Helicopter patrols coming to area of West Mich.

The Michigan State Police plan to launch helicopter patrols over one western Michigan community after halting them in another.
AP Wire
Jun 5, 2013


Muskegon Heights Police Chief Lynne Gill said the air patrols would begin this week over the Muskegon area. He offered no details on the planned frequency of the patrols, but said they provide a big boost to officers on the ground.

"If you have a shots fired call and you have a helicopter with a light, you can see much better," Gill said. "You can get from point A to point B a lot quicker."

State police officials said last month they were curbing patrols over Grand Rapids after receiving multiple noise complaints. They said it had less to do with those complaints and more to do with a drop in crime and greater needs elsewhere.

Lt. Chris McIntire, commander of the state police post in Rockford, has said authorities believe the patrols will be beneficial to curb gun violence in the area. Similar rationale was raised in Grand Rapids, which authorities say saw a spike in violent crime late last year and early this year.

Gill said the Muskegon-area patrols will focus on areas with large crowds and where problems persist.

Helicopters routinely patrol over Detroit, Flint and Saginaw.




Intrusion on our peace and privacy

This is the first year my fiance and I have lived in Grand Haven, Michigan. We love it here! The nature, the friendly people, the peaceful woods, the serenity.
That is why moved here from a nearby crime ridden and nerve-wracking metropolis.. let’s call it “the C-word.” What ended up being the last straw for us there was the incessant noise of helicopter patrols over our otherwise peaceful rooftop garden. They eventually had the overall effect of making you feel like a prisoner in your own home – despite having done absolutely nothing wrong, and only wanting to sit and relax after a hard day of work. In contrast, sitting outside on a quiet night in Grand Haven and hearing the geese fly overhead is almost magical to us, having lived for so many years among the angry honking and police sirens and endless helicopter patrols.
To hear that sound – again – HERE of all places – makes a knot form in my stomach.
These patrols are not for a one-time, life-saving water rescue. They are for routine police patrolling. I have heard them during the last couple weeks and keep hoping it’s just an anomaly. But this article proves it is not, it is a growing trend.
What is the major crime happening in Grand Haven that necessitates such an intrusion on our peace and quiet, not to mention our citizens’ privacy? I can’t be the only person who feels that this negatively impacts their quality of life. On May 21, it was reported that “Three days after a state police helicopter patrol in Grand Rapids prompted complaints from residents about excessive noise, authorities say the flights will be ending over the city.” Now instead of intruding on Grand Rapids, the patrols intrude on the skies above Grand Haven instead.
Please will the City Council consider putting a stop to this? I only hope that the citizens of Grand Haven value their peace and privacy as much as the citizens of Grand Rapids do.


No offense but no where does it say there are going to be flying over Grand Haven. It's going to be in Muskegon and Muskegon Heights. It would be a waste of their time flying over Grand Haven.


When have you heard choppers over GH except for aeromed? I think you need to get your hearing checked, those were probably weed whackers and lawn mowers. Even the State Police know what a waste of time and money it would be to circle over GH. Just settle down and let the folks in Muskegon complain about the noise because you won't hear it from here.

GH Cyclist

I heard and saw a helicopter, that was not aeromed, twice within the past month in Grand Haven. The one I saw was blue and it circled around parts of GH for 5-10 minutes and then left.


The choppers you are likely seeing twice a month are the Pipeline inspectors. They are beginning a huge easement clearing project and also they are required to inspect the entire line by air from Indiana to Ferrysburg. There are also several privately owned aircraft in the area that fly around. No MSP is not going to waste their time flying over Grand Haven. No worries.


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