for meds, its a personality thing! But then again, I have a reading comprehension problem so I maybe be missing something! My apologizes.


Darn, I made a funny and didn't even realize it!

As far as posting times're reading too much into it again. It's really as simple as some of us are early risers and some of us are nightowls.

Regarding your reading comprehension, or lack thereof, I've been concentrating on the content of your posts. If you want me to I can help you with your spelling and grammar issues too. Always willing to help someone in need. :-)


Na, I find that would be less than amusing. I pur fer my grammar and spell check issues more amusing;-) Besides I'm pretty sure my smart phone has a mind of its own and you would not be able to help!


yeah, if there ever was an oxymoron for current times it would be smart phone.

lazy greyhounds

Actually, chipping your dog (a one time fee) increases the chances of your dog getting returned to you. Collars fall off. Oops, there went the license tag. Maybe take the census reps to chase down stray and feral cats first. That would be a better use of tax dollars.


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