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Jun 6, 2013



Obama's move defies Republican critics and signals a shift toward advisers favoring more active U.S. intervention abroad.


As litigation continues, "it'll be like buying Tylenol," says an executive at the Center for Reproductive Rights.


The gains made by the regime's forces may lead Assad to decline to participate in peace talks.


Facing stiff opposition, the agency decides that passengers won't be allowed to carry such potential weapons onto aircraft.


A federal judge suspends one of the nation's transplant rules and makes a dying 10-year-old eligible to seek donor lungs from an adult.


Staff Sgt. Robert Bales' plea ensures that he will avoid the death penalty for the middle-of-the-night slayings.


Witnesses say they feared demolition work was faulty and that the accident was bound to happen.


The winner of last month's record $590 million Powerball jackpot is Gloria C. Mackenzie, an 84-year-old Floridian.


The 15-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson is now fine physically, a family lawyer says. Officials confirm only that someone from her neighborhood was transported for a possible overdose.


MLB is interviewing players in a drug probe, looking at links to a now-closed Miami anti-aging clinic. A-Rod is among the big names involved.



SUSAN RICE NAMED NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER - It's not just republicans who are critics of this choice. She is known to lie for the administration and what President Obama did by naming her National Security Adviser is akin to flipping the bird to the people of this country. Does nobody (Republican, Democrat, or Independent) question why Obama felt the need to do this without the Senate approval?


Started under Eisenhower, the National Security Adviser role has always been appointed by the president without confirmation by the US Senate. FYI, Susan Rice was confirmed as UN ambassador in 2009 with unanimous Senate approval. One reason why she might have been selected as NSA as she has been a strong advocate for Israel's legitimacy.

And she has never been convicted of lying to Congress or the public, so quit spreading slanderous lies.


And now we'll never know because this little appointment just protected her! Ah, so nice to see the most transparent administration in history doing it's stuff!!!


And "now we'll never know"....the jokes never stop with Wing! It's only been months of hearings and testimonies, of unfettered access to everyone and everything Benghazi, with access to all documentation requested, all to the tune of millions of taxpayer money, and no evidence whatsoever that Susan Rice lied. Please share your sources of any evidence of a cover-up, lying, or Obama acting illegally.


For crying out loud Carneylan (or however Vlad puts it) They have been running away from the statements made about the little video. Why did they present this little talking point first (during the election cycle) thru Susan Rice. She either 1. made it up on her own or 2. was given the talking point to put out there in the press.

Do you think it had anything to do with screwing up Odrama's victory laps of taking out Bin Laden and decimating Al-Qaeda?

Oh I know that was mooonnths ago, what difference does it make anyway (Hillanry) It was just some people we don't know that died.

We still have not responded or found out by who! Guess I should just take this as a joke too!


And I'm expected to debate with someone who can't get my name right??!

How 'bout you staying on top of this scandal and reporting back when you get some factual information? Spend as much time as you need....

Thank you in advance for your perseverance, patriotism, and plethora of persnickety phactoids.


Outta facts aren't you? Ok, I'll let it go.


I could give facts 'til the cows come home, and you'd still be crying. Don't blame me because you tire easily....


He, he, he (said as Fred Flintstone). It's funny when you are cornered you start hissing and swatting like a cat.

You could just admit for once your hero or someone from his administration is lying or covering up what happened there. But I suppose I'll just have to wait for those cows...aah, crows to come home to roost!


Now, now brown cow....the minute you provide proof, I'll admit my "hero or someone from his administration is lying or covering up". But not a minute before...


"months of hearings and testimonies, of unfettered access to everyone and everything Benghazi, with access to all documentation requested." But, But http://oversight.house.gov/wp-co...

Then we have the thorough investigation by the Accountability Review Board (Pickering and Mullen) failed to even interview Hillary Clinton and "Issa had to subpoena Pickering because In Issa’s letter to Pickering he wrote, “I received your response to my request. While I am very much committed to having you testify publicly and appreciate your newfound willingness to do so, I was disappointed that you are attempting to limit the Committee’s understanding of the Accountability Review Board by refusing to participate in a voluntary transcribed interview prior to testifying publicly.”

And we still don't know where Obama was when the Ambassador and the defenders were being slaughtered, or who gave the orders to that security not be enhanced in Benghazi even after requested, nor the orders to the CIA and Special Forces teams not to assist our personnel.

In short, we still don't know Jack about Benghazi, even why the Ambassador was there and not in Tripoli, and it's all because the boy President and all of his men (and ladies) are obfuscating, delaying, obstructing and lying.

I almost feel sorry for Carneyvan - at least the male of the species is handsomely paid for doing what he does.


On 9/11/2001, Bush sat in a nearly catatonic state in a classroom while aides nervously watched, and people in the Trade Towers were burning to death or jumping because of a terrorist attack. This terrorist threat had been closely monitored by the CIA/NSA for months, and warnings to the Bush administration of an increase in detailed information that appeared that an attack was imminent was ignored.

Special Forces Marines had Osama Bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora; stunningly, they were given the command from the White House to retreat. The US then preemptively invaded Iraq, based on the fact that Hussein had WMD; this was proved to be false. The war cost the US the lives of thousands and $2+ trillion in debt, and was partially to blame for the Great Recession. Despite Mission Accomplished, the war continued and it took President Obama to end the war and kill Osama Bin Laden. His drone offensive has eliminated most of Al-Qaeda leadership without a full scale ground war, and he is now advocating for an end to the endless War on Terror.

In 2001, the Patriot Act was quickly passed with little debate, as was the very costly creation of the Homeland Security Act. In the years since, Congress, with nearly unanimous Republican support, has passed every extension of the Patriot Act. In fact, when President Obama signed an extension in 2011 via autopen, in their desire to ensure total victory, he was excoriated by Republicans for doing so.

From June 14, 2002 to Sept 17, 2008, 11 US Middle East embassies/consulates were attacked by terrorists, resulting in 46 deaths and 74 injuries. There were no special investigations. On 9/11/12 the US Benghazi outpost located in the epicenter of a hotbed of terrorist activity, which was more a temporary facility and a CIA operation than a State Dept embassy/consulate, was attacked by terrorists. The next day, President Obama referred to it as an "act of terror". Mayhem has ensued by the Republicans, costing the taxpayer millions, perhaps approaching the $70 million+ the Republican Whitewater special investigation incurred with a conclusion of no wrongdoing.

Back in the early Bush years, I was in some leadership positions. When I began to feel uneasy about information coming out regarding 9/11, the Patriot Act, the Iraq invasion, the attacks on embassies, and expressed it to my colleagues, I was nicely informed that I was expected to internalize that uneasiness, and I became acutely aware that my questioning of the president for whom I had voted had become a scrutiny of my patriotism, education, politics, and even my faith, but, all things considered at that time, I honored their request, vowing to myself to never again allow myself to be put in that position again. And this is one of those times.

Many people seem to delight in blaming Obama for the debt/deficit; the recession; Benghazi; the Patriot Act; for being liberal when the facts show irrefutably that he is a pragmatic centrist and in the case of national security, quite hawkish. They do this now when, all the while, without question and with total support, they marched behind Bush/Cheney. I call these people hypocrites.

So - what say you, Vladtheimp? Do I have your assurance you were as concerned about these issues under Bush as you seem to be under Obama? Or are you in the other group.


The expected wake-up call.


So you are still holding onto her statements regarding a video causing the attack on Benghazi, being true? No slander here.. its known that Obama and his team knew the day it all happened it had NOTHING to do with a video, yet for five days she continued the lies.


Unbiased sources please.


Any source provided to you would be considered biased (What you and I view as valid unbiased sources are two entirely different things) and I posted my view to the paper, not for your approval. You have a bad habit of attacking people on these forums that have an opinion different that your own. This means one of two things.. you have anger issues or you are a control freak.. which is it?


OMG - *another* bad habit?? Actually, I think the same about you! So I guess we cancel each other out. No great loss on my part.

Anger Issues? Control freak? (sounds like you're familiar with these accusations - maybe heard them directed at you?). Nah - just having the time of my life networking with my online buddies. Actually, I have very few prejudices except against those who are patently prejudiced.


If being a strong advocate for Israel is such an important criterion, why would the boy President name Samantha Power as U.N. Ambassador, with her history of anti-Israeli animus? http://www.powerlineblog.com/arc...

I humbly suggest that the Rice appointment is in reward for her stonewalling and protecting Obama and Hillary Clinton (surely she had some clue about how the video entered the talking points, unless she is simply a clueless moron) and the Powers appointment is because she in fact mirrors Obama's feelings about our only true ally in the Middle East (remember his treatment of Netanyahu and his suggestion Israel return to the 67 borders)


"boy President"? Besides being grossly disrespectful and mean-spirited, you're inaccurate...have you seen how gray his hair has gotten?

Thank God you're not anti-semitic on top of everything else....and btw, the last I heard, Barry and Bibi are bff's....


"In accordance with its usual procedure, the US Defense Department has published the details of the $25 million project on a federal business opportunities website so that contractors could bid on it".

Why o why didn't the Israeli's anticipate this after $500 million of American military investment in Israel since 1998?


That's the problem - bureaucrats blindly following procedure without anyone thinking that what they are doing is seriously damaging the safety of an ally. It would be easy enough to get one Obama's infamous waivers. We did construction projects on a federal building on Capitol Hill and ensured the building security, materials, etc. were protected. (Unless, of course, divulging Israeli secrets was not unintentional).

Wonder how many other allies will consider using us for this sort of project, and how many American jobs will be lost.


FOR NOW, COURT OKS ACCESS TO MORNING-AFTER PILLS FOR ALL AGES: I imagine you are all happy that now your 8 yr old can obtain morning after pills.

FROM FAILING LUNGS, A CRY FOR HELP IS HEARD: It was the Republicans members of Congress and the family of this child that put the pressure on Sebelius and the Obama administration to allow this child to live.

who wanted to let this child die due to current law so why are you not mentioning that part?


If I found out that my 8 yr old daughter needed morning after pills, you are absolutely right - I wouldn't be happy about it at all!


So by your snarky little reply you lead us to believe you would be ok she needed them at 15? Wow!


I wasn't snarky, I was dead serious! I wouldn't be happy about it at any age under 18, but life happens. I stated before that good parenting includes having serious discussions with kids before you find the empty packages in their backpacks. Btw, could you buy condoms at age 15?


Don't know, wasn't participating then...must be the results of good parenting I guess!


I didn't ask you if you bought condoms, only if you *could*. Let's stay focused, shall we?


Again, wouldn't know I was too busy being a kid.



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