Bills would repeal Michigan's ban on gay marriage

Minority Democrats in the Michigan Senate are attempting to repeal the state's ban against gay marriage.
AP Wire
May 30, 2013

A measure introduced Wednesday would amend the Michigan Constitution to remove a 2004 prohibition on same-sex marriage. The measure needs two-thirds support in the Republican-led House and Senate to make the statewide ballot.

Another bill would recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages in Michigan.

Sen. Rebekah Warren, D-Ann Arbor, said polling shows more Michiganians support gay marriage than just a year ago. She said married couples enjoy a host of legal protections, and removing Michigan's ban would ensure gay couples can be legal parents to their adoptive children.

Senators sponsoring the legislation are Warren, Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer of East Lansing, Bert Johnson of Highland Park and Virgil Smith of Detroit.


papa bear

homosexuality is wrong and we dont need gays being able to marry in Michigan,marriage is between a man and woman


It is attitudes such as that exhibited from papa bear that makes it difficult to change things. Perhaps he could be kind enough to tell us WHY homosexuality is wrong, and WHY marriage is only between a man and a woman. Could it be because HIS religion dictates those views? If so, perhaps he could ALSO explain why HIS religion should rule the rest of the citizens.....since the Constitution of the United States FORBIDS the establishment of an official religion, and expressly allows different viewpoints. Or perhaps he fears a marriage between Bob and Tom affects HIS which case his marriage has problems unrelated to Bob and Tom.


I could care less regarding what people do in their bedrooms, but I find it interesting that people that are against it cannot be offended by it! Only gay people can be offended...why?

Simple solution is call it lets say...coupling not marriage and move on already..jeesh!

papa bear

why would you be for gays getting married its unacceptable and a sin against all that is pure and good.


This is not about being for gays getting married because you are entitled to your beliefs and opinions. This is about the US Constitution protecting everyone equally. This country wasn't founded as a theocracy but rather a constitutional republic. Many people have immigrated here to escape religious persecution and the founders saw the importance of not allowing religious institution powers to control the country.

Plain and simple, I am a Christian with my held beliefs yet have no fear that my beliefs can be shattered by a secular law based on the integrity that the government was formed being a secular government. Personal freedoms are guaranteed to all and the Church is being made to look bad by assuming that we can legislate our beliefs on others to force conversion of morality. We don't forsake our beliefs by being supportive of the constitutional function but we do discredit ourselves as narrow-minded idiots when we assume that everyone should share our belief by the force of law.

If the citizens can't convey a legitimate reason to prevent this concept then where is the true harm by allowing it? Our beliefs remain unchanged yet that freedom of choice is still and always will be ordained by the creator to walk a different path. Never in scripture did Christ force anyone to follow him. The loyalty was from change of heart, not force of law. Thank you for considering my view.


I don't believe it is right but I think people should be free to choose or not choose. I still could care less what someone else chooses to do as long as it does not affect me or cause harm. I also don't think I should be forced to accepted the position on this issue either way, for or against.

Its not marriage as the definition does not fit, so call it something else. Why get stuck on the definition?


"Pure and good" like traditional marriage, which fail 50% of the time? People getting married, perhaps on a lark, or while under the influence, and then ended or "annulled" even when kids have been conceived? Pure & good? What's pure? People getting married after having "been around", still "pure and good?" What's "good"? A legal marriage filled with abuse? A legal marriage between to "swingers" who play around with other "lovers"? A legal 4th or 5th marriage? For better or for worse? What? Naw. Acceptable? Unacceptable?

How about a same-sex couple, both in their late 70's that has been together for decades; loyal, faithful, respectful to one another, perfect love, but "illegal". "Pure & good?"

How about "all are created equal"? even black people. Even women. Even Italians and Jews. And even homosexuals. It's about time "liberty and justice of all" and "equality" means something in a country that espouses those values.

papa bear

Well then why dont we just be leniate on murderers,rapist all kinds of criminals why not just give them the freedom to do whatever they want as well, give gays the right to get married is opening a door you dont want opened


What door? How does a dude marrying a dude hurt anyone else? Seriously, what are you afraid of? And if your argument is that the bible forbids it, do you also scream so loudly about any type of sex outside of marriage? Doesn't the bible forbid that too? Why aren't you out there shouting that from the mountain top? I may find homosexuality distasteful but does that mean I should think no one else should be allowed to engage in it? Seriously, I just don't understand your argument.


There not killing anyone! If they do then they face the penalty of those laws.

They are already doing what they do, letting or not letting them have civil unions is not going to change that. The issue is deeper then letting them get "married"

papa bear

im not saying their killing people but giving them the right to marry is just as bad.When i was a kid growing up in grand haven this was a whites only town now look what happened we have blacks, mexicans all kinds of non americans living here wht a shame now gays want to be married and known as a couplewatever send them all to their own country


Have a nice day...your a fraud!


What a comment!! I'm assuming this is an attempt at brilliant comedic satire, and I congratulate you on nailing it! You hit every note perfectly....thanks for the chuckles!


And now you know how to catch a bear!!!


I guess you have a point since you are obviously Ottawa/Ojibwe/Pottawatomi indian. You have a point. If we're not native Ottawa/Ojibwe/Pottowatomi, we are all non-Americans, I guess. But, did you know even in the indian nation, they didn't take issue with same-sex marriages in the tribe? Were you banished by your nation? Hang in there "keeper of the sacred fire".


Really? Wow, you just showed your true colors. Nothing you ever say in this forum again will be taken seriously. I hope the Tribune takes away your privileges to comment. We don't need racist, homophobic comments like this.

papa bear

im a fraud y dont you come out of the closet

papa bear

I would like to apologize for my comment about blacks,mexicans and other races I took it to far and I want people to know im no racist i believe that we are all equal please accept my apologies but I will not apologize for my comments about gays.


Too late buddy. Your comment either exposed you to be just trolling for reactions or as an intolerant biggot. Either way your credibilty was flushed down th toilet with any reasonable person here.


If gays can't marry why can divorced people get's adultery....oh, that's different.


Exactly! If this is really about the sanctity of marriage and the marriage being based on sin, then shouldn't divorced people be prohibited from a second marriage? All of these people claim that you can't choose which parts of a religion to follow or the word of god does not evolve over time. What did your religion say about a divorce and the ability of those people to remarry 100years ago? 200 years ago? 1,000 years ago? People used religion to justify owning other humans saying their dark skin was a curse from god for the sins of their ancestors. What religion still says that?
Except the one PapaBear is in of course.


How dare others try to infringe on the certain christian beliefs we choose to follow!


Define infringement.


The more I read these comments, the longer my list gets of people in this town I hope I never encounter. (Cough, cough..papa bear) Polarize, GHJames, WindChime, Soupy, Highlander, and Lanivan-I am sorry that I do not personally know you, as I appreciate the way you think. Brilliant points made. I am not gay, black, or Hispanic, but my friends are We are all the same. My gay friends should have the opportunity to get married and a) live happily ever after, or b) go through a nasty divorce like I did! :)


Thank you for your comment HM. I'm just a realist when it comes to issues anymore. I guess it comes from my core belief (even as a Christian) to think for myself rather than being led around like a sheep. I teach my five children to be thinkers also. Don't believe something just because someone else says its true.

Unfortunately not many people these days understand to vital importance of being an Independant thinker and are easily influenced by what makes them feel good in their black and white small town conservative world.

Now the Bible makes statements about this issue yet to follow the example of Christ, I can't see where he shunned what were considered the lowest life forms in society. In fact he kept company with prostitutes, tax collectors (ha ha), and other unpopular types.

So where does the example of Christ lead us today to fulfill his great commission? I don't think anyone can fully answer that since no one is without sin because all sin is the equally the same in the eyes of God. I think the real challenge for Christians is to get out of our comfort zone and live the example of Christ.

We are not authorized in judgment of others since we too are judged. I believe our job is to love one another in grace with mercy to shine the true light of Christ. This isn't necessarily accepting of an idea for ourselves but where do we have the right to impose our will on others?

The beauty of our faith is the freedom we have to practice in this country because of the Constitution. BUT! We are not deserving of that freedom if we deny it to someone else because of their belief. Our government is not a Theocracy but rather of Constitutional Republic and this wasn't by accident. Strange as it may seem being a Christian, I fear having too many status quo Christians in power for the same reason that our government seceded from the English colonies.

For any Christian who reads this...what is your fear? Is our faith not strong enough to be secure in a free society that we must say anyone who rejects your view should be denied equal protection and privilege under the same Constitution that protects you? How absurd!

HM, I hope your friends will not think that all Christians are condemning spiteful people. Remember that they are not perfect either and many times we can feel better by making someone else look worse. The majority of people I know are reasonable once they have had the opportunity to think about issues independently. Well for those who are rigid about issues they know nothing about I pray for them to one day find security and peace rather than condescending anger towards others whom God also created.

Good day to you and I appreciate your comment about me and others who value the same freedoms your friends should be able to benefit from. Yep, I'll probably get some haters for this comment but I'm an intelligent adult. I can handle it. XD

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