Sea lamprey control planned for Betsie River

Federal authorities will apply specially designed poisons to the Betsie River system in Benzie County this month to kill invasive sea lamprey larvae burrowed in the stream bottom.
AP Wire
Jun 8, 2013


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said the lampricides will be placed in the waters June 17-21.

Sea lamprey are eel-like parasites that attach themselves to fish and suck out their bodily fluids. They live in stream sediments during their larval stage, the period that offers the best opportunity to kill them.

Infested tributaries must be treated every 3-5 years to keep lamprey numbers under control and avoid significant damage to fish populations.

Officials said the lampricides pose no unreasonable risk to people or the environment at concentrations necessary to kill larval lampreys.



"Sea lamprey are eel-like parasites that attach themselves to fish and suck out their bodily fluids."

Kinda like the IRS - wonder if there's anything we can do about them before they attach themselves further to us under Obamacare.

The best known poison is transparency and sunlight, but for that we would need a media that is not attached, lamprey-like, to Obama's posterior.


Speaking of Obamacare, I wonder if this eel-like attachment should occur before or after a colonoscopy, a medical procedure which is done on about 10 million people a year. The $10 billion annual medical price tag for the procedure, the highest of all industrialized nations, is directly addressed by Obamacare.

It is a "bum"mer that Obama doesn't have any connection with the creation, administration, or implementation of colonoscopies (or the breeding of sea lamprey)...just think of the fertile-rich wealth of phantasmagoric material you could exploit!


Yup, the government requires doctors and hospitals to treat illegal aliens, gang-bangers, drug addicts, etc. for free, and some people can't seem to grasp the fact that the doctors and hospitals have to make up those costs to survive, by charging higher costs to people who pay, through insurance, Medicare, or otherwise. The same people say medical costs are too high, but do nothing to fix our broken tort law system, because the trial lawyers subsidize the democrat party. Obamacare is forcing insurance costs through the roof, and forces young, healthy people, to pay for the colonoscopies of old folks, ensuring that the young will opt to pay the penalty rather than pay for insurance, forcing the costs of Obamacare ever higher. Obama sold it by promising it would cost 0.9 trillion over the first 10 years - it's now 2.6 trillion dollars (2014-2023. So let's rely on the government that caused the problems to fix them by causing even bigger problems - progressive logic at its best.

A tribute:


"to pay the penalty". In your friskiness, you misspoke - IT IS A TAX.

We can thank Ronald Reagan (The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 and Cobra legislation), the Heritage Foundation, and Mitt Romney's Massachusetts Romneycare for most of what has got you all puckered up. And by the way, you might want to pull out your old, musty Econ books - Obamacare is a private, free market enterprise supported by government.

The people you may know who need free hospital care might be gang-bangers and drug addicts, but the people I know are those who are underemployed and can't afford high insurance premiums, middle-aged people who lost jobs due to downsizing, lost their insurance, can't get hired because they are too old, and yet are too young to apply for Medicare, or young families who can't juggle school loans, household expenses, and high insurance premiums but have a youngster who has asthma, or some other medical problem.

"Mr. Earnest pointed instead to a March 26 post on the White House blog by Alan Krueger, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. He writes that in the three years since the ACA was signed, it has already helped slow the growth of health-care costs and improve the quality of care.

“For each year from 2009 to 2011, National Health Expenditure data show the real rate of annual growth in overall health spending was between 3.0 and 3.1 percent, the lowest rates since reporting began in 1960,” Mr. Krueger says."

You should pass on your cartoons to Dick Cheney....he'd get a big chuckle, I'm sure, based on his past comments.


Let's see how you and the real Carney spin the costs in January, when Obamacare kicks in in earnest, and how it impacts your middle aged, under and unemployed, and young families - it won't impact the felons, illegals, and gang-bangers.

Preview: "Rate Shock: In California, Obamacare To Increase Individual Health Insurance Premiums By 64-146%"

You're welcome for this new information, since the liberal and progressive rags only covered the lies of the Califormia supporters of Obamacare.


Thanks for nothing, as I have already read the conservative article attempting to suck the life out of Obamacare. Here is the rebuttal: You're welcome.

The bronze plan will cost $205/month? What a deal! When I was 38, I was paying around $300/month/family plan. That was a while ago. We now pay well over $1,000/month and are grateful for it. There are many cloistered people out there who should do more investigating of the real world instead of relying on rags for information.


Just read the New Republic article - it amazingly seems to say that the insurance premiums most will be getting under Obamacare will be lower than the current costs because of "the federal subsidies available to people with incomes below 400 percent of the poverty line. (That's about $46,000 a year for a single adult, or $94,000 for a family of four.)"

Great - now our taxes will increase so I can "subsidize" (pay for) a family that makes $94,000 per year. Add them to the felons, gang-bangers, drug dealers, and welfare queens that are already riding my butt. Pretty soon OSHA will require that I install handrails so that none of them fall off.

If that's your raison dêtre for Obamacare - increased socialism and wealth redistribution, why not just say so?


I know - let's research that one, shall we?! "...riding my butt. Pretty soon OSHA will require that I install handrails so that none of them fall off". Now that's funny....a nice side effect/perk of Obamacare - Laughter IS the best medicine.


haha, handrails! Or velcro...


-And I suppose they will have pre-existing conditions just to make it all that much worse...


Workophobia or the closely related malady - self-insufficiency.


I'd like to see a couple of 'dem lampreys slapped on Moochelle.


Spoken like a true HOOD-lum. Back to the Heights saggypants. Word.


What a LOADed comment - I assume you mean Michelle Malkin?


no silly . . . the First Wookie.


You people are pathetic with the 5th grade humor...can't you even try to stay on topic?


LOL! You really should change your moniker to Majoramusement. AmusedmI would nail it.....


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