Joblessness drops in Michigan north, up elsewhere

The state's seasonally unadjusted unemployment rates have dropped in the north while rising slightly in other regions.
AP Wire
Jun 28, 2013


The Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget released the May figures Thursday, showing the statewide unemployment rate at 8.4 percent. The rate was 8.2 percent in April and 8.9 percent in May 2012.

The populous Detroit-area job market accounts for about half the state's workforce, and its unemployment rate was little changed. It was 9 percent in May, compared with 8.9 percent in April.

The northeastern Lower Peninsula reported a 1 percentage point drop, from 11.8 percent to 10.8 percent. Rates are down slightly in the northwestern Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula.

Ottawa County's jobless rate rose from 5.9 percent in April to 6.6 percent in May.

The Muskegon County and four-county Grand Rapids labor markets both rose by six-tenths of a percent.



#1. If you recall, I agreed with your original comment, pal.

#2. His name is Richard Dale Snyder.

#3. I didn't throw any numbers at you in the comment to which you are replying. If you didn't get it, my point was the D.C. bean counters manipulate the unemployment numbers (YOUR Point) equally, so it is fair to compare Granholm and Snyder's performance. And my initial point was that the Trib shouldn't be so negative when Michigan has been doing quite well compared to the rest of the states.

4. Yes, my post did dare to mention that Michigan is doing better under Snyder than Granholm. Your subsequent posts were politically slanted against Snyder, against freedom of choice for workers, and against the wealthy in the country.

Maybe we should just agree to disagree on this one - I actually again agree with your last post on starting a business, but believe government interference and bureaucracy makes that harder to do than it should be.


4. apoloitical as usual, I wouldn't expect anything less from you. My post gave MY opinion of manipulated numbers (non-political)
There is always a 'but' with you. Although I agree with your last sentence (crap).


#2. what was Richard Milhous Nixon called?


I called him Mr. President. You, probably Tricky Dick. I would probably be banned if I did the same thing for our current president, if a drone didn't get me first. . . .


Yes, I did, and I voted for him. lol


Ruh Roh - me too!


One good thing Vlad, is he doesn't hit and run debate in a mystic fashion!

Its more intellectually challenging to debate back in forth with one another even though it gets a little testy from time to time. Big boys and girls can handle it.

Mystic Michael

I wouldn't expect you to understand my policy of no longer feeding the troll, Wingman. Trolls seldom do.


Ah, the Mystic one speaks so it is the only truth.

Funny how when you are unable to answer or refute my points you resort to your now predictable elitist position.

By the way...who's resorting to name calling now. "Troll"...slanderous language from one who fancies himself so above the fray.

Obviously you are not as intelligent as you give yourself credit for if you are unable to debate a "troll".

Until you appear from the mist again.....poof!

Mystic Michael

There's nothing to refute, Wing. You really haven't made any logical arguments - just thrown down lots of hysterical accusations and half-baked hearsay. Lots of heat. Very little light.

"Troll" equates to slander ONLY if it has no basis in fact. In your case, there is ample evidence to support it - based on your chronic crude, obtuse, bullying behavior here.

The "fray"? That's just the point: I'm not interested in participating in your "fray". Yeesh.

"Unable" to "debate"? No, no. The operative word here would be "unwilling". Unwilling. Because again, you're really not offering any kind of actual "debate". Just lots & lots of "fray".

Spare me...


Keep speaking, were getting a clearer picture of you.

You pick and choose what points you want to debate on these pages. When you can't effectively respond to all points or people in a post, you get snooty and resort to the same things you accuse others of. Like most Liberals, you cannot see your arrogant, condescending, hypocritical positions on many issues you believe you and only you own!
You don't like me because I'm direct, and call it out. Like I said before, tough luck Charlie, if I see it I'm calling it, especially when its pompous. Your belittling only guarantees my ire.

You don't own the franchise on opinion and you certainly don't own the facts, as much as you try.

Keep not being interested, and when your "not interesting" opinion pops up in reponse to a topic of discussion, don't go off pontificating and think nobody notices. Many do, and I will be calling you on it along with a few others on here. It is a public forum, duh!

Have a blessed Sunday, enjoy your church service today!


I have noticed several Toolmaker or CNC programmer jobs on various sites. But those jobs are the pits. Punching at 6am every day with no decent vacation or time off packages just breaks a person's body down. No retirement packages worth beans, bonuses are non existent. The work is high stress, low pay, grueling, fruitless. Those jobs cause many of our societal ills. Broken families caused by overtime requirements which burdens our social services systems and court systems. So in a nut shell - Hey young people! stay our of skilled trades and factory work!


Alternatives please? Unskilled trades? Office drudgery? Work for the government and be a battered cog in a big machine? Burger flipping? Go into debt for a hundred grand so you can be unemployed or underemployed? Start your own business and get hammered by federal, state, and local government taxes and regulations? Sit on your butt and survive until your neighbors run out of money?

And why are the skilled trades and factory jobs that gave our grandfathers and fathers a decent living, and a way to support their families, now high stress and fruitless? Seems to me you're saying more about yourself and today's generation than about the jobs. There's a reason they call it "work" and I guarantee that some government and executive jobs are more high stress, grueling, and fruitless than you can imagine.

It's attitudes like this that make Obama and the Gang of 8 argue that we need to give amnesty to illegals because they will do the jobs Americans won't do, and why there is such a huge expansion of people claiming disability and accepting the crumbs the government is currently willing to sweep off the table for them. This is just sad.

Mystic Michael

My! What a dark, dystopic world you must inhabit, Vlad! With so many scary bedtime stories as well! Such as "...the huge expansion of people claiming disability...", and all the illegal immigrants that are storming the gates.

Careful. You're going to give nightmares to Z Man!


1. I see you chose which comment to reply to.

2. The dark, dystopic world is that described by Z man, which is a tragedy. Join a Co-Op? That will take care of everyone's economic problems, and I'm sure Z man will prosper and be inordinately happy shlepping sickly looking organic vegetables and tofu from pitiful shelf to home, (or should he be volunteering there?) My experience is with the Commie Coop in Bethesda, Maryland (MacArthur Boulevard) - one of the better ones.

Please try to be serious (and you may start by refuting the Obama job killing facts)


You know the best way out of those kind of jobs? Come in at 5am ahead of everyone else drudging in at 6. Work thru or during a time off even if it's just for an hour. Take on the task that no one wants. After about a year or two of that, come see me for a job with that on your resume if your current company has not promoted you.

I don't deny what you post exist, but you need to rise above the herd if you want to get out of the drudgery.

Think about it like this, who do you want mowing your yard?
1. A kid that is complaining that you want it done by noon, complains you have a push mower instead of a rider, and when he is finally done says its pretty stupid work because the grass is just going to grow again in a few days and the process will need to be repeated!


2. A kid that calls and ask if he can clean the deck of your mower before he starts. Then when he finishes mowing, he goes around the edges and cleans up what the mower can't reach. Before he leaves he ask when he can come back to mow again.

My guess is your a pretty stand up guy and you pay him a little extra and probably have some ice tea waiting for him when he finishes the job. You want to keep this kid around mowing your grass because he does a better job then all the others consistently!

Sorry Z, I'm not trying to diss you but, don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it!

Hey young people, entry level jobs suck, and yup there are jobs that suck period. We all had them. It is what helped us succeed later in our careers and because we appreciate where we came from, we are looking for that same kid, scratch that, young adult we were, busting azz trying to impress the boss. We know what your capable of!

Mystic Michael

I hear ya, Z. Been there, done that.

Don't listen to those guys. They apparently have some kind of perverse personal investment in the exploitative status quo.

A dead-end job is a dead-end job. The Man has no particular interest in your well-being or progress. So put yourself in control. And think outside of the box.

Get more education. Start your own business. Start - or join - a co-op. (Where is it written that there must always be some kind of Great White Father figure calling all the shots, making most of the money, telling everybody else what to do?)

Think about it...


There you are again, lol, with your pompous "perverse personal investment in the exploitative status quo" comment. That's a big opinion leap when you have no idea who "us guys" are.

Your bias is coming thru too with your "Great White Father" comment as well.

Your as transparent as that thin skin you wear.


Starting your own business is a great idea.
So much employment is service related now, we seem to have moved out of the manufacturing business in (or they have moved out of) Michigan.
Kitchen Incubators for culinary entrepeneurs (if Grandma's cookie recipe is really that good, or Grandpa's BBQ sauce is all the rave!)...



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