Holiday Road lights up Coast Guard Park?

The Holiday Road light show wants to set up at Coast Guard Park in Ferrysburg this year.
Marie Havenga
Jul 11, 2013


The popular light show, which used to be set up in Spring Lake Township’s Heather Court subdivision, relocated to an indoor location at The Pointes shopping center in Norton Shores last Christmas. It featured 240,000 dancing and darting lights with video screens and synchronized music.

At least one Ferrysburg council member is opposed to this proposal, which will be discussed at Monday’s meeting. The recreation committee, however, recommends approval. The Ferrysburg city manager thinks the show would be good for the city.

What do YOU think about this suggestion?


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Coast Guard Park has one vehicle access point - North Shore Rd. The traffic problems will be legion! I also hear that this group wants to put up decorated storage buildings for a period of three years. I am sure those will hold up well against the elements and vandalism. Not! This is a public park that is used all year long. What will cross-country ski lovers, hikers, and dog park users say about accessing the park when hundreds of cars are lined up trying to get into the light show? How will people at the end of North Shore access their homes?
This is a ridiculous place to hold this event. While intentions may be good, perhaps organizers should buy property out in the country, make sure there are several access points to the show, and stop using local municipality tax dollars to fund this!


Why not replace the aging, falling apart, and very controversial nativity scene on the sand dune with this? It would draw many people downtown who would most likely spend money, there is a paved surface to set it up, and there would be no public access for vandals and the public could view it anywhere along the boardwalk.

This would allow a Christmas display downtown without all the controversy that the nativity scene being on city property brings. It is a win-win for everyone including the downtown businesses.


It's CHRISTmas, or if you prefer, the Mass of Christ. Ugh.




Love Tchambers idea!


I agree with theQuin especially if it is going to cause people to start lining up before sunset. Coast Guard Park is a big deal for sledding. At any given moment during a winter afternoon there are as many as one or two dozen people sledding and/or skiing out of that little parking lot. If this goes like it did in SLTwnshp, nobody better plan on using the park for anything else after 4pm.


Go to Ferrysburg's Web site and contact Council members about this issue. They need to understand the implications of approval of this project, as well as just how concerned residents are about traffic and "temporary" storage building worries.

Will Dare

All commenters are on the right track. The organizers don't care that SL is the place where NATURE is supposed to smile for 7 miles. They don't care about residents' access to their homes. They care about something else...any guesses?


People opposed to this should also e-mail the coordinator - who thinks there might be a Halloween show in the future, as well! E-mail him at That's right - .com. This organization is NOT a 501 (C) 3 !!!! There is a claim that a nonprofit designation is "in the works."


Just found out from my government contacts that Ferrysburg Council member Rebecca Hopp seconded the motion that gave Recreation Commission approval to this proposal. I guess she doen't want "unspeakable acts" on her Bayeau, but doesn't really care what happens on the other side of the city!


Perhaps some clarification on facts are in order. In January a board of directors was assembled and Holiday Road Charities, Inc. was formed. Once the corporation was formed we filed with the IRS to become a 501(c)3 non-profit. If you would like to see the paperwork you can request a copy. The correct email for HRC is info @ holidayroadcharities . ORG not .com. You are welcome to contact us with any perceived problems.

Additionally, lots of assumptions are being made. The facts are months of planing, measuring and logistical work has gone into the traffic plan. The facts: the traffic plan calls for a cut off point. This point is BEFORE it every backs up to the trailer park. Once/if it get to here cars will be turned away until it clears. The cars will NEVER backup blocking the entrance to the trailer park or any of the condos. Additionally, we have also worked on a SAFE way for residents like myself to go around the show traffic.

Other interesting facts are that during most nights the traffic for the Heather Ct show never went past the water tower on VanWagoner. If you take that distance into consideration and apply it to the park, it's the same distance as the end of the display to the entrance of the park. So looking at past history 80% of the time the traffic should be mostly contained within the park. Measure it out on Google maps and you will see this is correct.

I would also like to point out that no tax dollars support this show. We pay for all police and any other service we may need, including electric. Although I'm sure none of this information will change any minds, I hope it help curves assumptions due to lack of all the facts. I do encourage you to come to tonights meeting to get all of the factual information.

Tri-cities realist

Brad, do yourself a favor and please proofread before you hit save. Just for the record, I like the show and that it supports charities, but I certainly understand the concerns some people have about traffic.


Mr. Boyink's disclaimer about traffic concerns is upsetting. People in SL Township will verify the problems encountered when this show was held in Heather Ct. If things went so smoothly there, why was a mediator needed in order to try and solve neighborhood tensions?
Measuring maps on google does not give any kind of scientifically valid hypothesis about traffic on North Shore - basically a deadend road!


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